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"Gang War"
PublisherMarvel Comics
Publication dateDecember 2023 – February 2024
Main character(s)
Creative team
Writer(s)Zeb Wells
John Romita Jr.

"Gang War" is a 2023 storyline published by Marvel Comics. It was created by Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. The story involves Spider-Man and the local superheroes working to deal with a gang war between the different families after Tombstone was shot and the crime families plan to take over the criminal underworld.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 6 #39, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu: Gang War #1, and Luke Cage: Gang War #2 were dedicated in memory of Keith Giffen who died from a stroke on October 9, 2023. Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 6 #40, Luke Cage: Gang War #3, Miles Morales: Spider-Man Vol. 2 #14, and Spider-Woman Vol. 8 #2 saluted the retirement of Alison Gill.

The event overall received mixed to negative reviews, with criticism directed towards Romita's artwork, the large number of tie-ins, pacing, inconsistent character arcs, and the lack of focus on Peter Parker's Spider-Man. However, the ongoing titles for Miles Morales: Spider-Man and Spider-Woman in the event were positively received.

Publication history

Gang War will detail the different crime families going to war after Tombstone was shot by Shotgun during the wedding of Janice Lincoln and Randy Robertson. With the crime families blaming each other for calling the hit and planning to take over the criminal underworld, Spider-Man works to keep the gang war from getting worse with help from the local superheroes while also dealing with the anti-vigilante laws that will cause all the sides to come into conflict with the NYPD.[1][2]



On the day when Tombstone's daughter Janice Lincoln was going to marry Robbie Robertson's son Randy Robertson, it is attended by Peter Parker, Aunt May, Martha Robertson, and the crime lords Hammerhead, Mister Negative, Crime Master, Diamondback, Madame Masque, Black Mariah, and Owl. Just then, Shotgun crashes the wedding on his motorcycle and uses special bullets to wound Tombstone. Peter Parker slips away to become Spider-Man and pursues Shotgun. He follows Shotgun through the forest until he loses him. As Tombstone is loaded into an ambulance, the crime lords blame each other for the attack. Madame Masque leaves in her limousine as Hammerhead sets off an explosive in it.[3]

As Spider-Man and Rek-Rap deal with Re-Po (who was made from Peter Parker's debt collector by Madelyne Pryor) in his mission to get Rek-Rap and the other demons back to Limbo, Hammerhead talks with his branch of the Maggia as one of them mentions about what happened to Madam Masque. Just then, they are visited by Count Nefaria who will take the blame on what happened with his daughter Madame Masque. While touching Hammerhead's head, Count Nefaria states that the crime lords will bow to the Maggia once again.[4]

As Hammerhead watches the news about Randy Robertson talking about Fisk's law, Hammerhead gets a call from his minion Jake about how they found Lady Yulan's grunts and how he speculated that Lady Yulan's grunts are either vampires or hate holy water. As Hammerhead orders Jake to take Father O'Neil home, he also tells them to lose the masks they got from the Inner Demons as they have a big day tomorrow. The next day, Hammerhead meets with Lady Yulan, Mister Negative, Owl, and Black Mariah. As Lady Yulan and Mister Negative hold each other accountable for what happened, Hammerhead states that he is backed by Count Nefaria and Silvermane as Owl states that he will stand down for now. Hammerhead states that Madame Masque's territory is up for grabs and that they'll divide Tombstone's territory. Black Mariah states that if Harlem is up for grabs and that nobody has told Janice Lincoln about it. In Tombstone's hospital room, Janice tells him that he had to fight off Black Mariah's gang and Diamondback's gang. After a brief talk with Randy, Janice as Beetle flies off. At the Seat of Power, Count Nefaria talks with Silvermane about the upcoming gang war. Just then, Silvermane loses control of his robotic body where he attacks Count Nefaria and removes his head as a mysterious person that Silvermane recognizes quoting "About the gang war, I think it sounds kind of fun"![5]

At Arthur Avenue, Owl asks who ran him out of Red Hook, Brooklyn. Crime Master denies any knowledge as he currently has a partnership with A.I.M. who are strictly defensive and mercenary as an A.I.M. Agent is seen with him. As Lady Yulan and Mister Negative still blame each other for what happened, Shang-Chi is present as he is representing the Five Weapons Society. As Diamondback has his own plans for Madame Masque's territory, Hammerhead notes that Diamondback has allied with Hydra and is suspicious that Madame Masque was offed. Diamondback states that Count Nefaria would know he would never make a move on his daughter. Janice arrives with White Rabbit as Janice states that she will not let them take her father's territory. As Spider-Man and Miles Morales apprehend Slyde, Miles brings up the time when Spider-Man was gone for six months and how he had to work with Misty Knight, Mayor Luke Cage, and Randy Robertson to get the Anti-Vigilante Act enacted by Wilson Fisk repealed. At Gracie Mansion, Mayor Luke Cage gets a call from Randy about the amount of repeal supporters attending. As Hammerhead sees the marching, Randy is approached by Janice in her Beetle attire where she could not go through with killing him and advises him to leave New York City while he still can. Just then, some gunmen show up to shoot at Randy. As Spider-Man tells Mayor Cage that he wants to help, he is surprised that nobody told Spider-Man. Spider-Man quotes "Told me what"? Robbie Robertson in Tombstone's hospital bed as a nurse informs him that Randy has been shot. As Janice wants to help Randy get through this, Robbie blames Janice for what happened and advises her to leave immediately. Hammerhead's girlfriend was surprised that he held onto Madame Masque's mask as he considers it his trophy. The girl then uses a combination of magic and an Adamantium bar to strike Hammerhead in the head. Beetle shows up and learns that the girl in question is actually Madame Masque. She reveals to Beetle that the girl who died was actually a random woman she paid to pose as her while Madame Masque posed as his date. When Madame Masque states that it is time to knock the gangs down, Beetle states that Hammerhead had Randy shot. She then mentions to Beetle that all the gangs want a war and will give it to them. At the McCarthy Medical Institute, Spider-Man shows up to give his condolences to Robbie about what happened to Randy. Robbie advises Spider-Man to catch the culprits responsible. They are both surprised when a massive gang war breaks out. As Beetle flies off telling Madame Masque that nobody will claim Harlem, Madame Masque calls up Shotgun telling him "we're go". Spider-Man informs Mayor Cage that he is about to do some superhero work as Mayor Cage states that he will keep the police out of Spider-Man's way. He quotes "Not my way, our way. I need a team".[6]

As Miles Morales aids Blade and Bloodline in fighting R'ym'r's vampire forces, Hobgoblin is looking at a map of Brooklyn.[7]

At Manhattan City Hall, Mayor Luke Cage holds a press conference to address the crime rate in the city where costumed gangs have targeted banks, related financial institutions, and tech companies that caused a lot of damages and some lives to be lost. Mayor Cage answers the questions from Stacy Combs of WNYD TV, Robbie Robertson of the Daily Bugle, and J. Jonah Jameson of the "Threats and Menaces" website about the NYPD being capable of stopping the costumed gangs and the Anti-Vigilante Act. After telling his security detail that he needs to take a leak, Mayor Cage sneaks out of City Hall and goes to Harlem to talk to Danny Rand where it is suggested that they would need some "Heroes for Hire". A waitress informs Mayor Luke Cage about the news where the NYPD is in a shootout with the costumed criminals armed with high-tech weaponry. After hailing a cab, Mayor Cage heads to the scene of the crime as the police sergeant informs him about what is happening. Though the police sergeant won't let him take action due to the Anti-Vigilante Act and advises him to call the Thunderbolts or Agent Gao and the Cape-Killers next time. Later that night, Mayor Cage talks to Danny Rand about the bullet that managed to penetrate his skin as Danny looks at a sample of it. Danny finds that it is coated in an Adamantium alloy. Mayor Cage visits a scientist named Hanson Holmes who analyzes the Adamantium alloy bullet and suspects that one person who has this skill is Alistair Smythe. Mayor Cage thought he was dead as Hanson claims that "doesn't stop the folks you fight".[a] After getting a location where Alistair Smythe is, Mayor Cage gives some money to Hanson. Mayor Cage then talks with Mrs. Holmes until he gets a call about more criminal activity. Mrs. Holmes makes Mayor Cage a new costume so that he can fight the criminals. At Hunts Point in the South Bronx, Mayor Cage enters a building and fights his way past the costumed criminals. After fighting some of them, they suddenly walk away from Mayor Cage. In his laboratory, Alistair Smythe talks about bringing New York to its knees as he wishes that his father Spencer Smythe was here to see that Spider-Man was one of the problems that are no more. In Hell's Kitchen, Cloak and Dagger fight the costumed criminals. After dragging some of them into the Darkforce dimension, Cloak tells Dagger that he can sense no fear in them. Mayor Cage arrives and exposes them as robots created by Alistair Smythe. After the remaining robots flee, Mayor Cage states that he is putting together a team to battle crime in New York where he wants them as his first recruits. As more attacks occur, Cloak and Dagger tell Mayor Cage that they are in.[8]

