Sinaloan sushi is a type of Mexican-American and Japanese fusion cuisine found on the United States West Coast and Southwest. Instead of wasabi, heat is provided by Sinaloa spices such as chipotle, chiltepin and jalapeño.[1]

The food probably originated in Culiacán, Sinaloa in the early 2000s,[2] then was adopted in Los Angeles in the 2010s.[3][4] Some of the first American restaurants were in Los Angeles County in 2013, and the first Mexican sushi restaurant in Orange County opened in 2015.[4] In 2016, at least six Mexican sushi restaurants were open in the Phoenix, Arizona area.[5] In 2017, one opened in Houston, Texas,[6] and another in the Denver area.[7] In 2017, one opened in Kent, Washington,[2][8] and in 2021, one opened in Tacoma, Washington.[9] It reached the Canadian city of Toronto by 2022.[10]

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