Storm Adrian
Windstorm Adrian strengthening over the Western Mediterranean Sea
Area affectedBalearic Islands, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia
Date of impact27 October–3 November 2018[1][2]
Maximum wind gust117 mph (189 km/h), Cap Pertusato [fr], France[3]
Lowest pressure977 hPa (28.9 inHg)[4]
Power outages200,000+[6]
Damage≥ £2.9 billion (≥ €3.3 billion)[7]

Storm Adrian (also known as Vaia)[5] was an intense Mediterranean storm which brought severe conditions to Northern Italy and surrounding regions. it was one of the costliest of the 2018-19 named storms, causing £2.9 billion (≥ €3.3 billion) in damages. It formed over the western Mediterranean Sea on October 28, becoming the sixth named storm of the season and the first named storm of the season for Météo-France. The storm made landfall in Corsica on 29 October with powerful wind gusts in excess of 189 km/h (117 mph), winds the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane. The storm made landfall along the French Riviera later that day, bringing high winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms and a severe storm surge along the south coast of France, causing coastal erosion in Nice.[8][9] The storm's weather front brought similar problems to northern Italy and the Adriatic coast. Throughout Italy, 11 fatalities were reported. The storm damaged the Basilica of San Marco and left 75% of Venice underwater,[10] but it also caused devastating damage to the Alpine forests south of the Dolomites. Additionally, as Storm Adrian pulled north, Central France experienced a winter storm with snowfall totals in excess of 50 cm (20 in) in higher elevations. The wintry weather cut power to 200,000+ and resulted in traffic chaos.[11]

Origin of the Name VAIA

In Europe, it is possible to pay to have one's name associated with a meteorological event. Since the 1950s, the Institute of Meteorology at the Free University of Berlin has offered the opportunity to name weather events, assigning female names to specific events (such as areas of high or low pressure) on a random basis[12].

The event from October 26-30, 2018, was named after Mrs. Vaia Jakobs, a manager of a large multinational mattress company, thanks to an original gift from her brother[13][14][15].

VAIA Startup

One of the standout companies in this field is the startup VAIA[18][19][20][21]. Founded in 2019, VAIA is dedicated to transforming wood recovered from devastated forests into design products. One of its most renowned products is the "VAIA Cube," a natural amplifier for smartphones made entirely from the wood of trees felled by the storm. The VAIA project not only repurposes damaged natural resources but also raises public awareness about the importance of sustainability. For every "VAIA Cube" sold, the company contributes to the reforestation of affected areas by planting new trees, actively aiding in the environmental recovery of the damaged regions.


In Trentino, art has found a unique way to respond to the devastation caused by Storm Vaia through the creation of wooden sculptures[22]. Local and international artists have used the wood from fallen trees to create artworks that not only celebrate the natural beauty of the wood but also serve as monuments to the resilience and regeneration of nature. These sculptures are displayed in various locations across the region, attracting tourists and art enthusiasts, and offering a tangible way to remember the storm's impact and the need to protect the environment.

After the storm

Following the devastation caused by Storm Vaia, numerous companies initiated efforts to recover the wood from the fallen trees.[16][17]


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