In The Bronx, Spider-Woman is fighting Armadillo, she learns that he was working with Baron Helmut Zemo's crew upon being promised a cure and that he has no idea on what Hydra has been up to. In Financial District, Manhattan Diamondback enters a Hydra facility where he gets the status on the products he's having him produce. Madame Hydra appears on the screen stating her knowledge of the upcoming gang war and that Hydra would like to back him. In Manhattan, Jessica Drew tries to figure out what happened to her baby child. She is visited by Captain Marvel where nobody has seen her in awhile. As Carol Danvers voices her knowledge of what happened with the Web of Life,[b] Jessica mentions that something of hers is missing and heads out while telling Ca to lock up for her. Captain Marvel talks with Madame Web who states that she thought the Web of Life was restored and that she knows that something is still missing. At Financial District, Manhattan, Spider-Woman infiltrates a nightclub as Diamondback tells his minions that he has made his bid to become the new Kingpin and how Captain Hydra "lost his re-election campaign" while mentioning that Hydra is now backing them. Spider-Woman then takes action and attacks Diamondback and wants answers on why he has allied with Hydra. Diamondback states that Hydra is not only giving him new drugs and summons Hydra's latest member Green Mamba who overpowers her. Diamondback and Green Mamba then leave as Diamondback asks his minions to keep an eye on her. Spider-Man later recovers and takes down Diamondback's minions. She takes a picture of a diamond as evidence and later runs into Spider-Man who states that all the crime bosses are overrunning New York City and that he is needing allies to fight them. Spider-Woman agrees to Spider-Man's proposal under the condition that she gets to take down Diamondback.[9]

Main plot

In New York City six hours after the first strike, two people work to get to Central Park where there is no fighting there when they are ambushed by Ringmaster who informs them about what is happening like Crime Master being backed by A.I.M. as he mind-controls them to join his army of brainwashed civilians as they fight Crime Master and A.I.M. From above, Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Spider-Woman, She-Hulk, and Elektra's Daredevil appearance watch the conflict from the rooftop as they join the fight with Spider-Man reminding them that there are brainwashed civilians in Ringmaster's ranks. Ringmaster tries to brainwash Elektra only to be punched by her as she has spent a lifetime training her mind. Spider-Man and Spider-Woman take down Crime Master. At Gracie Mansion, Mayor Luke Cage gets a call from Spider-Man about arranging for Crime Master, Ringmaster, and A.I.M. Agents who need processing. Luke mentions that Mister Negative is moving in on Lady Yulan's territory, Diamondback is making a play for Downtown Manhattan with Hydra's help, Hobgoblin is making noise in Brooklyn, and the commotion has stirred up Monster Metropolis under Murray Hill. One advisor mentions about Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan. Elektra heads off to deal with the trouble in Hell's Kitchen, Spider-Woman goes to Downtown to confront Diamondback, Miles Morales heads to Brooklyn, and Spider-Man asks She-Hulk to deal with Monster Metropolis while telling everyone to be careful. At Harlem, Black Mariah attacks a warehouse where White Rabbit and her henchman Kareem are hiding out. Just then, Janice Lincoln in her Beetle attire arrives with fellow Syndicate members Lady Octopus, Scorpia, and Trapstr as Beetle declares that she inherited Harlem from her father. They take down Black Mariah's men as Beetle flies her up and drops her. When Lady Octopus asks if Janice dropped her, White Rabbit states that Black Mariah will survive. A sound is heard as White Rabbit quotes "Told ya"! At Harlem Hospital Center, Robbie Robertson is by Randy Robertson's bedside. He is visited by Tombstone who is told about what is happening outside. At Murray Hill, some monsters from Monster Metropolis emerge so that they can have this "Murray" brought to them so that they can kill him and claim Murray Hill for Monster Metropolis. After She-Hulk and Spider-Man fail to reason with the monsters, they end up fighting them. Shotgun watches from above as his employer informs Shotgun that Tombstone is awake and that he can take care of it after the "Land Rush". Meanwhile, Janice informs White Rabbit, Lady Octopus, Scorpia, and Trapstr stating that Spanish Harlem is theirs with Black Mariah off the table, the Upper East Side has been taken care of by Spider-Man and is up for grabs, and would like to take care of Sugar Hill first which is near Diamondback's territory. Just then, Tombstone arrives as he gets a status report on the gang war. Janice tells her father that he wants to inherit his territory. After Beetle heads out to fight, Tombstone orders White Rabbit to take good care of her. Meanwhile, Madame Masque has locked up a still-alive Hammerhead as he claims that the made men will come for her. Back at Murray Hill, Spider-Man and She-Hulk have defeated the monsters from Monster Metropolis as they give their status reports to Mayor Cage. Just then, Spider-Man and She-Hulk are approached by Tombstone. When She-Hulk asks about Spider-Man teaming up with Tombstone before, Spider-Man quotes "I don't want to talk about it".[10]

In West Village, Rose is told by Digger that their men are ready as Rose is getting into his outfit. When Digger tells Rose that Janice Lincoln is running Tombstone's territory, Rose states "He's going to lose her first". In the Meatpacking District, Manhattan, the Tracksuit Mafia are planning to move in on the Inner Demons' property until Tombstone shows up where he, Spider-Man, and She-Hulk fight them which ends with the remaining members getting away. Tombstone states that the Inner Demons won't show up here because they are too busy fighting Clan Yulan. In Downtown Manhattan, Madame Masque tells a wounded Hammerhead that she was an overlooked weapon for him. After stepping on Hammerhead's neck, Madame Masque dares him to "Call them, all of them". In Harlem, Kareem tells Janice, Electro II, Lady Octopus, Scorpia, and White Rabbit that Diamondback's group aren't going without a fight. Janice dresses up as an Inner Demon in order to put fear in Diamonback's men. Meanwhile, Tombstone tells Spider-Man and She-Hulk that he has arranged a meeting with Fisk as Spider-Man assumes that he is talking about Rose. He states that he wants to stop the gang war by making a deal with Fisk. Meanwhile, Hammerhead's men arrive only to find Madame Masque where she calls his group a failure. In addition, she also shows them Shotgun with a defeated Count Nefaria and Silvermane's head in his arms. When Shotgun throws them to the ground, Madame Masque picks up Silvermane's head and states they took an oath to follow the Maggia leaders as Silvermane's head tells them that Madame Masque leads the Maggia now. At Sugar Hill, some hoodlums are only by one of their own to call Diamondback about the company that they are getting. They are then attacked by Beetle, Electro, Lady Octopus, and Scorpia as Beetle states that they have a new boss. To her surprise, she finds that everyone else on the property was defeated by Rose and Digger. Tombstone states to Spider-Man and She-Hulk that the Fisk they are meeting with is not Rose. Spider-Man and She-Hulk are surprised that the Fisk in question is actually Wilson Fisk who is accompanied by Typhoid Mary and some Hellfire Club soldiers.[11]

