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Created by
Opening theme"Supermodels" by Kendall Payne
Ending theme"High School Highway" by Sydney Forest
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes43 (list of episodes)
Executive producers
  • Ryan Murphy
  • Gina Matthews
Running time44 minutes
Production companies
DistributorBuena Vista Television
Original networkThe WB
Original releaseSeptember 29, 1999 (1999-09-29) –
May 18, 2001 (2001-05-18)

Popular is an American teenage comedy-drama television series that aired on The WB, created by Ryan Murphy and Gina Matthews, starring Leslie Bibb and Carly Pope as two teenage girls who reside on opposite ends of the popularity spectrum at their high school, but are forced to get along when their single parents meet on a cruise ship and get married. The show was produced by Touchstone Television and ran for two seasons on The WB from September 29, 1999 to May 18, 2001.


Brooke McQueen (Leslie Bibb) and Sam McPherson (Carly Pope), students at Jacqueline Kennedy High School, are polar opposites. Brooke is a popular cheerleader and Sam is an unpopular reporter for the school newspaper. Their respective groups are forced to socialize when Brooke's father and Sam's mother get engaged and the two girls have to share a house.

The plot of the first season revolves around the girls' school life, rival groups of friends, mutual animosity and plan to separate their parents. At the end of the season, Sam finds Brooke's real mother and encourages her to come back to town, which breaks up the engagement and splits the new family apart.

By the second season, Brooke and Sam realize that their parents were happy together, and therefore team up to reunite them, a move which results in the girls slowly becoming close friends, and even referring to each other as "family", though tensions rise when they both get involved with the same boy. Also, a reversal of fortunes takes place, with Brooke resigning from cheerleading to focus on her studies, and Sam experiencing a surge of sudden popularity at school. In the end of the second-season finale – which turned out to be the unexpected series finale when the show was cancelled – Brooke is run over by a drunk and angry Nicole Julian (Tammy Lynn Michaels).


Main cast

Supporting cast


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Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 22 September 29, 1999 May 18, 2000
2 21 September 22, 2000 May 18, 2001

Home media

The complete series of Popular has been released on DVD in region 1 by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. The DVD versions of select episodes had to change several songs that were used in the original aired episodes to stock music due to licensing fees. Shows like Daria, Mission Hill, Grosse Pointe and other television series also went through similar situations where their DVD and streaming (ex. Netflix, Hulu) counterparts used stock music as a replacement in order to cut costs of using other artists' music.

Season Episodes Release date
1 22 September 21, 2004
2 21 March 8, 2005


The show's main opening theme was excerpted from the song "Supermodels", a track from indie singer-songwriter Kendall Payne's 1999 album Jordan's Sister. Ending theme song is "High School Highway" by Sydney Forest.

Season 1

Episode # Title TV songs

(Original broadcast)

