Scent-imental over You
Blue Ribbon reissue title card of Scent-imental Over You.
Directed byCharles M. Jones
Story byMichael Maltese
Tedd Pierce
Produced byEdward Selzer (uncredited)
StarringMel Blanc (Pepé Le Pew)
Bea Benaderet
(various female dogs, uncredited)
Narrated byBea Benaderet (uncredited)
Music byCarl Stalling
(Music Direction)
Milt Franklyn (Orchestrator, uncredited)
Animation byKen Harris
Basil Davidovich
Lloyd Vaughan
Ben Washam
A.C. Gamer (Effects animator)
Layouts byRobert Gribbroek
Backgrounds byPeter Alvarado
Color processTechnicolor
Distributed byWarner Bros. Pictures
Release date
  • March 8, 1947 (1947-03-08)
Running time
7 minutes (one reel)
CountryUnited States

Scent-imental over You is a 1947 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Chuck Jones.[1] The short was released on March 8, 1947, and stars Pepé Le Pew.[2]


A small jealous Mexican hairless dog, wanting to be friends with the other dogs on Park Avenue, decides to borrow a fur coat. Unfortunately, she borrows a skunk pelt by mistake and frightens the other dogs. As she cries her hurt feelings out, she attracts the unwanted attentions of Stinky. After he corners her in a treehouse, she finally removes the pelt and Pepé reveals he's wearing a mask, showing that he's a dog and the two embrace. Another mask removal proves Pepé is indeed a skunk who doesn't care that his love interest is a dog.

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