The Daredevils
The Daredevils #1. Art by Paul Neary
Publication information
PublisherMarvel UK
Publication dateJanuary - November 1983
No. of issues11
Editor(s)Bernie Jaye

The Daredevils was a comics magazine and anthology published by Marvel UK in 1983. Aimed for a more sophisticated audience than typical light superhero adventures, The Daredevils featured Captain Britain stories by Alan Moore and Alan Davis paired with reprints of Frank Miller's Daredevil stories. It has been speculated this was in response to Dez Skinn's new anthology Warrior.[1]

Publishing history

Editor Bernie Jaye gave writer Alan Moore and artist Alan Davis, rising stars in the comics industry at the time, considerable freedom in terms of the material they produced. Aside from the occasional pull-out posters, all contents were printed in black-and-white, not colour. The magazine had a circulation of around 25,000 copies, and lasted eleven issues before merging with The Mighty World of Marvel.[2][3]


Comic strips

Captain Britain

Always the first story in any issue, Captain Britain continued the "Jaspers' Warp" storyline from Marvel Super-Heroes, which Alan Moore had recently taken over writing with Alan Davis as artist. The strip would be continued in The Mighty World of Marvel after The Daredevils was cancelled.


Issues from Frank Miller's Daredevil run were reprinted in black and white, giving the series its title. The stories were originally printed in Daredevil (Vol. 1) #159-170.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Black-and-white reprints of Stan Lee and John Romita material, continued from Marvel UK's Spider-Man Pocketbook series. This feature was dropped after four issues.

"Star Death"/"4-D War"/"Black Sun Rising"

Reprints of Moore's Doctor Who Monthly strips that introduced the Special Executive, running in #5-7.


One-off Daredevil spoof by Moore and Mike Collins featured in #8.[4] It was Collins' first professional work.[1]

The Origin of the Crusader

One-off humour strip by Davis and Paul Neary featured in #9. Originally printed in Hulk reprint title Rampage Monthly #41 in 1981, this was Davis' first published professional work.[2]

Earth 33⅓

An occasional three-panel humour strip by Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett.[3]

Prose stories

Night Raven

New stories featuring the masked vigilante introduced in Hulk Comic, written by Moore and illustrated by Davis, ran from #6-11.

Text features


The comic won 'Favourite U.K. Comic' at the 1984 Eagle Awards.[6]


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