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Satan Girl
Satan Girl from Supergirl (vol. 4) #40, art by Leonard Kirk.
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearance(1st) Adventure Comics #313 (October 1963)
(2nd) Supergirl (vol. 4) #40 (February 2000)
(3rd) Supergirl (vol. 5) Annual #2 (October 2010)
Created by(1st) Edmond Hamilton, Curt Swan
(2nd) Peter David, Leonard Kirk
(3rd) Sterling Gates, Matt Camp
In-story information
Alter ego(1st) Kara Zor-El
(2nd) Dolores Pratchet
(3rd) S'tanicule Gyrstress
Abilities(1st) All the powers of Supergirl
(2nd) Black magic
Trident that fires blue flames
(3rd) Wields a flaming sword

Satan Girl is a fictional supervillain from the Supergirl series of comics. Originally, she was an evil duplicate of Kara Zor-El created by red kryptonite in Adventure Comics #313 (1963). She attempted to kill Supergirl's fellow female Legionnaires so she could sustain her independent existence.

Satan Girl reappears in Legionnaires #17 (August 1994), as one of the time anomalies created by the events of Zero Hour.

The storyline in Supergirl (vol. 5) #3–6 (December 2005–March 2006) is inspired by the original Satan Girl story, with black kryptonite producing a duplicate "Dark Supergirl."

Dolores Pratchet

Dolores Pratchet was the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths Satan Girl, appearing in Supergirl (vol. 4) #40–41 (January–February 2000).

200 years ago in colonial America (1776), Dolores Pratchet, a practitioner of demonic rituals lost her daughter Rachel when the young girl tried to save her friend, a slave named Ember, from being burned at the stake for witchcraft. The two girls fused into one and became an Earth-Born Angel of Fire. However Ember began to fall from grace, dooming both her soul and Rachel's. Dolores made a deal with the demonic Carnivore and agreed to become his servant to save her daughter. He gave her magical powers and dubbed her Satan Girl. Satan Girl's magic was able to bridge time and pull the current Angel of Fire, Supergirl, from the present and switch her bodies with Ember, so that Supergirl would die on the stake, and Ember would exist in the future (along with Rachel). This disturbance of the timeline allowed Satan Girl to appear in the present with Ember. Supergirl was able to escape her death with the aid of Ember, who returned to her own time to live out her fate, and a sorceress known as Tammy Neil. By setting the timeline right, Satan Girl crumbled to dust as she was not alive in the correct timeline.

S'tanicule Gyrstress

This Satan Girl is from another dimension and is referred to as the Brocian goddess of love and death. Brainiac 5 blasts an old Brocian statue dedicated to her with chronon energy, ripping space and time and allowing her to free herself. She unleashes a crimson plague that makes the world love her as she primes the world for her people to take over. Supergirl and Brainiac 5 channel the time energy that freed her to send her back and trap her.

She appeared in Supergirl (vol. 5) Annual #2 (2010). Her appearance is similar to Dolores Pratchet.

Powers and abilities

The first Satan Girl had all of Supergirl's powers.

The second Satan Girl had various magical abilities, such as the power to cast spells and switch souls. Her trident fires blue flames that can burn through almost any substance and is strong enough to pierce invulnerable skin, such as Supergirl's.