DVD songs Notes
1 "The Phantom Menace" The Dandy Warhols – "Good Morning" Mark Liggett, Martin Evans – "Something In The Way"
  • Album: BRH 72 Alternative 90s
Beginning of cold opening
Sydney Forest – "High School Highway" No change Opening credits
  • Original song for the series
Showoff – "Falling Star" Chris Goulstone – "Let Me Be the One" (Full Mix Vocal) In Nicole's car and beginning scene of school setting
Aretha Franklin – "Do Right Woman, Do Right Man" Music removed Mr. Vincent (drama teacher) commenting on student's singing "Amazing Grace" by saying "Arethra"
Trio – "Tutti Fruiti" Steffen Franz – "Beating Azul (A)" Scene during biology class with frogs
Gary Glitter – "Rock and Roll, Part Two" Unknown music or generic cover Cheerleaders entering the gym
E.K.O. – "Keep On Shining" (Dave's Tko Remix) Thomas Kane, Colin Baldry – "Score"
  • Album: Electronica Vs Chillout
Cheerleaders' demo routine and tryouts
Karry Walker – "I Said So" Unknown music Mall background music during Carmen and Lily's conversation while browsing clothes
Unknown music Different unknown music Mall background music in fitting room area during Brooke and Nicole's conversation
The Dandy Warhols – "Cool As Kim Deal" Unknown music Sam interviewing random people at mall
Sydney Forest – "High School Highway" No change Ending credits
2 Mo' Menace, Mo' Problems Kendall Payne – "Supermodels" No change Opening theme song
Unknown music Bryan New – "Teenage Misfit" Montage of students hanging out at school
Tom Racer – "Valentine" "Frequently For Me B"
  • Album: SCD 612 Punk-A-Rama – Melodycore
Sam entering Mr. Grant's office
Fatboy Slim – "Gangsta Trippin'" Different unknown music Nicole checking the guest list outside and beginning scene of party
Tyrese – "Lately" Aaron Wheeler & Jayme Tovey – "Better Place" Sugar Daddy slow dancing with Mary Cherry
Hole – "Malibu" Michael Gurley, Billy Lincoln, Kat Green – "Just My Luck" Josh and Sugar Daddy talking on the phone
The Crosswalk – "Brand New" Unknown music Sam apologizing to friends at the diner
Unknown music Different unknown music Sam and friends crashing Brooke's party
Unknown music Different unknown music Parents arrive at the party talking to Brooke and Sam
Sydney Forest – "High School Highway" No change Ending theme song
3 Under Siege Ennio Morricone – "Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)" Roberto Pregadio – "Ballata Per Un Pistolero (Ballad of a Gunman)" Lily and Ms. Glass' disagreement about frog dissection
Right Said Fred – "Too Sexy!" No change Mary Cherry entering school
Curtis Mayfield – "Superfly" Paul Lenart – "Funky Street (B)"
  • Album: SCD 466 Funk and Soul Grooves
Lily's 70s' movie daydream in biology class
Yello – "Oh Yeah" Curtis Schwartz – "Dig This" Brooke and Nicole waiting in boys' locker room
Zebrahead – "Swing" Unknown music Brooke preparing dinner
Modest Mussorgsky (Janos Sandor & Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra) – "St. John's Night on Bald Mountain, 'A Night on the Bare Mountain'" No change Dinner with Brooke and Sam's parents
4 Windstruck Snowboy And The Latin Section – "Mambo for Max" No change Sam sitting on Josh's lap during drama practice
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 – "The Look Of Love" No change Sam looking at Josh during classes
Andrea True Connection – "More More More" Jean-Pierre Fabien – "Soul Brothers" Sam and Josh dancing in Sam's fantasy
Ludwig van Beethoven – "Symphony No. 5" No change Carmen sending an email accidentally to everyone
Nappy Brown – "My Heart Goes Piddily, Patter, Patter" Sy Gorieb & Mari Falcone – "Pretty Baby (A)" Brooke sitting next to Harrison in biology class
The Nutty Squirrels – "Uh! Oh!" Hermann Skibbe – "Swinging" Mary Cherry running around to talk to Sugar Daddy
Bow Wow Wow – "I Want Candy" Chris Goulstone – "Rocking Blues (60 Sec)" Boys locker room transitioning to Brooke's bedroom
Remy Zero – "Twister" Different unknown music Josh asking Sam to come in journalism room
