Treo 700w
ManufacturerPalm, Inc.
Lifespansince January 2006 [1]
MediaMMC, SD
Operating systemWindows Mobile 5.0
CPUIntel XScale PXA272 Bulverde (312 MHz, 32-bit, ARMv5TE, 0.18 μm)
Display16-bit color 240x240 2.5 in. TFT touchscreen display
TouchpadEntire screen
ConnectivityCDMA, Bluetooth
PredecessorTreo 700p
SuccessorTreo 700wx

The Palm Treo 700w is a Windows Mobile-powered smartphone that was officially announced on September 26, 2005. As Palm's first Windows Mobile-powered Treo, the 700w offered an alternative for users who want or need to use Microsoft software. It was offered by Verizon Wireless, and other CDMA carriers. A newer version of this phone has been released, the Treo 700wx.

Improvements to Windows Mobile

Palm updated the Windows Mobile today screen, making it much easier to dial the phone. The user can type a couple of letters of the recipient's name to select their phone number.

There is on-screen support for voice mail. Instead of waiting for numbered prompts (or needing to memorize them), the user can select an action with left-and-right arrow keys. This feature is customizable for additional voicemail (not just Verizon's), enabling the user to access work voicemail (which may have different numbered prompts from Verizon's).


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