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Martial arts are listed by area of primary focus; please note that they may include training in the other areas.


This template is a navbox, and may be transcluded to the bottom of an article. It should only be included at the articles listed in the template, as well as main pages such as Martial arts and Portal:Martial arts.

Guidelines for adding arts to this navbox

  1. This navbox is for general arts themselves, but not specific schools or styles. As such, karate is included, but not Shotokan, Goju-ryu, etc...
  2. This template is for navigation, not for the purposes of exhaustively listing martial arts. Therefore, please do not add martial arts for which an article has not been created, or for which the article is only a Stub or Start-class. Please only include C-Class articles and above.
  3. Articles are listed by Focus, this does not mean that training is exclusively in that area, only that it is a key part. This organisation is meant for reader utility not as a definition of the art (the details are in the article).

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