Unknown music Different unknown music Nicole bringing out margarita mix to Brooke near the pool
The Push Stars – "Drunk Is Better Than Dead" Different unknown music Nicole and Brooke noticing Harrison from the window next door
Unknown music Unknown music Brooke and Harrison talking near the poolside
Robert W Vincent – "Wear You Down (A)"
  • Album: Eclectic Alternative
No change Drunk Brooke laying on Harrison's lap
Remy Zero – "Twister" Robert W Vincent – "Wear You Down (A)"
  • Album: Eclectic Alternative
Sam looking at yearbook; Harrison looking over Brooke
Moby – "Inside" Llewellyn – "Amethyst" / "Inner Vision" Josh giving poem/album lyrics to Brooke at the library
Fountains of Wayne – "Troubled Times" Timo Jewel, Fontaine Burnett – "It Feels Like"
  • Album: Songbook 2
Sam and Harrison talking at the fast food restaurant, Mr. Clucks.
5 Slumber Party Massacre Joan Jones – "Party" Alexander Baker, Clair Marlo – "Just Be" Carmen writing her party invitations and handing them out; ending scene at Mr. Clucks
Jennifer Brown – "Two In The Morning" Unknown music Beginning scene at the school
Wiseguys – "Ooh La La" Unknown music Cheerleaders walking to cafeteria to RSVPing to Carmen's party
Arling & Cameron – "How About The Boys" Rick Cassman & Vyv Hope-Scott – "Tristans Boutique (Full Mix)" Harrison and Brooke talking at the cafeteria
Eels – "Cancer For The Cure" Chris Goulstone – "Get On Down (Full Mix Vocal)" Cheerleaders arrive at Carmen's house
Los Lobos – "Oh Yeah" Tim Juckes – "Hurtling"
  • Album: SCD 535 Sound Fields
Nicole hypnotizing Mary Cherry and Carmen
Bugs – "The Oracle" Francis Monkman – "Superdude" Nicole giving money to hypnotized Carmen to buy chicken at Mr. Clucks
6 Truth or Consequences Henry Mancini – "The Pink Panther Theme" Unknown music Nicole scheming to cheat on biology midterm with Mary Cherry and Poppy in cafeteria
Jack Elliot, Allyn Ferguson – "Charlie's Angels – TV Theme song" Unknown music Nicole, Marry Cherry's fantasy as Charlie Angels
Arling & Cameron – "Le Flic Et La Fille" John Hawkins – "Hit Man" Sneaking into Ms. Glass' office
Stavesacre – "You Know How It Is" Unknown song Fight between Josh and Harrison
Edwin Starr – "War" No change Food fight in cafeteria
7 Queen B. Unknown music Unknown music Sam moving into Brooke's house
Bert Parks – "There She Is, Miss America" Alan Braden – "Bridge of Stars" Announcement of homecoming queen nominees in class
Jakko Jakszyk – "Spaghetti Cowboy (Full Mix Vocal)" No change Mary Cherry's mother talking to Nicole
Chic – "I Want Your Love" Steve Jeffries – "The Beat Goes On (Full Mix)" Nominees campaigning
Unknown music Unknown music Sam listening to CD player
John Philip Sousa – "The Washington Post" No change Mary Cherry on megaphone
Mary Schneider – "William Tell Overture" Gioachino Rossini – "William Tell Overture" Filling out ballots
Unknown music Different unknown music Introducing the nominees at the homecoming game
Sparklehorse – "Homecoming Queen" No change Ending scene
8 Tonight's the Night Loli-Pop – "Be My Petting Zoo" No change Opening scene and throughout episode
  • Original song/music video for the series
Bon Voyage – "Together" Alexander Baker, Clair Marlo – "Butterfly" Brooke taking compatibility quiz from magazine
Ben Lee – "I Am A Sunflower" Alexander Baker, Clair Marlo – "Just Be" After Sam seeing Ben at school; Harrison looking at couples at cafeteria
The Har You Percussion Group – "Welcome To The Party" Liza and JP – "Perrito Caliente" Sam and Tuna twins practicing tennis with Ben
Mineral – "The Last Word Is Rejoice" Unknown music Lily and Harrison talking in the nurse's office
"La Cumparsita" Liza and JP – "Perrito Caliente" Ben teaching Sam on tennis court
Sarah Vaughn – "Smooth Operator" Hal David and John Cacavas – "All Day" Harrison checking in hotel
Supertramp – "Give A Little Bit" Alexander Baker, Clair Marlo – "Cloud Patterns" (instrumental) Harrison preparing romantic setting in room; Sugar Daddy waiting for his date, Brooke and Josh becoming intimate
Alec Gould – "Sea Breeze" No change Lily arriving at hotel room

