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Plasma Mobile is a Plasma variant for smartphones.[2][3][4] It is currently available for the Pinephone, and supported devices for postmarketOS such as the OnePlus 6.[5]

It is shipped by several Linux distributions, such as postmarketOS and Manjaro.[6]


After Plasma Active sponsor Coherent Theory (under the Make·Play·Live brand)[7][8] had given up their ambitions to release a tablet computer,[9] Blue Systems emerged as a new sponsor in 2015 and shifted the focus of Plasma's handheld work towards smartphones.[10][11] However, this stopped in 2021, with the project now being maintained by volunteers.[12]

The official announcement of the new form-factor interface was on 25 July 2015 at Akademy, accompanied by a working prototype running on a Nexus 5.[2]

Pine64 began sales of their PinePhone mobile device, with the KDE Community Edition being made available as pre-orders on 1 December 2020.[13][14]


Plasma Mobile uses KWin's Wayland session.[10] Distributions shipping Plasma Mobile can choose to support Android applications through Waydroid, which runs Android in a container on the device.[15]

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