Frank Karlitschek
Karlitschek, 2018
Born (1973-07-25) 25 July 1973 (age 50)
Reutlingen, Germany
Occupationopen source developer
Known forownCloud, Nextcloud, KDE contributor and KDE e.V. vice president

Frank Karlitschek (born 25 July 1973) is a German open source software developer living in Stuttgart, Germany.

Karlitschek argues on his blog that "Privacy is the foundation of democracy."[1][2] He says that people should have a basic right "to control their own data in the Internet age."[3]

Free software

Karlitschek is a KDE contributor since 2001 when he mainly worked in web community and artist team. He is a member of the KDE e.V. since 2003. In summer 2009 he was elected as a board member and vice president of KDE e.V.[4]

In 2001, Karlitschek started[5] At Akademy 2008, Karlitschek presented the vision of the Social Desktop for the KDE project.[6] Karlitschek further started the Open-PC and the Open Collaboration Services projects. He is also a cohost of RadioTux, the biggest German Linux Podcast. In 2012, Karlitschek started the User Data Manifesto initiative.[7]

Karlitschek gives keynotes at conferences like LinuxCon,[8] Latinoware,[9] openSUSE Conf,[10] and Akademy.[11]


In 2010, Karlitschek started the ownCloud project during a CampKDE keynote[12] and released the version 1.0 in June 2010.[13] He was the project leader and maintainer.

In 2011, Karlitschek co-founded ownCloud Inc. to offer an enterprise version of ownCloud. He served as the CTO and oversaw the product development and community relations.[14]

In April 2016, Karlitschek left ownCloud Inc.[15]


In June 2016, five weeks after leaving ownCloud, he started Nextcloud, a fork of ownCloud.[16][17]


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