Joe 90 – "Just A Dream"

Anika Peress, Dean Landon – "Forever Naturally" Lily cancelling plans with Harrison, Sugar Daddy's date not showing up, Brooke trying to wake up Josh
Dean Martin – "Nobody Til Somebody Loves You" Hal David and John Cacavas – "All Day" (instrumental) Ending scene at the Knees Together club
9 Wild, Wild Mess Unknown music Different unknown music Nicole, Mary Cherry and Sugar Daddy kidnapping Gwyneth Paltrow's personal shopper
Clyde McPhatter – "If You Only Knew" Generic somber music that is commonly played throughout series Brooke second time taking pregnancy test and walking to the kitchen
David Bowie – "Fashion" No change Nicole and Mary Cherry's personal fashion wearing Gwyneth Paltrow's clothes
Dido – "Honestly OK" Billy Lincoln, Kat Green – "We Grow" Brooke in her room; Sam passes motherhood information under the door
"Dirty Ho" No change Brooke fantasy of being pregnant during class; Ms. Ross, Nicole and Mary Cherry break into song
  • Original song made for the series
KPM Angels' Chorus – "Messiah: Hallelujah" No change Nicole and Mary Cherry being praised by the personal shopper
Unknown music Different unknown music Nicole and Mary Cherry find out the personal shopper's true identity
Switchfoot – "Let That Be Enough" Larry Gates – "Circle of Love"
  • Album: American Impressions 3 – Popular Culture
Ending scene where Harrison submits the signatures for his mom to be principal for a day
10 Fall on Your Knees APM Holiday Ensemble – "Kommet, Ihr Hirten" No change Cold opening where Nicole is counting money
Unknown music Unknown music Sam and Brooke's family decorating the Christmas tree
John Devereaux – "Christmas Day" No change Brooke and Sam realizing they have to share a Christmas party together
Richard Myhill – "Christmas Lullaby (2)" No change Carmen entering school with crutches
Brian Bennett – "We Wish You a Mary Christmas" No change Ms. Glass announcing there is no final exam
Lee Mendelson, Vince Guaraldi – "Christmas Time Is Here" No change Tuna twins, Emory, and Freddy caroling outside
"O Come, All Ye Faithful" No change Carolers outside while the everyone else is talking indoors
"Drummer Boy" No change Carolers singing after Nicole leaves small change for a donation
Ludwig van Beethoven – "Für Elise" No change Music box
Unknown music Music removed Past Nicole starting her reign of terror
Richard Harvey – "Winter's Flight" Music removed Introducing Mary Cherry as Spirit of Christmas Present
Unknown music Unknown music Nicole coming out of bed canopy
Richard Myhill – "Tales of Midwinter" No change Mary Cherry waving wand
Bing Crosby – "I’ll Be Home For Christmas" John Charles Fiddy, Sammy Burdson (APM Holiday Ensemble) – "Ding Dong Merrily On High" Sam and Brooke's parents dancing
The Nutcracker – "Dance of the Mirlitons" No change April Tuna and Freddy Gong talking to
Unknown music Unknown music Brooke talking to Carmen at the party
Unknown music Unknown music Making a toast at the table
Unknown music Unknown music Nicole arriving to the party
Jeffrey Reid Baker – "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" No change Everyone opening Nicole's presents
"Silent Night" No change Ms. Glass and Nurse Glass stargazing on balcony
"Hark! The Herald Angels" No change Ending scene – students caroling in front of Ms. Glass' home
11 Ex, Lies, and Videotape Madonna – "Lucky Star (U.S. Remix)" No change Cold opening where cheerleaders are practicing
T-Cisco – "Intervention #1" Stephen Gaboury, Machan Sasaki Taylor – "Panama Red (A)" April Tuna talking to Carmen in front of lockers and throughout episode
Rob Zombie – "Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix)" "Gargantua (A)"
Poppy, Mary Cherry's driving test

Andrea Marcum – "Elastic"

