Rudrasimha III
Bhadramukhas ruler Rudrasimha III Circa 385-415 CE.jpg
Coin of Bhadramukhas ruler Rudrasimha III, circa 385-415 AD.
Western Satrap
Reignc. 388 - 415 AD
PredecessorRudrasena IV

Rudrasimha III (IAST: Rudrasiṃha) was the last ruler of the Western Satraps in India, in the 4th century AD.[1] Rudrasimha III succeeded Rudrasena IV as the leader of the Indo-Scythians in India.[2] Both were the sons of the Saka ruler Satyasimha, making them at least half-brothers, if not first-degree relatives.[2][3]

The Western Satraps were ultimately conquered by the Gupta Emperor Chandragupta II. This event completely ended the rule of the Sakas on the Indian subcontinent. An inscriptions of the victorious Gupta king Chandragupta II in 412-413 AD, the Sanchi inscription of Chandragupta II, can be found on the railing near the Eastern Gateway of the Great Stupa in Sanchi.[4]


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Preceded byRudrasena IV Western Satrap 388-415 Succeeded byGupta Emperor Chandragupta II