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RARBG Homepage as of July 2019
Type of site
Torrent index, magnet links provider
Available inEnglish
Area servedWorldwide (except for blocked countries)
Launched2007; 15 years ago (2007)
Current statusOnline

RARBG is a website that provides torrent files and magnet links to facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. From 2014 onward, RARBG has repeatedly appeared in TorrentFreak's yearly list of most visited torrent websites.[1] It was ranked 5th as of June 2021.[2] The website does not allow users to upload their own torrents.[1]


RARBG was founded in 2008. Originally conceived as a Bulgarian BitTorrent tracker (BG stands for "Bulgaria" in the name), the website has been serving an international audience since then. According to TorrentFreak, RARBG specializes in English-language "high quality video releases, but lists other content as well, including games, software and music."[1]

The website has been described in 2019 as a "notorious market" by the US trade representative.[3] In 2020, the website was listed as a target of Bulgarian law enforcement.[4]

Blocking and censorship

RARBG is blocked in several countries around the world for legal reasons, generally due to its facilitation of copyright infringement.[1] In December 2008, the site remained closed for one week due to legal pressure from BREIN.[5] In 2017, RARBG was filtered out of Google search results following a controversy wherein links to torrent sites were highlighted in Google's "carousel" search results.[6][7] Due to a lawsuit brought forth against ISP Hurricane Electric by film studios demanding the personal information of pirates, Sophidea VPN, a VPN operated through Hurricane Electric, blocked access to several torrent sites as of December 2020, including RARBG.[8]

Country Date of block
Saudi Arabia 2 April 2014[9][10]
United Kingdom 27 November 2014[11]
Denmark 27 March 2015[12]
Turkey 12 August 2015[13]
Portugal 26 October 2015[14]
Italy 6 March 2017[15][16]
Australia 18 August 2017[17][18]
Indonesia 10 October 2017[citation needed]
Finland 8 June 2018[19]
Ireland 18 January 2018[20][21]
Belgium 3 January 2019[citation needed]
India 12 April 2019[22][23][24]
Greece 15 May 2019[25]
Netherlands 31 March 2022[26]
Iran Unknown
Bulgaria Unknown
Oman Unknown
China Unknown

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