Palm TX
The Palm TX
ManufacturerPalm, Inc.
Media128 MB Flash memory and (1) SD/SDIO/MMC slot[1]
Operating systemPalm OS Garnet, 5.4.9[1]
CPU312 MHz Intel XScale PXA 270[1]
Memory32MB Random Access Memory, 128MB Flash[1]
Display3.9 in, 320x480 px TFT LCD, 16-bit color touchscreen[1]
InputTouchscreen (stylus-based)[1]
Connectivity802.11b Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IrDA[1]
Power1250 mA·h rechargeable lithium-ion non-removable battery[1]
Dimensions120.9x78.22x15.5 mm (4.8x3.1x0.6 in.)
RelatedTungsten T5

The Palm TX (written as "Palm T|X" in official documentation[2]) was a personal digital assistant which was produced by Palm, Inc. It was announced and released as part of Palm's October 2005 product cycle, and was in production until March 2009.[3][4]


Prior to its official announcement, a prototype was photographed with palmOne branding, labeled the "Tungsten XX".[5]

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