Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceDoom Patrol vol. 2 #7 (April 1988)
Created byPaul Kupperberg
Erik Larsen
In-story information
Alter egoMark Scheffer
Team affiliationsSecret Society of Super Villains
Cyborg Revenge Squad
AbilitiesSuper human strength and endurance. Shrapnel's body consists of hundreds of pieces of an organic-metallic substance that can be projected into explosive bursts.

Shrapnel is a supervillain appearing in media published by DC Comics, primarily as an enemy of the Outsiders and the Doom Patrol.

Shrapnel has appeared in Batman: The Brave and the Bold and season two of Arrow, portrayed by Sean Maher in the latter.

Publication history

Shrapnel first appeared in Doom Patrol vol. 2, #7 and was created by Paul Kupperberg and Erik Larsen.[1]

Fictional character biography

Very little about Shrapnel's past and identity is known, although it is known that his name is Mark Scheffer[2] and that he was a normal human at one time and has an ex-wife and two very human blond-haired daughters. Shrapnel has tried to stay incognito, but failed to do so after deciding to slaughter anyone who caught even a glimpse of him.

He was discovered by the Doom Patrol in Kansas while on a murder spree and forced into combat by the team. Celsius quickly flooded Shrapnel encasing him within a solid prison block of ice. Shrapnel blew it apart, hitting Mrs. Caulder point blank and hospitalizing the heroine.

It is also noted that Rhea Jones was not able to magnetize any control over Shrapnel. It was energy blasting Tempest who worked out that Shrapnel is a series of organic cells creating a single consciousness - that feeds on the blood of victims. Shrapnel escaped the encounter with the Doom Patrol.

He has since joined the Society.[3] Shrapnel has later resurfaced as one of the exiled supervillains in Salvation Run.[4]

In the DC Special: Cyborg mini-series, Shrapnel has joined the Cyborg Revenge Squad.

Following the Final Crisis, he was with Cheetah III's Secret Society of Super-Villains at the time when Genocide was created. He was defeated by Wonder Woman.

Shrapnel appeared in the inter-company crossover JLA/Avengers as one of the villains who attack the Vision and Aquaman in Metropolis. He actually makes the first attack, but the Vision blocks it by increasing his density. After the two heroes are subdued, Shrapnel prepares to blast Aquaman when Green Lantern attacks him and knocks him out.

Powers and abilities

As a being made of organic metal, Shrapnel has superhuman strength and stamina. He does not have to eat or sleep in this form.

In addition, the metal plates on Shrapnel's body can be projected into explosive bursts. Each scale is a living organism controlled by Shrapnel's consciousness, so once fired they can be directed and recalled at will. Pieces lost by Shrapnel will eventually die, but he can regenerate new ones.

In other media


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