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The Superman dynasty, an extension of the House of El, is a lineage of DC Comics superheroes. The term is used for the descendants of Kal-El, the original Superman, who continue to uphold his legacy of heroism well into the 853rd century, as depicted in the DC One Million crossover. Repeated references to members of the Superman dynasty, as Superman's "descendants" and at least one reference to them as the "blood of his blood" would seem to indicate that they are, in fact, the biological descendants of Superman in some fashion.


The family emblem of the House of El.

The Superman dynasty starts with the House of El, and Kal-El. Unable to save Krypton, Jor-El decides to send his only son to Earth. Under the yellow sun, Kal-El becomes the first super-powered Kryptonian known as Superman. Superman is later joined by Kon-El, a clone who would become known as Superboy. Kara Zor-El his cousin, who would become known as Supergirl, as well as Kara Zor-L, also known as Power Girl, the Earth-Two counterpart of Super-girl, and the Eradicator, an artificial intelligence created by Kem-L.

In the future timeline of DC One Million, the death of Lois Lane compels Superman to leave Earth and wander the universe alone at the end of the 21st century. This version of Kal-El is immortal and is unclear within the comics on how he acquired it. In his place, he leaves his heir, who is called Superman Secundus. From that point on, descendants of Superman continue to protect his adopted home world for centuries, with at least one Superman emerging in each generation. As time passes, and more sources of power are discovered, new superpowers are added to the inheritance of the Supermen. Among these powers are the ten alien sensory powers brought into the lineage by the marriage of the Superman of the 67th century and Gzntplzk, queen of the 5th dimension (home in the 20th century to Mister Mxyzptlk), including super-ESP. Their powers are increased significantly again at the dawn of the 700th century, when the original Superman finally returns from his wandering, takes up residence on Earth's sun, and enters into a pact with the Superman of that time to provide them access to the vast powers he had gained in the 68,000 years he had been gone, in return for the dynasty's vow to continue to protect Earth.

The members of the Superman dynasty continue to be at the forefront of super heroism for centuries, leading such groups as the Office of Deputy Superhunters in the 250th century, the Justice League of the Atom (sometime after the 364th), and Justice Legion Alpha in the 853rd. A number of Supermen from different eras, including the Superman of the 853rd century, also form a team called the Superman Squad which travels through time fighting threats to the timestream. Superman even joins the Pancosmic Justice Jihad, but soon leaves over "policy issues".

A notable victory of the dynasty and its allies is the defeat of the Bizarro plague in the 250th century, and the dynasty's greatest foe is Solaris, the Tyrant Sun.

The ongoing Rebirth storyline raises new important questions about the Superman Dynasty future timeline. It has been revealed that the "Convergence" versions of Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane are not alternate reality versions of the post-Flashpoint/New 52 versions, but were in fact the original pre-Flashpoint versions somehow moved – for as-yet unknown reasons – by Doctor Manhattan to a "pocket reality" of his creation for over a decade while he created the New 52 Universe. Both versions have recently been merged into a combined Superman and Lois Lane, whose new history seems to mirror the pre-Flashpoint continuity far more than that of the New 52. This raises the question of whether, or not the Superman Dynasty timeline is now back in continuity in this reality. If so, then it is possible their half-human son Jonathan is the future "Superman Secondus" from which the rest of the Dynasty descends in the distant future. It's also equally likely that the Dynasty's timeline of the Rebirth reality is no longer the same as the one presented in DC One Million. The answers to these questions clearly remain for after the confrontation with Doctor Manhattan and all questions about his tampering with the DC Universe - particularly Superman - are answered.

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