Perdiccas I
Tetradrachm of Aigai - old Macedonian royal capital Aigai, founded by Perdikkas I
King of Macedonia
SuccessorArgaeus I
IssueArgaeus I
ReligionAncient Greek religion

Perdiccas I (Greek: Περδίκκας, romanizedPerdíkkas) was king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia.

Herodotus stated:

"From Argos fled to the country of the Illyrians three brothers of the descendants of Temenus, Gauanes, Aeropus, and Perdiccas; and passing over Illyria from the mountains they came into the upper parts of Macedonia to the city of Lebaea."[1] "Now that these descendants of Perdiccas are Greeks, as they themselves say, I myself chance to know and will prove it in the later part of my history."[2]


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Preceded byTyrimmas King of Macedon Succeeded byArgaeus I