"Before I Give My Heart"
Josh returning to auditorium after arguing with his dad outside
12 The Trial of Emory Dick Johann Sebastian Bach – "Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565" André Luy – "Hymne en 3 versets sur le choral 'Der du bist drei in Einigkeit': Con moto" Emory's fantasy of torturing his tormentors
Alan Tew – "The Big One" (People's Court theme song) No change Beginning court scene
Bill Baylis & Julie Tully – "Get Up and Do It" No change Cheerleaders practicing after first court session
Tony Orlando and Dawn – "Say, Has Anyone Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose" No change Ms. Glass dancing in class
13 Hope in a Jar Brian Bennett – "Boogie Juice" No change Transition scene from classroom to Harrison walking in the cafeteria
Brian Bennett & Dave Koz – "Melt" No change Glamazon cheerleaders fantasizing about Stone Cold
Curtis Schwartz – "Skratch Junkie" No change The Glamazons and April Tuna walking in the hallways
Alan Parker – "Powerhouse Rock" No change Harrison and Josh competing on weight benches
The Stone Roses – "I Wanna Be Adored" Steve Byrd – "Sunspots"
  • Album: BR277 BRH95 Brit Rock Invasion
Montage of everyone getting ready for the Sadie Hawkins dance
Jungle Brothers – "Freakin’ You" Different unknown music Glamazons and April Tuna entering the dance
The Autumns – "Oriel" Different unknown music Sam and Josh dancing; Brooke and Harrison talking
The Lassie Foundation – "El Rey" Steve Byrd – "Slider"
  • Album: BR357 BRH114 Brit Rock Anthems
Glamazons see April Tuna dancing with Stone Cold
The Flamingos – "I Only Have Eyes For You" Jerry Burnham, Raun Burnham – "Forever and a Day (A)" 
  • Album: Remember the 50s
Final dancing scene
14 Caged! Gwen Mars – "Big Wheel" Different unknown music Flashback of fight scene in The Novak during cold opening
Missy Elliott – "She’s a Bitch" Roberto Pregadio – "Ballata per un Pistolero (Ballad of a Gunman)" Girls in groups of 3 walking in the halls
Unknown music Graham Preskett – "Echoes of Love" Brooke's retelling of her secret
Gerhard Trede – "Beguine "
  • Album: From Mambo to Puszta Fox
No Change Ms. Glass retelling her secret
Kendall Payne – "The Second Day" Anika Paris – "In Love Again" Sam's secret
George Michael – Freedom! '90 No change Ending scene
15 Booty Camp Graham De Wilde – "The British Grenadiers" No change The start of boot camp while holding dummies on track & field
William Steffe – "Battle Hymn of the Republic" or "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory" No change Obstacle course during boot camp
Kenny Loggins – "Danger Zone" (Top Gun soundtrack) Different unknown music Sargent Rock Glass saying "Top Gun would make one heck of a broadway show"
Richard Myhill – "Get 'Em Off!" No change The boys walking through the hall of girls during boot camp
Michael Brook – "Ultramarine" Pierre Perez-Vergara – "Micro Structure"
  • Album: KOS65 Repetita
Everyone leaving boot camp
16 All About Adam Unknown music Lucy Diamond & Jim Wolfe – "Outside Looking In" Cold opening of Brooke sitting on the bleachers
Tom Racer – "Secret’s Out" Different unknown music Mary Cherry making out with Adam in The Novak
Amber – "Sexual (Li Da Di)" Different unknown music Adam choreographing cheers for Glamazons
Foo Fighters – "Breakout" David Newton – "She's So Dumb"
  • Album: BR386 BRH122 Pop-Punk, Rap-Rock, Nu Metal
Montage of Sam being filmed for Chick Power
New World Symphony – "Wonder Woman" Brian Bennett – "Drama Montage" Mary Cherry trying to decipher Adam's real identity from IDs
Dave Richmond – "Nightwatch" No change Sam researching in computer lab
Unknown music Paul Lenart – "Backyard Groove"
  • Album: Electric Blues
Mary Cherry plane ride to Tupelo
Paul Simon – "Kodachrome" Zachary A Schaffer – "Yesterdays Are Gone (B)"
  • Album: Eclectic Alternative
Ending scene
17 Lord of the Flies Luscious Jackson – "Fantastic Fabulous" No change Glamazons getting ready early in the morning
Groove Armada – "I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Radio Edit)" Glamazons arriving tai chi class
Mark Scholz – "Mind Game" No change Exercises during tai chi class
Unknown music No change Beginning of open mic setting
Harrison – "What is He Doing With Her?" No change Harrison's self made song
  • Original song
18 C-C-Changes David Bowie – "Changes" No change Woodshop teacher's new transformation; students making a statement at the board meeting
Mitch Miller – "The Yellow Rose of Texas" Instrumental of "The Yellow Rose of Texas" Cherry Cherry's flashback
Dick Walter – "Satin Sounds" No change Staff room with upgraded features
19 Hard on the Outside, Soft in the Middle The B-52's – "Rock Lobster" No change Cold opening of Lily's flashback seeing the lobster at Croutons restaurant; Mary Cherry eating the lobster; ending scene
