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Satmala Range
Dhodap-One of the peaks
Highest point
Elevation1,472 m (4,829 ft)
Coordinates20°23′25″N 73°54′31″E / 20.39028°N 73.90861°E / 20.39028; 73.90861Coordinates: 20°23′25″N 73°54′31″E / 20.39028°N 73.90861°E / 20.39028; 73.90861
Satmala Range
Satmala Range
Location of Satamala, Maharashtra
LocationSatamala Range
Parent rangeWestern Ghats
Mountain typeFlood basalt
Type of rockBasalt

Satmala (pronunciation:[sɐtmaːla]) is a mountain range which runs across Nashik District, Maharashtra. They are an integral part of the Sahyadris range within Nashik. These peaks are visible from a greater part of the district and form prominent landmarks. The highest of them is Dhodap (1,451 metres). Dhodap hill is the third highest hill peak in Maharashtra after Kalsubai and Salher and 29th highest peak in the Western Ghats. At the eastern side of this range lies the Chandvad range. There is a range with the same name Satmala in Telangana.

The most important range of Nashik is the Satmala range. This range looks like a necklace placed along Nashik. It passes right through the center of the city. From Saputara to Vani, from Chandwad to Manmad is the spread of Satmala range.

There are in total 14 forts on Satmala range.[1]

The best season for visiting the Satmala range is July to February. During March to June, the area becomes very dry due to extreme summers.

List of Peaks

Photo Name Elevation in meters District Significance
Dhodap 1472 Nasik 2nd highest peak in Nashik.
Saptashrungi 1,264 Nasik It is a site of Hindu pilgrimage.


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