Strawbs discography
Studio albums23
Live albums11
Compilation albums10
Video albums7

This is a discography of the band Strawbs.


Studio albums

Year Album details Peak chart position Notes
1969 Strawbs
1970 Dragonfly
1971 From the Witchwood 39
1972 Grave New World 11 191 49
1973 Bursting at the Seams 2 121 65
All Our Own Work as "Sandy Denny and the Strawbs", recorded in Denmark, 1967
1974 Hero and Heroine 35 94 20 70
1975 Ghosts 47 12
Nomadness 147
1976 Deep Cuts 144 63
1977 Burning for You 175
1978 Deadlines
1987 Don't Say Goodbye
1991 Ringing Down the Years
1995 Heartbreak Hill Recorded in 1978
2001 Baroque & Roll Acoustic Strawbs
Strawberry Sampler Number 1 Released privately in 1969
2003 Blue Angel Includes re-recorded songs from Two Weeks Last Summer and Bursting at the Seams
2004 Déjà Fou
2008 The Broken Hearted Bride
2009 Dancing to the Devil's Beat
2011 Hero & Heroine in Ascencia
2014 Prognostic
2017 The Ferryman's Curse
2021 Settlement
2023 The Magic of it All

Live albums

Year Album details Peak chart position Notes
1970 Just a Collection of Antiques and Curios 27
1993 Greatest Hits Live Recorded 1990 for a Central TV "Bedrock" show
1995 Strawbs in Concert Tracks from the BBC "In Concert" shows from 1973 and 1974
1999 Concert Classics BBC "Sight and Sound" performance from 1977
2000 The Complete Strawbs 30th anniversary concert at Chiswick House
2005 Full Bloom Acoustic Strawbs
Live at Nearfest
Painted Sky Acoustic Strawbs
2006 Recollection
2007 Strawbs NY '75
2008 Lay Down with the Strawbs Double CD recorded at Robin 2, Bilston 5 March 2006

Compilation albums

Year Album details Peak chart position Notes
1974 Strawbs by Choice
Early Strawbs Canadian-only compilation of Strawbs and Dragonfly[9]
1977 Classic Strawbs Canadian-only compilation of every A&M LP except Strawbs[10]
1978 The Best of Strawbs
1990 Preserves Uncanned 1960s high-quality demo recordings
1991 Sandy Denny and the Strawbs a partial repackaging of All Our Own Work
1992 A Choice Selection of Strawbs
1997 Halcyon Days
2002 The Collection
Tears and Pavan
2003 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Strawbs
2006 A Taste of Strawbs A box-set of 4 CD's featuring recordings from 1967 to 2006
2011 Acoustic Gold A collection of released and unreleased acoustic material


Year Title Peak chart position Album Notes
UK Singles Chart
1968 "Oh, How She Changed" Strawbs
"The Man Who Called Himself Jesus"
1970 "Forever" Non-album single
"Where Is This Dream of Your Youth" Strawbs Released in Germany and the Netherlands only
1971 "Witchwood" From the Witchwood Withdrawn due to poor quality of pressing
"Benedictus" Grave New World
1972 "Keep the Devil Outside" Non-album single Japan only
"New World" Grave New World Japan only
"Here It Comes" Non-album single
"Lay Down" 12 Bursting at the Seams
1973 "Part of the Union" 2 48 20
"Shine on Silver Sun" 34 Hero and Heroine
1974 "Hero and Heroine"
"Hold on to Me (The Winter Long)"
"Round and Round" USA and Italy only
"Grace Darling" Ghosts
"Angel Wine" Japan only
1975 "Lemon Pie"
"Little Sleepy" Nomadness USA and Portugal only
1976 "I Only Want My Love to Grow in You" 55[A] Deep Cuts
"So Close and Yet So Far Away" USA only
1977 "Back in the Old Routine" Burning for You
"Keep on Trying"
"Heartbreaker" Not released in the UK
"Part of the Union" Bursting at the Seams Reissue of 1973 single
1978 "Joey and Me" Deadlines
"New Beginnings"
"I Don't Want to Talk About It"
1979 "The King" Non-album single
1987 "That's When the Crying Starts" Don't Say Goodbye Canada only
"Let It Rain" Canada only
1991 "Might as Well Be on Mars" Ringing Down the Years Canada only (#2 CanCon)[11]
2002 "Alice's Song" Baroque and Roll

Video albums

Year Title
1992 Greatest Hits Live
2001 The Strawbs — Classic Rock Legends
2002 The Complete Strawbs — Live at Chiswick House
2003 Strawbs Live in Tokyo '75/Grave New World — The Video
2004 Acoustic Strawbs Live at Hugh's Room, Toronto
2008 Strawbs — Lay Down with the Strawbs
2009 Acoustic Strawbs Live at Hampton Court Palace


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