Vitamin C – "I'm Not That Kind of Girl" Bill Baylis, Simon Stewart & Julie Tulley – "Go Mad for It" Fantasy sequence of Nicole walking down school hallway and receiving gifts from boys
Madonna – "Ray of Light" No change Unpopular girls dying their hair blond in The Novak
Chunky Nelson – "You've Got the Power" APM Healing Artists – "Move Your Body" Unpopular girls walking in the cafeteria with blonde hair
Barbra Streisand – "I'm the Greatest Star" No change Mary Cherry acting like Barbra Streisand
A.J. Mora – "The Truth is Coming" APM Healing Artists – "Move Your Body" Harrison walking in hallway with blond hair
Unknown music Different unknown music Trash thrown at Glamazons while as brunettes walking down the hall
Prozzak – "Sucks to Be You" APM Healing Artists – "Move Your Body" Sam getting the larger porkchop at family dinner
Chunky Nelson – "You've Got the Power" No change Unpopular group entering disco bowling alley
Sammy Burdson & Jean-Claude Madonne – "Do the Boogaloo" No change Ms. Glass being taken away on a stretcher
Unknown music No change Scene after Sam and Brooke's parents decide to move the wedding earlier
20 We Are Family Group Forty-Orchestra – "Aspects of Fear" No change Cold opening of fantasy sequence – Sam crashing into Brooke
Jack Shaindlin – "Crime Lab" No change Sam calling on the phone in cold opening
Richard Cottle – "Set Me Free" No change Brooke rewatching her cheerleading practice on TV
Jack Shaindlin – "Perplexity" No change Brooke and Sam arguing
Jack Shaindlin – "Danger" No change Brooke removing the cloche/cover from her meal that Sam prepared
The Edwin Davids Jazz Band – "Chips" (TV theme song) No change Erik Estrada talking to Mary Cherry at school
Group Forty-Orchestra – "Drama (Clifford Composition)" No change Mary Cherry hugs Erik Estrada in family therapy session
Unknown music Different unknown music Lily and Carmen being chased
Jessica Riddle – "Your Girl" Simon Donald Lockyer, Simon May – "Tender Emotions (B)"
  • Album: Conflicting Emotions Part 2
Sam walking to her locker and talking to Harrison
Fastbacks – "One More Hour" Different unknown music Lily shaving off half of Mary Cherry's hair
The Beatles – "She’s Leaving Home" (cover; unknown singer) Chris Goulstone – "Across The Line (Alt Mix Version 2 Underscore)" Brooke finding out Sam ran away
21 What Makes Sammy Run Cover of Scott McKenzie – "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)" Different unknown music San Francisco scene in cold opening
Unknown music No change Boys talking about the strip club and talking about getting in after they were denied
"Horny Cool Boys" No change The boys walking down the school hallway while wear sunglasses
  • Original song for the series
Unknown music No change Boys try to get into strip club with fake IDs
Group Forty-Orchestra – "Aspects of Fear" No change Mary Cherry with a devious face
Morphic Field – "I Won’t Lie to You" Billy Lincoln & Kat Green – "We Belong" Sam sneaking into the office at the art gallery
Unknown music No change Mary Cherry showing her tattoo
Lynyrd Skynyrd – "That Smell" Different unknown music Wanda appearing in bathroom
William Steffe – "Battle Hymn of the Republic" or "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory" No change Harrison making a speech to the strip club's bouncer
The Rock-A-Teens – "Woo-hoo" Finn and the Sharks – "Rockabilly Roadhouse" Lily trying to pretend to be Sam
Lords of Acid – "Rough Sex" Bob Haynes, Max Beard – "Music Medicine"
  • Album: BR396 BRH124 Deep House
Opening scene of strip club
Laurie Burgess & Lee Rous – "Baby, Get Higher" No change Introduction of Mary Cherry, Nicole and Wanda on stage
Unknown music No change Sam's mother talking to the girls in the kitchen about Sam
The Flamingos – "Ko Ko Mo" Different unknown music Carmen throwing up
22 Two Weddings and a Funeral The Miracles – "Love Machine" Different unknown music Ms. Glass showing up in boys' locker room to retrieve pen
"Teachin' Ms. Glass Musical" No change Students singing about Ms. Glass
  • Original song for the series
Godsmack – "Voodoo" Music removed Mary Cherry's flashback at Nurse Glass' home about suspicious person
Unknown music No change Getting ready for the wedding
  • Original song for the series
Chris Payne – "Elizabethan" No change Mary Cherry showing up in an extravagant dress
Sprung Monkey – "Get Em Outta Here" Music removed Nurse Glass mentions Ms. Glass was an organ donor at the pews
Ruby and the Romantics – "Our Day Will Come" Different unknown music Mary Cherry's mother talking to Sam's mother
"Will You Marry Me My Dear?" No change The boys singing
  • Original song for the series

