OwnerGoogle Inc.
Created byChristian Plesner Hansen, Sandholm
Launched29 June 2009[1]
Current statusactive (version 1234)
Content license
New BSD License

Sputnik was a JavaScript conformance test suite. The purpose of the test suite was to determine how well a JavaScript implementation adheres to the ECMA-262 specification, 5th edition, looking only at those features that were also present in the 3rd edition.[1] It contained over 5000 tests that touched all aspects of the JavaScript language.[1][2]

The test was created in Russia for testing the conformance of the V8 JavaScript engine used in Google Chrome.[1]

As part of phasing out Google Labs, Google has shut down Sputnik. All current Sputnik tests have been incorporated into ECMA's Test262 test suite.

Browsers that do not pass

As an example of a browser that does not pass, Konqueror 4.10.1 still only passes 91.8% of the 11573 tests.

Desktop browsers

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Scores represent the number of failed tests – a perfect score is 0 (100%).

Desktop browser results in Sputnik
Browser name Score of current release Score of preview release
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.17420

Internet Explorer 11.0.9879.0
Google Chrome Google Chrome 30.0.1599.66

Google Chrome 32.0.1700.39
Safari Safari 6.0.2

No preview results available
Mozilla Firefox Firefox 33.1.1

Firefox 68.0a1
Opera Opera 11.60 (build 1185)
Opera 12.00 (build 1191)

ECMAScript testsuite

Google has handed the tests from Sputnik test suite to Ecma International for inclusion in its ECMAScript 262 test suite. Some Sputnik tests however have been found to have issues and do not conform to ECMAScript 5th edition specification.[3]

Mobile browsers

Mobile browsers
Browser name Score of current release Score of preview release
no preview version
Safari (iOS 6.0.2)
no preview version
Internet Explorer Mobile Internet Explorer Mobile 7
Internet Explorer Mobile 9 (SDK emulator)

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