As Spider-Man, She-Hulk, and Tombstone meet with Wilson Fisk, they learn from him that Rose has been drawn into the gang war and is making a play for territory and revenge. When Tombstone states that he can tell Rose that he is right here, Fisk states that he's actually going after Janice as he had enlisted some Hellfire troops to make sure this gang war goes his way. After Typhoid Mary does some taunting that annoys Fisk, Tombstone and Fisk break out in a fight that Spider-Man and She-Hulk try to break up. Meanwhile, at Sugar Hill, Beetle, Electro II, Lady Octopus, Scorpia, and White Rabbit have run into Rose and Digger where Beetle states to Rose that Harlem is hers. When she insults Digger, Rose allows Digger to let them at the Sinister Syndicate. Spider-Man and She-Hulk struggle to break up the fight as Typhoid Mary joins the fight wielding an Adamantium-dipped sword that she got from Krakoa. Meanwhile, Digger grabs Lady Octopus' tentacles and Scorpia's tail. Electro II tries to shock Digger only for them to tell her that they are already dead. Then he proceeds to rip of Lady Octopus' tentacles and Beetle's wings as Beetle breaks Rose's glasses. Elsewhere, Madame Masque, Shotgun, and Silvermane's head learn about the struggle downtown between Shang-Chi and Mister Negative, their acquiring over Crime Master's former territory, and Rose fighting Beetle as Madame Masque is shown using Silvermane's head as a paperweight. When Shotgun mentions about Janice Lincoln having an army, Madame Masque mentions that Kingpin is back in town where he will not let his son get killed. While stating that it will be House of Fisk vs. House of Nefaria soon, Madame Masque tells Count Nefaria that she has a use for him. Spider-Man tries to break up the fight between Kingpin and Tombstone only for Kingpin to throw Spider-Man into the Hellfire Troopers stating that "the grownups are talking". She-Hulk gets stabbed by Typhoid Mary who stated that she was flirting with Spider-Man. Spider-Man tells the Hellfire Troopers that he's fighting "Wolverine's was right...You guys are the worst". Back at Sugar Hill, Beetle is still fighting Rose while the rest of the Sinister Syndicate are fighting Digger. Just then, some armored soldiers show up as one of them quotes "Light 'em up"! The fight between Kingpin and Tombstone ends as he gets a call from someone on what happened. Then he quotes to Tombstone "It's over"![12]

Wilson Fisk revealed that he saw that Rose's fight with the Sinister Syndicate came to Fisk's conclusion. Back at Sugar Hill, the armored soldiers who work for Fisk make off with Rose and give Beetle a cell phone. Tombstone speaks to Beetle through it as he learns about the armored soldiers associated with Fisk have seen to it that "the Rose is off the board". Tombstone has no involvement in this, but is pleased that Beetle is alright. Fisk states that he has a wife and sons now where he is planning to sit out this gang war which surprises Spider-Man. Before leaving with Typhoid Mary, Fisk warns Tombstone that Madame Masque is now running the Maggia and to be careful. Back at Sugar Hill, Beetle is told by Electro about the damages to Lady Octopus and Scorpia's equipment as Beetle states that they now have Sugar Hill. When White Rabbit asks about Madame Masque, Beetle states that they will need every weapon and gang to fight her. As Digger was left behind by Fisk's men and returns from the dead, Beetle and White Rabbit tell him what happened and offer him a job. Meanwhile, in Downtown Manhattan, Madame Masque is informed by Shotgun about what happened between the Sinister Syndicate and Rose. When Shotgun mentioned how his bosses at the Agency had profiled Beetle, Madame Masque quotes "Careful Shotgun. Former bosses." It is then revealed that Madame Masque has used a spell to mind-control Shotgun into serving her as she casts a spell to renew the sigil on him due to her having walked into the worlds of technology and magic where she has mastered both of them. In the Upper West Side, Mayor Luke Cage gets word from Spider-Man and She-Hulk about Fisk warning them about Madame Masque. Mayor Cage states that she was sighted speaking with some A.I.M. Agents that avoided capture when Crime-Master was defeated and has been circling around Hell's Kitchen, the Financial District, and the Lower East Side "like a vulture". Back in Harlem, Janice informs Electro, Lady Octopus, and Scorpia about Kareem picking up some Hydra stragglers as they find Madame Masque in their lair. When Janice starts to parley with Madame Masque, she tells the others to give her a minute enabling Electro to go handle that business in the Bronx. While noting that each one wants to have control over Harlem, they also mention about their relationships with their respectful fathers. Their meeting ends with a challenge that will take place in Central Park. Meanwhile, Spider-Man and She-Hulk figure out that Tombstone is worried that Janice is going to lose to Madame Masque as they head out to bring an end to the war. In Central Park, Madame Masque is given special gauntlets from Rabble as she has a mind-controlled Shotgun, Silvermane, and Count Nefaria with her. Beetle arrives with the Sinister Syndicate and some gang members with Digger claiming to White Rabbit that Rose is being disciplined by his father.[13]

At the Harlem Hospital Center, Spider-Man visits Randy Robertson in his room. He tells Robbie Robertson that he'll be back later and will not leave his side under he wakes up. Then he proceeds to meet up with Elektra, Miles, Spider-Woman, She-Hulk, and Tombstone on the rooftop. In Central Park, Beetle, Digger, Electro, Lady Octopus, Scorpia, White Rabbit, and the gang members with them prepare to face off against Madame Masque, Rabble, some A.I.M. Agents, and a mind-controlled Shotgun, Silvermane, and Count Nefaria as Beetle will not give up her territory to the Maggia. Upon the battle starting, Digger tackles Count Nefaria and Silvermane while Lady Octopus and Electro fight Shotgun and Rabble. Madame Masque uses her gauntlets to take down Beetle and Digger. Just then, Spider-Man's allies show up and work to stop the gang war as She-Hulk takes down some A.I.M. Agents. Spider-Woman and Elektra charged towards Silvermane and Count Nefaria, Miles faces off against Rabble who states that Madame Masque gave her an A.I.M. Lab, and Tombstone confronts Shotgun. As Beetle and Digger get to their feet, Spider-Man confronts Madame Masque where he works to web off one of her gauntlets. Miles wields his Venom Saber against Rabble, Elektra uses her sais on Silvermane, Spider-Woman dodges Count Nefaria's attacks, and Tombstone punches Shotgun enough to knock him out of the mind-control spell. After mentioning that Tombstone broke the mind-control sigil on him, Shotgun reveals his true name of Agent Jensen Walker who was sent by the U.S. government to assassinate the gang lords of New York until Madame Masque got to him first and mind-controlled him. He also informs Tombstone that the government has a file on Janice Lincoln. Tombstone then punches Shotgun. She-Hulk is still working to separate the different sides. After falling back, Beetle tells White Rabbit not to re-engage until further notice when asked about the members of her father's gang still locked in combat. Spider-Man moves towards Madame Masque as she quotes "Tilak-Sah". A mind-controlled Owl lunges towards Spider-Man who defeats Owl. Spider-Man then engages Madame Masque as Beetle gives the signal. As the fight rages on, Beetle hangs back as Tombstone arrives as she tells him that she's going to have one chance to take Madame Masque out. Tombstone grabs Beetle by one of her wings which he rips off while apologizing to her. Then he states "Whoever wins today is gonna own everything. And they're gonna have to be a monster to keep it. That's not you, Janice." Tombstone then knocks out Beetle as he quotes "It's me".[14]