Season 2

Episode # Title TV songs

(Original broadcast)

DVD songs Notes
1 Timber! Neve – "Step Up" No change Brooke thinking about her mom during cold opening
Unknown music No change Ms. Glass blasting loud music in front the tree
Unknown music No change Mary Cherry walking in during tryouts
Trinket – "Boom" No change Nicole walking and falling in the hallway
2 Baby, Don't Do It! AC/DC – "Highway to Hell" 60 Second Crush – "Sister Suicide" Emory's sisters walking into the school
Georges Bizet – Habanera (from the opera, Carmen) No change Mary Cherry and Nicole slapping/punching each other
David Arnold, Paul Hart – "Infamia"
  • Album: BR425_Sport – Power & Energy
No change Carmen's baby stroller falling on the stairs
Kef – "Jump on It" Different unknown music Emory and Harrison arriving at the house party
Kef – "Hottie Boombalottie" Different unknown music Emory's sisters dressed up as Nicole and Mary Cherry
Sisqo – "Thong Song" Bizarre – "The Party (Risque Heartache Mix)" Carmen and Lily talking at the house party
Unknown music Different unknown music Nicole's speech about standing up to Emory's sisters
Jared Douglas – "Don’t Make Me Wait" Different unknown music Nicole and Mary Cherry stopping music while Emory's sisters were dancing
3 Citizen Shame Fred Karlin – "It’s a Sometimes World" (Yours, Mines and Ours soundtrack) Different unknown music Carmen watching the movie, "Yours, Mines and Ours"
The O’Jays – "For The Love Of Money" Greazy Meal – "Money" Ms. Glass tries to convince Harrison to be her pretend child
Marilyn Monroe – "Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend" Different unknown music Ms. Glass checking the diamond ring
Unknown music Different unknown music Brooke and teacher talking at the restaurant
Pink Floyd – "Money" Different unknown music Brooke and teacher chatting with two random guys
4 Sweetest Taboo Barry White – "It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me Zilo Groove – "Feel Free Don't Stop (instrumental)" Nicole tries to seduce Vice Principal Krupps in his office
Electric Boys – "All Lips & Hips" Southern Gentlemen – "Drive Me Wild" Mary Cherry showing her new lips in class
The Gap Band – "You Dropped A Bomb On Me" Crud – "Meat Detonation" Ms. Glass throwing the concoction outside of class
5 Joe Loves Mary Cherry Bob Foster – "Pop, Snapple and Crack" Jet Set Six – "If I Could Be Anyone" Dating show fantasy with Brooke in cold opening
Ivan Zenaty & Frantisek Xaver Thuri

