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Company typePrivate
IndustryInformation Technology

SlickLogin was an Israeli start-up company that developed sound-based password alternatives.[1] The company's goal was to enable end users to log in easily to password-protected websites by using a uniquely generated sound.[2]

The company was founded by Or Zelig, who served as the firm's CEO, Eran Galili, CTO, and Ori Kabeli, VP of R&D. They were recent graduates of the IDF's elite cyber-security unit and spent over six years working on information security projects.

In February 2014, Google announced the acquisition of the company.[3]

SlickLogin used various protocols to start verifying your phone's position: WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, visual markers like QR codes, and GPS. Their self-dubbed "secret sauce" was the use of uniquely generated sounds intentionally made inaudible to the human ear.[citation needed] The user's computer played sound through speakers, while a mobile app used the device's built-in microphone to pick up the audio, analyze it, and send the signal to the site's server for authentication.

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