As the fight in Central Park rages on, Tombstone tells White Rabbit that they are pulling out. When White Rabbit asks if Janice is good with this, Tombstone quoted "You have trouble hearing, I gave the word". One Harlem gang member quotes "You heard the boss, Harlem! Double up on the squares!" When Miles Morales asks who the squares are, he is entangled by Lady Octopus' tentacles, Elektra and Spider-Woman are tackled by Digger, and She-Hulk is immobilized by Electro and Trapstr. A gang member tells Electro to clear out as she zaps Spider-Man as a way to say goodbye. With Spider-Man trying to get up, Madame Masque states that Harlem's betrayal has freed up some hands. As Elektra and Spider-Woman states that they should've seen that coming, She-Hulk struggles to break Trapstr's paste as Miles notes that the A.I.M. Agents are closing in. Things are not looking good for Spider-Man, Miles, Elektra, She-Hulk, and Spider-Woman. In the nick of time, Mayor Luke Cage arrives with Mary Jane Watson' Jackpot appearance and Spider-Boy. As Count Nefaria advises Silvermane to save Spider-Man's death for Madame Masque, Shotgun shoots the sigils associated with Madame Masque's mind-control spell before fleeing the area. As Count Nefaria and Silvermane find that they have been mind-controlled, both of them are subdued by She-Hulk and Jackpot. Madame Masque rants to Spider-Man that she could've controlled the entire island as Spider-Man rants that the city was burning and that Randy Robertson was shot. As Mayor Cage and She-Hulk fight Silvermane, Elektra, Jackpot, and Spider-Woman fight Count Nefaria while Miles and Spider-Boy fight Rabble. Spider-Man webs up Madame Masque's final gauntlet which explodes enough to defeat Madame Masque. Rabble gets away vowing to Miles that they will finish this later. As Spider-Man drags Madame Masque's body to the group, Danny Rand and Shang-Chi arrive claiming to Spider-Man that the other superheroes left them to fight a fleet of tanks. As Elektra offers to Spider-Woman to enlist her for help at some point, Jackpot compliments Spider-Boy's moves. Spider-Man is told by Mayor Cage that Fisk's law has been repealed. Later that day, Peter visits Randy in the hospital mentioning how a lot of people have led to Fisk's law getting repealed amidst the gang wars. Randy wakes up upon hearing this and mentioned how his father told him about what has happened. Peter mentioned how Tombstone escaped with the Sinister Syndicate. When asked by Randy about Janice, Peter states that he doesn't know. Later that night, White Rabbit is told by Tombstone that Janice has left after their disagreement. He then mentions that the Sinister Syndicate has been promoted. Tombstone goes on to state that "New York used to be full of gangsters. Now we're the only ones left. The city is ours". White Rabbit then states that while everyone is licking their wounds, Tombstone won't be challenged for a while and that there will be trouble due to Tombstone having fought alongside Spider-Man. As Tombstone states that the city would've burned without him, he plans to beat Spider-Man to death in broad daylight as he states to White Rabbit that they have a city to run.[15]


Daredevil: Gang War

In Hell's Kitchen, Elektra's Daredevil appearance is fighting the Heat as she makes her way towards their leader. Her narration describes the Heat as a group of corrupt police officers and former police officer bringing their "brand of justice" into Hell's Kitchen. She and Daredevil once crippled their ranks.[c] It was mentioned that Rafael Scarfe has taken leadership of the Heat. Some hours ago in the Upper East Side, Spider-Man has informed Mayor Luke Cage about the defeat of Crime Master, A.I.M., and Ringmaster. Mayor Luke Cage states that everybody is stretched out thin while noting that he doesn't know who he can trust to deal with the Heat. Daredevil tells Spider-Man, Miles Morales, She-Hulk, and Spider-Woman that she'll handle the Heat. Back in the present, Elektra corners Scarfe and interrogates him on who is backing the Heat. Her interrogation on Scarfe is crashed by an assassin which allows Scarfe to get away. After the assassin retreats, Elektra is contacted by Spider-Man as she informs him on what happened. After falling back to her apartment, Elektra assumes that this female assistant might be working for the Hand even though Matt Murdock sacrificed himself to destroy the Beast of the Hand.[d] Elektra is then visited by Owl who she goes on the defense against. He wants to call a truce as he tells Elektra that Madame Masque, Hobgoblin, Diamondback, the Heat, Lady Yulan, Mister Negative, Shang-Chi, and Ringmaster are wanting to claim New York as their own while mentioning his knowledge that someone is backing the Heat. Before leaving, Owl informs Elektra about a shipment coming in tonight that the Heat plan to obtain. A little later, Elektra informs Spider-Man about the Heat's anonymous benefactor. Arriving at Pier 87, Elektra arrives to see a late night delivery arrive. Rafael Scarfe speaks with the assassin sent by the Heat's anonymous benefactor. To tend to Rafael's injured arm, the assassin put's his arm in a box as it emerges with a prototype cannon on it. The assassin also tells the rest of the Heat that her benefactor can help provide it as Elektra prepares to attack.[16]

Elektra recaps on the day when the Heat first showed up and how she and Daredevil fought them. Back in the present, Elektra fights the Heat as Rafael Scarfe uses the prototype cannon to attack her as she does a tactical retreat. The assassin is revealed to be X-23's clone Bellona as Rafael wants her to inform her employer to hook them up with the same cannons. Rafael slices his left arm as Elektra returns and sees that Bellona has claws like Wolverine. As Elektra battles Bellona, Rafael calls to his men to evacuate him and grab whatever they can before fleeing. As the warehouse collapses, a wounded Rafael makes it out with some of the Heat trapped under the rubble. Elektra then catches up to Scarfe and knocks him out. Then she contacts Mayor Luke Cage about a building collapse and that the Heat is down for the count. As the police and fire departments show up to the ruins, Elektra goes to look for Owl. Elsewhere, Bellona meets up with her employer who turns out to be Madame Masque. After a brief talk on why Madame Masque doesn't hire other assassins to do her bidding, Bellona is given her next task which is to kill Elektra. Bellona states that "Elektra is a good as dead".[17]

Owl arrives on a rooftop to speak to Madame Masque upon being summoned by her. He tells Madame Masque that he has been hedging the heroes as she instructed and mentions that he knows that she is going to come up on top. Madame Masque states that going to the "tight-wearing freaks" is crossing the line as she summons Bellona. Owl fights Bellona until she brings out her claws. He is then thrown in the same cell as Hammehead, Count Nefaria, and Silvermane. Meanwhile, Elektra is moving across the rooftops as she makes contact with She-Hulk about her status. Just then, Elektra sees a family being attacked by criminals as she goes to their aid. Afterwards, Elektra has the family get away when Bellona shows up. During the fight, Elektra figures out that Bellona is another clone of Wolverine as Bellona states that she is nothing like Wolverine while recapping her creation at Alchemax Genetics years ago and her further enhancements from Kimura. Elektra comments to Bellona that she has been lied to as well by the Hand and Stick. Bellona states that they are not the same as she uses a smoke bomb to get away. When Elektra contacts Spider-Man, she is informed that about the "battle royal with cheese" in Central Park where Madame Masque has assembled her group. Elektra states that she will meet him there as she's got to visit a friend first.[18]

Luke Cage: Gang War

At City Hall, Mayor Luke Cage informs Spider-Man about looting and vandalism outside of the fires. The police captain informs Mayor Cage about the intel regarding a run on Ryker's Island that might cause the prisoners to escape. After most of the people leave the office, Mayor Cage informs Danny Rand about putting a team together. At Hudson Yards, Jessica Jones is fighting her opponents as Mayor Cage in his superhero outfit comes to her aid. After defeating the opponents, Luke tells Jessica that they are actually Spider-Slayers built by Alistair Smythe. Meanwhile, Alistair Smythe builds more Spider-Slayers while noting about an opposition that he is facing. At Ryker's Island, the police are working to prevent the Spider-Slayers from breaking into Ryker's Island as the police captain calls headquarters to send backup. In the nick of time, Luke Cage arrives with Jessica Jones, Danny Rand, and Cloak and Dagger to fight the Spider-Slayers. Afterwards, they enter Alistair Smythe's laboratory where they fight more Spider-Slayers. Danny Rand finds Alistair Smythe and defeats the Spider-Slayers with him before being defeated by Alistair Smythe. The rest catch up to Danny to find him defeated. After Cloak teleports the Spider-Slayers away, Dagger states that Danny needs medical attention. As Alistair Smythe notes that New York's criminal underworld is rising, he escapes while setting his laboratory to self-destruct. Luke Cage's group manages to get out in time. Moments later, Mayor Cage is in his office as Alistair Smythe attacks City Hall with giant Spider-Slayers having figured out that he was the disguised hero that led the attack on his laboratory and plans to return the favor. Mayor Cage then exclaims "Sweet Christmas"![19]