& Janacek Chamber Orchestra – "Concerto For Violin And Orchestra in G Major, La Stravaganza, Op. 4, No. 3, R. 301: I. Allegro"

Different unknown music Nicole and Harrison in 18th century clothing fantasy
"Cha Cha (I'm a Lady in Love)" No change Fantasy scene where Harrison and Mary Cherry doing a cha cha dance in the hallway
  • Original song for the series
Unknown music Luck Brothers – "Like I Never Did Before" Monkey daydreaming
Fastball – "This Guy's in Love With You" No change Josh cheering up the monkey
Lipps, Inc – "Funky Town" La Guardia – "You Are (My Shining Star) (Risque mix)" Montage of people roller skating
Neil Sedaka – "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" Jessie Ross – "One Step at a Time" Couples only dance
6 Style and Substance Abuse Unknown music Bibi Farber – "That Girl Again" Former homecoming queen, Hellacious enters the school hallway
Unknown music Different unknown music Hellacious announcing the queen nominees
Vicky Sue Robinson – "Turn the Beat Around" Different unknown music Ms. Glass' alarm clock at home
Sheena Easton – "Morning Train" Different unknown music Montage of Ms. Glass and Carmen training for the queen title
7 Ur-ine Trouble Steve Miller Band – "abracadabra" Different unknown music Mary Cherry and Nicole looking at the crystal ball
Madonna – "Music" No change Mary Cherry, Nicole, and Hellacious parodying Madonna's "Music" music video in the limousine
8 Misery Loathes Company Brent Jones & The T.P. Mobb – "Thank You" No change Clarence listening to music
Five for Fighting – "Superman (It's Not Easy)" Theo Eastwind – "Rite of Passage" Drawing session at the clinic
13 Mary Charity Olive – "Smile" Merrie Amsterburg – "Patchwork" Ending scene
21 Promblems Drowning Pool – "Bodies" Crud – "Reality" Nicole driving



In 2012, Entertainment Weekly listed Popular at #21 in their list of the "26 Best Cult TV Shows Ever", calling it "the proto-Glee" and saying it "celebrated the value of outcasts and portrayed overplayed topics—Homecoming Court, sex, and secrets—through an absurdist lens."[1]


Season U.S. ratings Time slot Network rank
1 1999–2000 2.9 million [2] Wednesday at 9:00 pm (Episode 1)
Thursday at 8:00 pm (Episodes 2–22)
2 2000–2001 1.7 million[citation needed] Friday at 9:00 pm #11

Awards and nominations

Year Award Result Category Recipient
2000 Casting Society of America Nominated Best Casting for TV, Comedy Pilot Eric Dawson, Carol Kritzer, and Robert J. Ulrich
2000 GLAAD Media Awards Won Outstanding TV Individual Episode (for episode "Wild Wild Mess")
2001 GLAAD Media Awards Nominated Outstanding TV Comedy Series
2000 Genesis Awards Won Television – New Series (for episode "Under Siege")
2001 Genesis Awards Won Television – Comedy Series (for episode "Joe Loves Mary Cherry")
2000 SHINE Awards Won Comedy Episode (for episode "Booty Camp")
2000 TV Guide Awards Nominated Favorite Teen Show
2000 Teen Choice Awards Nominated TV – Choice Sidekick Ron Lester
Nominated TV – Choice Comedy
Nominated TV – Choice Actress Carly Pope
Nominated TV – Choice Actress Leslie Bibb
Won TV – Choice Breakout Show
2001 Teen Choice Awards Nominated TV – Choice Sidekick Ron Lester
Nominated TV – Choice Comedy


In February 2000, the casts of Popular and Freaks and Geeks competed against each other in a special celebrity week of Family Feud hosted by Louie Anderson.[3]

Leslie Bibb and Carly Pope appeared in Grosse Pointe (episode 6) as actresses from Popular in a volleyball game against Johnny and Courtney.

In 2012, several of the main actors reunited and raised $30,000 for AIDS Walk in Los Angeles.[4]


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