Role Trainer aircraft
National origin United States
Manufacturer North American Aviation
First flight 10 February 1947
Status Cancelled
Primary user United States Navy
Number built 2
Developed into T-28 Trojan

The North American XSN2J-1, also known by the company designation NA-142, was developed for the United States Navy by North American Aviation as a replacement for the SNJ Texan as an advanced scout-trainer.[1] Designed in competition with the Fairchild XNQ, the XSN2J-1 first flew on 15 February 1947, two aircraft being evaluated by the Navy. Neither aircraft were considered satisfactory in evaluations; in addition, restrictions on the Navy's budget meant that the aircraft could not be ordered at the time, and the program was cancelled in 1948.[2] The similar T-28 Trojan would later be ordered to fill the Navy's requirement for a new trainer.[2]


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