In Rochester, New York, Alistair Smythe is watching the news about the gang wars where the police are overwhelmed and the governor has called in the National Guard. He recaps to how his father Spencer Smythe had built the Spider-Slayers after seeing the Sentinels fight the X-Men. Back in Manhattan, Mayor Luke Cage is grabbed by one of the giant Spider-Slayers as Cloak saves him. Despite the fact that a police officer states that he will violate the Anti-Vigilante Act, Mayor Cage tells him to take him in once all of this is over as he sends Cloak to get some backup. Alistair states to Mayor Cage that will never win. As Mayor Cage lands a punch on a giant Spider-Slayer, the police provide cover fire. Cloak shows up with Dagger, Danny Rand, and Jessica Jones. Alistair was prepared as he unleashes some normal-sized Spider-Slayers. As Danny states to Mayor Cage that they are outgunned, he runs off to pull off an idea he's got. More Spider-Slayers show up to attack Mayor Cage's group. At the Rand Corporation, Danny is in the Tech Division where he starts to get to work there. During the fight, Mayor Cage is called up by someone to come behind the gray building as they can't leave. He meets up with Danny who states that he got a specific technology from Tokyo. Mayor Cage then returns in a giant powered armor that he calls the Cagebuster.[20]

After flashing back to his past, Mayor Luke Cage uses the Cagebuster to fight the Spider-Slayers. Then he has Jessica Jones, Danny Rand, and Cloak and Dagger join the fight against the Spider-Slayers and keep the police officers safe. When Mayor Cage declares it game over, Alistair Smythe speaks through one of the Spider-Slayers claiming that they can't beat his army of Spider-Slayers. The Cagebuster starts to take a lot of damage fighting a Spider-Slayer. While defending a police officer, Danny Rand is told that the Anti-Vigilante Act won't matter if they are taken out. WJKZ covers the news about the gang wars as a helicopter reporter mentions about fires, looting, and violence happening all over New York which hasn't been seen since the Summer of '67. In addition, the helicopter reporter mentions about Mayor Cage's fight with the Spider-Slayer which is in direct violation of the Anti-Vigilante Act. With the Cagebuster taking more damage, Mayor Cage bails from the Cagebuster to go old school to take down a Spider-Slayer. After mentioning that Smythe is still out there, Mayor Cage is told by a police officer that he will not bring him or his allies in for violating the Anti-Vigilante Act after they saved him and his fellow police officers. There is also a mentioning that the city council might be talking about hashing the Anti-Vigilante Act. Mayor Cage tells everyone present that they won the battle, but the war is still going on as Spider-Man is fighting hard. It will take the good people coming together to help New York City survive "because the bad guys aren't going anywhere".[21]

Miles Morales: Spider-Man

At Misty Knight's safe house, Miles talks with Doc Sasquatch's protege Keisha Kwan about Spider-Man and how he was missing for some months. In the present, Miles is swinging around when he finds snow on one block. He discovers that Frost Pharaoh and his group the Ank-Colytes are fighting Bumbler, Vespa, and their group the Buzz Boys. Miles Morales starts by attacking the Buzz Boys. After a flashback where Miles had trained with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, he puts his sword training to good use as he defeats the Buzz Boys. Then Miles fights Frost Pharaoh who pilots a giant robot which gives him some difficulty. In the nick of time, Misty and Colleen arrive where they help defeat Frost Pharaoh. Afterwards, they are confronted by the Cape-Killers members Scorpion, Taskmaster, Hightail, and Gust where Agent Julia Gao's transmission has her voicing her knowledge about the gang war that have spread the Cape Killers thin. Meanwhile, Hobgoblin approaches Aaron Davis for help with a "spider problem". Aaron states that he is a spider expert.[22]

Somewhere in Brooklyn, the Enforcers members Ox, Montana, and Fancy Dan are approached by a mysterious person who gives them an offer. Montana comments that the mysterious person is planning to give them weapons so that they would "hitch their wagons" to Hobgoblin's gang while Ox states that they should rub him out. Fancy Dan hears a noise as Hobgoblin arrives and wins them over. The mysterious person in question is revealed to be Prowler as they will get the weapons they need if they can kill Spider-Man. Meanwhile, Miles, Misty, and Colleen get into an altercation with the Cape Killers while, Starling enlists Miles' clone Shift for help. At the same time, Hobgoblin and the Enforcers watch on the screen the altercation between Spider-Man and the Cape-Killers as Prowler states that it is time for a field test. Miles contacts Peter about the Cape Killers as She-Hulk argues with Agent Julia Gao by stating that Spider-Man and those who have been recruited by him have all been deputized by Mayor Cage. Agent Gao orders the Hightail to return to base with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing where the latter will retaliate if her swords are broken. Scorpion is put in command of investigating Hobgoblin's activities in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn as he takes Miles and Gust with him. Several blocks later, Miles, Scorpion, and Gust are attacked by Prowler and the Enforcers using high-tech weaponry. Miles fights his uncle where he states that Aaron working for Hobgoblin is low while Prowler responds that it is complicated. Despite some difficulty, Scorpion and Gust defeat the Enforcers. As Miles continues fighting Prowler, he tries to get some answers out of him. As Prowler begins to target Gust, Scorpion tackles him. Their fight rages on as Prowler is unable to find the right time to explain his motives. Just then, Starling arrives with Shift and Ms. Marvel as backup.[23]

At the Beyond Corporation, Hobgoblin chases after a scientist. As he tries to make use of the security droids, they are disrupted by Rabble. They demand that they be given a specific drive. As the scientist claims that it won't work anyway since Beyond Corporation destroyed the tracking servers ages ago. Rabble kills the scientist and claims the drive. Then he states to Hobgoblin that he spoke to the facility's A.I. as the technology they obtained will enable them to track down Queen Goblin. Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel, Shift, and Starling have successfully subdued Prowler. He states to Miles that he is not dealing in weapons and that he is trying to stop Hobgoblin while putting on a show during the fight with the Enforcers. He also mentions how Hobie Brown got him into being Prowler ever since he became the latest Hornet and has him continue acting as Prowler to find out what plans Hobgoblin has for Brooklyn. Hobie warns Aaron that he will repossess the Prowler identity if he slips up. Prowler then states that Hobgoblin is working with Rabble. Miles vows that they will stop Hobgoblin and Rabble. Meanwhile, Rabble is getting annoyed that Hobgoblin keep rushing her and how she can fix a "stupid suit" herself. Then she rants that she is broken because Spider-Man took her future from her. Once it is complete, Hobgoblin tells Rabble that they are going to show everyone what Rabble's gifts are for. Meanwhile, Miles, Prowler, Ms. Marvel, Shift, and Starling are making their way to Hobgoblin's base with Gust and Scorpion being brought along for the ride. Upon arrival, Prowler tells Miles that Hobgoblin has hired some muscle to help him out. Ms. Marvel notices Goldbug III, Lady Stilt-Man, Man-Bull, Mr. Fish I, Ricadonna, and Shocker outside the building. Prowler did state that Hobgoblin has his own personal army and are not lightweights. While Miles, Prowler, Ms. Marvel, and Gust enter the building, the others will "go loud outside". Miles tells Starling that she's part of the "loud team" because her suit has tech that Rabble can control. Scorpion, Shift, and Starling fight the villains outside. Miles, Prowler, Gust, and Ms. Marvel go through the building and make their way to the weapons lab. Miles' spider-senses go off as they are attacked by Rabble's drones. Then they are ambushed by Hobgoblin and Rabble.[24]

