James Buchanan Memorial
ArtistHans Schuler
Dimensions190 cm × 200 cm (74 in × 79 in)
LocationWashington, D.C., United States
Coordinates38°55′11″N 77°02′06″W / 38.91968°N 77.03497°W / 38.91968; -77.03497Coordinates: 38°55′11″N 77°02′06″W / 38.91968°N 77.03497°W / 38.91968; -77.03497
OwnerNational Park Service

The James Buchanan Memorial is a bronze and granite memorial in the southeast corner of Meridian Hill Park Northwest, Washington, D.C. It was designed by architect William Gorden Beecher, and sculpted by Maryland artist Hans Schuler. [1][2]

Commissioned in 1916, but not approved by the U.S. Congress until 1918, it was completed and unveiled June 26, 1930. The memorial features a statue of Buchanan bookended by male and female classical figures representing law and diplomacy, engraved with text from a member of Buchanan's cabinet, Jeremiah S. Black:

The incorruptible statesman whose walk was upon the mountain ranges of the law.[3]

The memorial in the nation's capital complemented an earlier monument, constructed in 1907–08 and dedicated in 1911, on the site of Buchanan's birthplace in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.


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