Slimicide (or antislime agent)[1] is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial pesticide used to kill slime-producing microorganisms such as algae, bacteria, fungi, and slime molds.[2][3] One primary application domain is in the papermaking industry, where it reduces the occurrence of paper holes and spots,[4][5] as well as protecting the machinery from odor,[4][6] clogs,[6] corrosion,[4][6] and breakdown. Slimicides come in variants effective in acidic and/or alkaline media,[4][5] in liquid or solid form,[6][7] and are based on chemicals such as aldehydes,[4] bromium or quaternary ammonium compounds,[8] and others.[8] Additional significant application areas for slimicides include industrial water recirculation systems[9] such as cooling towers,[5] fuel storage tanks and wells,[5][10] and in conjunction with fluids used for oil extraction.[5][7] In some application domains, slimicides may be formulated specifically to target slime molds.[2][3]


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