At Hobgoblin's hideout, Hobgoblin and Rabble confront Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel, and Gust as Ms. Marvel notices that Hobgoblin's costume has been upgraded. Miles tells Ms. Marvel and Gust to get behind him as Rabble lunges towards Miles. Ms. Marvel and Gust fight Rabble while Miles fights Hobgoblin as his drones show up to attack. Meanwhile, Scorpion, Shift, and Starling are still fighting Goldbug III, Lady Stilt-Man, Man-Bull, Mr. Fish I, Ricadonna, and Shocker whom Starling called Z-Listers. Ricadonna states that she is not a Z-Lister. Scorpion throws Shocker into Lady Stilt-Man. Shift struggles against Ricadonna as Goldbug uses his gold gun on Starling's wings as Ricadonna and Man-Bull attack Starling and Scorpion. Before the villains can finish them off, Scorpion asks them when was the last time a Goblin followed through on their promise to them. Back in the hideout, Miles, Ms. Marvel, and Gust are fighting Hobgoblin's drones. Miles continues his fight with Rabble and Ms. Marvel uses her powers to shield Gust from the debris caused by Hobgoblin's pumpkin bomb. After the drones attack some more, Gust is knocked unconscious by the attack as Hobgoblin closes in on them. In the nick of time, Scorpion, Shift, and Starling arrive with Hobgoblin's hired help. Rabble starts to take her leave stating that Madame Masque thanks him for his resources and that she'll put them to good use. Hobgoblin states that Rabble can share a coffin with Queen Goblin. Hobgoblin's pumpkin bombs go off. As everyone flees, Hobgoblin states to Miles that he'll be seeing him real soon. Later on as firefighters work to put out the fires and the EMTs tend to Gust, Miles gets a call from Spider-Man informing him that Madame Masque has assembled an army in Central Park. Agent Gao arrives stating that the truce with the Cape-Killers is over. Miles then leaves to go help Spider-Man end the gang wars once and for all.[25]

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu: Gang War

In a flashback twenty years in the past, Zheng Zu gives a lesson in battle tactics to a young Shang-Chi. Zu warns that deception is the key to winning wars and that personal honor would lead to failure. In the present, Shang-Chi recounts his father's lessons while observing the beginning events of the Gang War from the Five Weapons Society's headquarters in Chinatown. Shang-Chi orders his warriors to stand down, as Chinatown has remained unscathed from the gang violence, against the advice from Captain Feng, who argues that inaction will make him look weak and allow the rival gangs to attack his territory. Clan Yulan fires a rocket launcher at the Society's headquarters, which provokes Shang-Chi into a confrontation with her. Lady Yulan gloats that unbeknownst to Shang-Chi, she had her vampires infiltrate Chinatown and deceived him into thinking he still controlled the area. The vampires ambush the Society, but Shang-Chi defeats them with the Ten Rings. Shang-Chi publicly announces to the rival gangs that he will crush them if they try to threaten Chinatown again just as Spider-Man arrives; his interruption unintentionally allows Clan Yulan to flee. Spider-Man confronts Shang-Chi for involving the Five Weapons Society with the other crime families despite Shang-Chi's promise to him about reforming the Society and expresses concern that Shang-Chi's threats to the other gangs will intensify the violence. Knowing that his men and Chinatown's citizens are listening to his response, Shang-Chi reassures Spider-Man that he only wants to keep Chinatown safe and promises to keep the Society confined within its borders, which satisfies Spider-Man. A disappointed Feng claims Shang-Chi could easily end the war by conquering the city with the Ten Rings, but Shang-Chi refuses due to his principles. The next day, Shang-Chi and the Society distribute supplies throughout Chinatown, but are ambushed by Mister Negative and the Inner Demons, who shoot Shang-Chi with a Darkforce cannon. Shang-Chi is able to overcome the Darkforce and destroys the cannon but collapses from his injuries and left unable to wield the Rings. Shang-Chi is taken back the Society's headquarters to recuperate, but Feng uses the opportunity stage a coup against a bedridden Shang-Chi and has his sorcerers seal the Ten Rings within a magic prison. Feng claims that Shang-Chi's actions have weakened the Society and attempts to kill him, but Shang-Chi quickly recovers and beats down Feng. Shang-Chi had anticipated Feng's coup and feigned his injuries to reveal Feng's treachery, repeating his father's lessons about deception. Feng and his loyalists flee, but the Rings remain trapped in their seal. Master Ling warns Shang-Chi that there isn't enough time for him to break the charm before the rival gangs and other heroes will come for him, but an undeterred Shang-Chi retorts that fighting unarmed is more fun.[26]

Shang-Chi meets up his girlfriend Delilah Wang who attempted to visit Shang-Chi after hearing he was on his deathbed. Angered over being deceived, Delilah confronts him over the rumors of his involvement with the other gangs including his attendance of the crime lord meeting where the hit was placed on Randy Robertson. Shang-Chi reassures her that his involvement was only to protect Chinatown and that he actually tried to stop the hit on Robertson but was relieved that he survived. As the two discussed their relationship, Shang-Chi notices a shadowy figure watching them. Believing it to be one of his enemies, Shang-Chi orders Delilah to shoot him with her ray gun and break contact with him as them being together would make her a target. Delilah obliges and shoots him, telling him that they were through before storming off. The shadowy figure is revealed to be Spider-Man who radios his findings to Mayor Luke Cage. Spider-Man confirms that the reports of him being gravely injured were false and that his girlfriend just broke up with him. While Spider-Man knows Shang-Chi only did so to keep her safe, Mayor still suspects Shang-Chi has an ulterior motive. Spider-Man also notices that Shang-Chi isn't wearing the Ten Rings, noting that they were the main reason Shang-Chi had been able to keep Chinatown safe from the other gangs, which Mayor Cage worries is either another ploy or a potential disaster. Later, Shang-Chi sends written messages to Mister Negative, Lady Yulan, and Diamondback. In his message, Shang-Chi confirms that he lost the Ten Rings and knew that each of them were planning to claim Chinatown for themselves now that he was unarmed. However, Shang-Chi warns that his soldiers were trained by his father Zheng Zu and it would be too risky to defeat them while trying to defeat each other due to the destruction it would bring. Instead, Shang-Chi offers to have each of them send their best champion to fight him personally in a battleground of his choosing, promising to have the Five Weapons Society leave the city if any of them can defeat him. Although suspicious of Shang-Chi's motives, the crime lords agree to his proposal. Later at Shang-Chi's chosen battleground in Central Park, Shang-Chi meets his challengers who turn out to be the three crime lords themselves instead of their best fighters. Mister Negative, Lady Yulan, and Diamondback gang up on him, but are deceived into attacking a magical illusion of Shang-Chi. Having anticipated this, they detonate a hidden explosive to where the real Shang-Chi is standing. Shang-Chi quickly recovers and defeats the three of them in rapid succession. Realizing that it was too easy, Shang-Chi and Master Ling discover that the crime lords were in fact decoys sent in each of their places and that they have chosen to fight each other rather than him. This had been Shang-Chi's plan all along: by pitting the Five Weapons Society's enemies against each other, the three crime lords could destroy each other while keeping Chinatown safe without having to use the Ten Rings. While giving his report, a Five Weapons Society warrior praises Shang-Chi's leadership and says his father would be proud, which unsettles him. Shang-Chi and Ling analyze the Ten Rings which are still trapped in their prison despite Ling's attempts to free them. Shang-Chi notes that despite this, he could sense that the Ten Rings want to return to him and that he was still worthy to wield them. Ling retorted that his father would be proud that his son was living up to his legacy which Shang-Chi said scared him. Meanwhile, Mayor Cage recounts that Shang-Chi broke his promise to stay in Chinatown and not enter the gang war and that his recent actions to consolidate his power were riling up the other remaining supervillains. Mayor Cage gathers Spider-Man, Danny Rand, She-Hulk, and Tombstone to confront Shang-Chi.[27]

