EditorAnna Britten
First issueMarch 2004
CompanyOxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Statistical Society and American Statistical Association
CountryUnited Kingdom/United States

Significance, established in 2004, is a bimonthly print and digital magazine published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), the Statistical Society of Australia (SSA) and the American Statistical Association (ASA).[1] It publishes articles on topics of statistical interest presented at a level suited for a general audience. Articles are reviewed by an editorial board of statistics experts drawn from the three societies.[2] The founding editor-in-chief was Helen Joyce.[3] The current editor is Anna Britten. Significance replaced the RSS's journal, The Statistician.[4] The magazine also has a website.

In addition to ordinary articles in the magazine, additional "virtual issues" (collections of articles on a particular subject area) are made available online.[5] In November 2010 the magazine launched its website.[6] Having been launched as a quarterly magazine, Significance changed to a bimonthly frequency in 2011. In 2020, the regular column 'Dr Fisher's Casebook' was renamed 'the secret statistician', a review prompted by concern about Fisher's views on eugenics (and supported by the lack of salience of the homage to Dr Finlay's Casebook).[7]

Members of either the RSS or the ASA receive the magazine as part of their membership.[1] In January 2015, the RSS and ASA decided to make the magazine issues available to the public free of charge a year after their publication.[8]


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