Olive Risley Seward
ArtistJohn Cavanaugh
Year1971 (1971)
Dimensions180 cm × 61 cm × 69 cm (72 in × 24 in × 27 in)
LocationWashington, D.C., United States
Coordinates38°53′11.2″N 76°59′53.7″W / 38.886444°N 76.998250°W / 38.886444; -76.998250

Olive Risley Seward is a lead on burlap statue by American sculptor John Cavanaugh, located at North Carolina Avenue and Sixth Street, Southeast, Washington, D.C., in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Completed in 1971, it is a representation of Olive Risley Seward (1841–1908), the foster daughter of William H. Seward.[1]

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