In another flashback twenty years in the past, Shang-Chi spars with Zheng Zu who continues to lecture him. When Shang-Chi questions their right to kill, Zu reiterates that life and death depends on those who master the art of war. Back in the present, Shang-Chi and the Five Weapons Society order Chinatown's businesses to close early and erect magical barriers to protect the enclave from the increased violence. Shang-Chi's decisions and leadership are questioned by several disgruntled citizens and Delilah, who confronts him for pitting the Society's rivals against each other, which has risked lives and made him a target for the other heroes and villains. Shang-Chi reluctantly says he has no other choice but believes that he could end the violence due to him being on a field of his choosing. Meanwhile, Mayor Luke Cage and the other heroes discuss Shang-Chi's motives and his recent loss of his Ten Rings while traveling via helicopter to the House of the Deadly Hand. Noticing Shang-Chi is alone on his personal tower, the heroes attempt to get the drop on him but fail. She-Hulk and Luke fall through a pitfall trap, Shang-Chi discharges one of Spider-Man's web-shooters to immobilize him and Tombstone and fights Danny to a standstill, who confirms that Shang-Chi is pulling his punches. Danny accuses Shang-Chi of toying with them to which he denies and reveals his true plan: realizing that the Inner Demons, Clan Yulan and Hydra will eventually team up after fighting each other to attack him while he was powerless, Shang-Chi provoked the heroes into confronting him and kept them stalled at the House of the Deadly Hand so that they would be present when the villains would inevitably invade. As predicted, members of the Inner Demons, Clan Yulan, and Hydra attack the House together, and Shang-Chi uses the ensuing fight between the heroes and villains to escape. Shang-Chi encounters Captain Feng and his turncoat sorcerers at the Ten Rings' prison, having remembered Feng's earlier suggestion of using his father's strategy to take advantage of chaos. The sorcerers restrain Shang-Chi with their magic as Feng denounces him as unfit to rule the Society due to his refusal to be like his father. While gloating over Shang-Chi's apparent failures, Feng has his sorceress free the Rings and attempts to claim them for himself; the Rings instead return to Shang-Chi, who reveals that he tricked Feng into releasing them, reminding him of Zu's lesson, "Do not take your enemy's bait". Stating that the Jade Emperor himself entrusted the Rings to him, Shang-Chi uses them to defeat Feng, the sorcerers and the invading villains. A weakened Feng argues that with Shang-Chi's power, the city and the world should be his. Shang-Chi quizzes Feng on the qualities of failed leaders, responding that while Zheng Zu had warned Shang-Chi that his personal honor of wanting to do the right thing was his biggest flaw, Zu was just as obsessed with honor (which he defined as power, glory and domain), and grasping for that led to his death to the Prince of Orphans. Ultimately, Shang-Chi says that leadership is about "trying to help". Afterwards, Shang-Chi cleans up the damage in Chinatown and distributes supplies with the Five Weapons Society and Delilah. Shang-Chi promises to her that he will help the other heroes end the gang wars and the two agree to work on their relationship after Shang-Chi leaves to join Spider-Man and the other heroes.[28]


In the Financial District, Diamondback throws the owner of the penthouse that he claimed off the balcony as he tells his female assistant Narelle about the list of Wall Street executives that Hydra doesn't want him to "ice". While looking out the window, Diamondback is told by Narelle that his gang is fighting the Inner Demons and that they are holding their own against the Inner Demons thanks to the Diamondback formula that they were given. While ordering Narelle to pull their forces back so that the Inner Demons can "handle the Avenger". As for Green Mamba, he came out on top over the NYPD raid with help from his pheromone abilities. In Uptown, Jessica Drew asks Tilda Johnson about what she has learned about the Diamondback formula. Tilda states that she is not going by Nightshade anymore as her niece Logan is taking the alias "for a spin".[e] Logan states that she had her job interviews cancelled because of the gang wars. Tilda states that the chemical analysis takes time as Jessica states that Tilda was recommended to her by Misty Knight. At Hydra's Typhon Group location in Battery Park the next day, Spider-Woman infiltrates the building after posing as a worker. Diamondback, Narelle, and Green Mamba meet with Madame Hydra and her scientists as Madame Hydra tells the lead scientist to call her Viper. After crawling through the elevator vent, Spider-Woman is attacked by some Hydra Agents. Spider-Woman takes them down as Madame Hydra hears the conflict where she mentions that Spider-Woman is in the building. She finds Diamondback, Madame Hydra, and Green Mamba escaping in a helicopter as she demands to know why Hydra is pumping drugs in New York City and what they did to her son. Madame Hydra states that she is no position to demand answers. As Green Mamba uses his venom blast on Spider-Woman, Madame Hydra states "But I can tell you this with absolute certainty, you will never see your baby boy again". Spider-Woman then begins to fall from the helicopter.[29]

Somewhere in New York City, Madame Web tries to get a ride before using her webs to catch Spider-Woman who narration states that Green Mamba has the same powers as she has. When she finds Madame Web nearby, Spider-Woman is told that her precognition lead her to his area. Back at the Financial District, Diamondback reveals that he is back in his kingdom as Madame Hydra informs him about how he had lost Harlem and to leave Spider-Woman to Green Mamba. Diamondback then asks Madame if there is any truth about Spider-Woman claiming that Hydra has her son. Meanwhile, Madame Web tells Spider-Woman about how her thoughts have been about white noise since she was reconnected to the Web of Life of Destiny.[f] Spider-Woman tells Madame Web about her son Gerry and how nobody remembers that he existed at the time when he was taken. Madame Web assumes that it is a void that she sensed in the web. After hugging Madame Web, Spider-Woman states that she's been after the people that is bank-rolling Diamondback's power play who turned out to be Hydra while also mentioning about her fights with Green Mamba and his powers. Madame Web assumes that Hydra has access to Gerry's DNA which they are using to taunt Spider-Woman with. As Spider-Woman plans to go after Diamondback again, Madame Web states that she is not doing it alone. At the Financial District, Spider-Woman takes down two of Diamondback's goons and the two police officers that are on Diamondback's payroll leaving one alive to carry a message to Diamondback. Spider-Woman's narration has her stating that Diamondback has been defending his turf from the likes of Black Mariah, Hobgoblin, and Mister Negative. Moments later, Diamondback is informed by Narelle about Spider-Woman dismantling his operations. As Narelle mentioned that Green Mamba was sent after Mister Negative, Diamondback tells Narella to recall Green Mamba and send him after Spider-Woman instead. As Spider-Woman arrives at a ship where Hydra has been operating in, she takes out a Hydra Agent and is confronted by Diamondback and Green Mamba. Spider-Woman goes on the attack on both of them with Green Mamba's visor cracking and Spider-Woman claiming to Diamondback that he's got Hydra harvesting DNA for their foot soldiers. Diamondback denies the claims and states that Hydra has been keeping tabs on "gifted and talented kids" which is what Madame Hydra told him where it was also mentioned that waiting for the "ankle biters" to grow up for their recruitment program takes forever. Diamondback states that Hydra found a way around it with help from some of the biggest "eggheads" on the planet. Spider-Woman figures out that Hydra actually pulled it off as Green Mamba unmasks himself to be a grown-up Gerry Drew. Diamondback quotes "You want your baby back, Drew? He's all yours". Green Mamba then quotes "Hi Mom".[30]

After recapping about her mother and raising Gerry Drew, Spider-Woman is asked by Green Mamba if she recognizes her baby boy as he mentions how he went from a toddler to his current form in Hydra's Age-Acceleration Chamber. When Spider-Woman states that Roger Gocking was supposed to be watching him, Green Mamba states that Roger forgot about him when Spider-Woman was briefly severed from the Web of Life and Destiny leaving him alone until Hydra found him and purged some of his memories while being put through a simulation during his accelerated aging. He obsessed over "the mother she left behind". When Spider-Woman asks why nobody remembered Gerry, Green Mamba stated that Viper remembered him as they used A.I. Data-Sweeping Programs, Psychic Brain Networks, and magic to erase someone's public identity. As Spider-Woman claims that Hydra brainwashed him and that she would never abandon him, Green Mamba denies the mind-controlling as he states that he didn't get assigned this mission and claims that he only fought Spider-Woman to get the opportunity that was offered to the Hydra agents by Viper. He continues to mention how Hydra "rescued" hundreds of children with abilities that their families have squandered. As Spider-Woman tries to reason with Green Mamba again, Diamondback attacks her from behind as he is displeased that Hydra took advantage of him during the gang wars. Meanwhile, Madame Web infiltrates the ship and confronts two Hydra members trying to pack up some resources as Captain Marvel flies through the ship while the rest of Spider-Woman's allies work to corral the fleeing Hydra members. Green Mamba is thrown wounded by Diamondback who then attacks Spider-Woman. He tries to crush Spider-Woman with a crate only to be attacked by Green Mamba. Then Green Mamba tells Spider-Woman not to take this for sympathy and that Diamondback proved that Hydra's faith in him was misplaced as he jumps off the side of the ship. Spider-Woman states that Hydra didn't save him and tries to rescue him while planning to make things right only for Captain Marvel to prevent her from following Green Mamba into the water as Captain Marvel states to Spider-Woman that she is in no shape to fight. With Diamondback and some Hydra agents detained, Spider-Woman prevents Captain Marvel from going after Green Mamba. At Diamondback's penthouse, Narella is told about what happened to Diamondback as Madame Masque enters telling her to hang up while having her let everyone in Diamondback's territory know that she controls this territory now. Spider-Woman then recaps how she first broke free from Hydra and how she will have to free Gerry from the same torment. She plans to make every single member of Hydra pay for what they've done.[31]

