Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
Directed byIgor Maslennikov
Written byArthur Conan Doyle (novel)
Igor Maslennikov
Yuli Dunsky
Valeri Frid
Produced byLenfilm
StarringVasily Livanov
Vitaly Solomin
Rina Zelyonaya
CinematographyYuri Veksler
Edited byMark Kaplan (artist)
Music byVladimir Dashkevich (original score)
Boris Andreev
(sound department)
Distributed byLenfilm
Release date
  • 1979 (1979)
Running time
135 minutes (in 2 episodes)
CountrySoviet Union

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (Russian: Шерлок Холмс и доктор Ватсон, romanizedSherlok Holms i doktor Vatson) is a 1979 Soviet film adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's novels about Sherlock Holmes. Directed by Igor Maslennikov it is the first of a 5-part TV film series (divided into 11-episodes) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The film is divided into two episodes – "The Acquaintance" (Russian: Знакомство, based on the 1892 short story "The Adventure of the Speckled Band") and "Bloody Inscription" (Russian: Кровавая надпись, based on Conan Doyle's 1887 novel A Study in Scarlet).

The movies are made close to the plot of the books, but have some notable, and sometimes quite humorous differences, e.g. Dr. Watson within first weeks of living in Baker Street was trying to figure out what was Holmes profession. Upon witnessing Holmes dressed in disguise, seeing some strange visitors, Watson comes to a conclusion that Holmes is a criminal mastermind.[1]


The Acquaintance

Bloody Inscription