Palm VIIx
The Palm VIIx Connected Organizer
ManufacturerPalm Computing, a division of 3Com
TypeBar PDA
Release dateAugust 2000
Operating systemPalm OS 3.5
CPUMotorola DragonBall EZ MC68EZ328 20 MHz
Memory2 MB ROM
Storage8 MB DRAM
Display160x160 px backlit monochrome STN, 16-grayscale LCD touchscreen
SoundMono piezoelectric loudspeaker
CameraNone service via Mobitex, IrDA, RS-232
Power2x AAA Batteries
Dimensions5.25" x 3.25" x 0.75"
Mass190 g (6.7 oz)
RelatedPalm VII, Palm i705

The Palm VIIx was a personal digital assistant made by Palm, Inc. The device featured an antenna used for wireless data communication. Connectivity was provided through the Mobitex network under the now defunct service. Web Clipping applications used the network to process data. The cost of service was $14.95 per month and allowed a limited number of web pages to be viewed.

The Palm VIIx succeeded the original Palm VII. It was replaced by the Palm i705.