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Rolling Stones: Live at the Max
Theatrical release poster
Directed byJulien Temple
David Douglas
Roman Kroitor
Noel Archambault
Christine Strande:
("2,000 Light Years from Home")
Produced byMichael Cohl
Nicholas J. Gray
Toni Myers
André Picard
Martin Walters
Robbie Williams
StarringThe Rolling Stones
CinematographyDavid Douglas
Andrew Kitzanuk
Edited byDaniel Blevins
Jim Gable
Lisa Grootenboer
Toni Myers
Distributed byIMAX
Release dates
June 1992
re-released 1996
Running time
89 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$3 million (US/Canada rentals)[1]

Rolling Stones: Live at the Max (also known as Stones at the Max) is a concert film by the Rolling Stones released in 1991. It was specially filmed in IMAX during the Urban Jungle Tour in Europe in 1990.[citation needed] It was the first concert movie shot in the IMAX format.[2]

Rolling Stones: Live at the Max premiered 25 October 1991 in Los Angeles at the California Museum of Science and Industry. In the UK it was shown at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford, Yorkshire in 1992. The tagline was "Larger than life".[citation needed]


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Rolling Stones: Live at the Max was the first feature-length film ever to be filmed in IMAX format.

Imaging fed to the jumbotrons at concerts came from trucks where switching equipment was used to control live feeds from an army of video cameras. Midway through post-production, the request came to use some of this video that had been recorded on 3/4" tape in the final IMAX film. This required a series of tests to improve the fidelity of this video footage so that it could be mixed in with the footage captured on IMAX 70 mm film without a significant drop in quality. Test negatives were processed in New York and prints were returned to Toronto for screening at the IMAX theatre at Ontario Place. After many tries, a process was created to improve the video enough to be used. The final release included approximately 6 minutes of this footage.

Originally shot with 8 IMAX cameras outfitted with the first long load film magazines, 5 concerts were recorded in 3 cities. The magazines were so huge and the logistics of the loading so unpredictable, there was no guarantee of complete coverage of any song in any single concert. Trying to cut the film on a traditional flatbed editor proved impossible, so an EditDroid, an early digital non-linear editing system developed and custom configured by Lucasfilm, was used. 35 mm workprints were assembled, transferred to video, and recorded to laser videodiscs that the EditDroid could work from. The 8-headed Droid could load all databases and imaging for a single song in all concert locations. The editors could jump to any point in a song, see what was available (or not), then jump to the same spot in all subsequent concerts.

Home video

VHS, DVD and Blu-ray versions were released under the title Rolling Stones: Live at the Max.[citation needed]

See also the live album Flashpoint, released in 1991, from the same tour.

Track listing

All tracks by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

  1. "Continental Drift"
  2. "Start Me Up"
  3. "Sad Sad Sad"
  4. "Tumbling Dice"
  5. "Ruby Tuesday"
  6. "Rock and a Hard Place"
  7. "Honky Tonk Women"
  8. "You Can't Always Get What You Want"
  9. "Happy"
  10. "Paint It Black"
  11. "2000 Light Years from Home"
  12. "Sympathy for the Devil"
  13. "Street Fighting Man"
  14. "It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It)"
  15. "Brown Sugar"
  16. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"

Stadium venues and dates

The list below reflects the sound recording dates.[3][4] The video is a mix of the listed shows, plus footage from 29 July 1990.[4]

Song Title Date Played Venue
Continental Drift
Start Me Up 24 August 1990 London, England
Sad Sad Sad 28 July 1990 Turin, Italy
Tumbling Dice 24 August 1990 London, England
Ruby Tuesday 25 August 1990 London, England
Rock and a Hard Place 28 July 1990 Turin, Italy
Honky Tonk Women 28 July 1990 Turin, Italy
You Can't Always Get What You Want 25 August 1990 London, England
Happy 14 August 1990 East Berlin, German Dem. Rep.
Paint It Black 28 July 1990 Turin, Italy
2000 Light Years from Home 28 July 1990 Turin, Italy
Sympathy for the Devil 28 July or 24 August 1990 Turin, Italy or London, England
Street Fighting Man 25 August 1990 London, England
It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It) 14 August 1990 East Berlin, German Dem. Rep.
Brown Sugar 25 August 1990 London, England
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 13 August 1990[3] or 14 August 1990[4] East Berlin, German Dem. Rep. or London, England


The Rolling Stones

Additional personnel


Region Certification Certified units/sales
Australia (ARIA)[5] 2× Platinum 30,000^

^ Shipments figures based on certification alone.


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