Spider-Man Unlimited Infinity Comics

Seven hours into the gang wars, Spider-Boy comes to the rescue of a police officer who is being attacked by a member of the Inner Demons. He brings out his fangs to induce a paralyzing venom into the Inner Demon which still grosses people out. The police officer hears a dispatcher voice about the police need at Elizabeth and Houston due to Owl's gang being at large. As the police officer heads off, Spider-Boy gets a psychic vision on his spider-senses about Mr. Kaur outside of the F.E.A.S.T. building. Spider-Boy arrives to find Mr. Kaur on the ground as he tells them that the gang members wanted the F.E.A.S.T. building as their home base. Spider-Boy plans to go kick their butts.[32]

Spider-Boy advises Mr. Kaur to get somewhere safe and flag in some help to reclaim the F.E.A.S.T. building. Upon entering the F.E.A.S.T. building, Spider-Boy comes in on the Maggia gang members that got surprised from a rat as he beats them up. Upon being unable to get some answers out of them, Spider-Boy looks for more of F.E.A.S.T.'s refuges as he runs into May Parker who is with them. One person claims that the Maggia is not the problem and it is actually the rats. Just then, more rats appear as they swarm over Spider-Boy while everyone flees.[33]

As an unsuspecting Maggia member is walking through the halls, he ends up joining Spider-Boy, May Parker, Mr. Choi, Mr. Ikem, and Lucy in running from the rats as they run into a room and shut the door on the rats. When the Maggia member tries to take control of the room, Spider-Boy subjects him to the paralyzing venom. Lucy gives her phone to Spider-Boy which can play a loud pitch that the rats can't hear. She states to Spider-Boy that he can play it over the speakers in order to get rid of the rats. As Spider-Boy makes his way towards the speakers, he is ambushed by a Maggia member who shoots the phone causing the rats to attack them. Spider-Boy throws the Maggia member out the window and makes his way to where the sound system is only to find that it is trashed.[34]

While trying to figure out what to do, Spider-Boy finds Christina Wu hiding in the room. They evacuate through the ventilation when two dogs break through. Christina helps Spider-Boy get to a sonar app that will help deal with the rats. They fall through the ventilation as the dogs and the rats corner them. Spider-Boy uses his paralyzing venom on one of the dogs as the other dog and the rats corner them. A voice states "You've done enough, little friends. We'll take over now". The dogs and the rats leave as Vermin and his clones appear outside.[35]


Operating as Jackpot, Mary Jane Watson is seen fighting Electro and is sent falling. Earlier that day, Mary Jane and Paul are seeing a therapist. Then they visit a bar until the sounds of explosion are heard. Outside, A.I.M. Agents aligned with Madame Masque fight gang members working for Big Ben Donovan in order to move in on his territory. With Paul providing a distraction, Mary Jane works to get people out of the crossfire. Becoming Jackpot, Mary Jane works to keep the streets safe as she runs into Spider-Man and She-Hulk who are fighting Menagerie members Armadillo and Man-Bull after the Menagerie had claimed Big Ben Donovan's territory offscreen. Spider-Man and Jackpot entabgle Armadillo's ball form. As She-Hulk fights Man-Bull, Jackpot proceeds to free Man-Bull. Then they are attacked by Electro. Back in the present, Jackpot catches on to the fire escape and ducks into an apartment. Paul contacts Jackpot telling her that her tech has finished rebooting after it went offline. She and Paul make a risk removing the Jackpot costume's limiter as she fights Electro. When a bridge ends up broken, Jackpot goes to rescue the people while Electro gets away. As Jackpot states to Paul that they will have to cancel their dinner plans, Spider-Man webs up the damaged bridge. Spider-Man advises Jackpot to get her tech gauntlet fixed before the final push to end the gang war. As Jackpot walks off, she later hears someone calling for help.[36]


In Hell's Kitchen, Elektra has defeated some A.I.M. Agents that evaded capture. From the rooftops, she watches the police arrest the defeated A.I.M. Agents as Miles Morales arrives to congratulate her. Elektra remembers how she was put through various trainings many years ago. After reminiscing, Elektra is attacked by Bellona who states that they have some unfinished business. When Elektra stated that Madame Masque was the one who hired her, Bellona states that no one controls her as they begin their duel. After injuring her left arm, Bellona patches it up and continues to fight Elektra. When Bellona falls off the building, Elektra tries to catch her only for Bellona to cut the rope. Afterwards, Elektra is contacted by Spider-Man who wants to meet with her as Elektra hopes that Bellona will heal since she's a clone of Wolverine. 13 minutes later, Elektra meets with Spider-Man who wants to make sure that Elektra is doing alright. She informs Spider-Man about what happened during her fight with Bellona as he learns that Elektra didn't kill her. Elektra then takes her leave and was unable to find Bellona's body. She narrates that she will continue to fight for Hell's Kitchen.[37]

At Roxxon Tech Depot #32.B sometime after the gang wars, Rabble is working to talk to the drones during her access to a slow computer when she is confronted by a Roxxon security force. Rabble successfully slaughters them and continues accessing the computer. She thinks that this will help heal her powers and that she will be going after Miles Morales soon. Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, Miles, Shift, and Ms. Marvel are fighting a self-proclaimed Master of the Anemoi named Zip Zephyr and his bag of winds. They managed to defeat Zip Zephyr and web him up for the police as Miles heads off to therapy. Agent Julia Gao meets with Mayor Luke Cage to inform her about Fisk's law being repealed and that the Cape-Killers must disband with some of them having their sentences commuted. Agent Gao's position will remain and she will be transferred to Vice. Agent Gao storms out and walks with a man named Brooks stating that she'll have to think of another way to protect the city. Miles talks to Keisha Kwan telling her that the breathing exercises have worked and his encounter with Rabble while mentioning that Raneem was dealt a bad hand that led to her becoming Rabble. Later at Misty Knight's warehouse, Miles does a presentation to Misty Knight, Miss Marvel, Shift, and Starling involving Rabble's weapon supplying to criminals[g] like Bumbler, Hobgoblin, Madame Masque, and Scorpion as Miles plans to reason with her. Misty Knight pulls out a matchbox with the words Bar With No Name as Miles plans to meet her on neutral ground there. Meanwhile, Agent Gao finds Rabble and states to her that she wants to see the other side's perspective for once.[38]

Gang War territories

In the beginning of every issue, a map detailing the different territories ruled by each crime lord in New York City is displayed and constantly updated each issue whenever ownership changes during the story. Territories liberated by Spider-Man and his allies are marked with spider-symbols:[6]

At the end of the Gang War, Tombstone claims all of New York City's territories as his, becoming the new Kingpin of New York's criminal underworld.


Gang War: First Strike

Title Writer Artist Colorist Release date
The Amazing Spider-Man Gang War: First Strike #1 Zeb Wells
Cody Ziglar
Joey Vazquez
Julian Shaw
Bryan Valenza November 29, 2023

Series Tie-ins

Title Issue(s) Writer Artist Colorist Debut date Conclusion date
The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 6) 37-38 Zeb Wells Ed McGuinness
Emilio Laiso
Mark Farmer
Wade von Grawbadger
Erick Arciniega
Marcio Menyz
November 8, 2023 November 22, 2023
Miles Morales: Spider-Man (vol. 2) 12 Cody Ziglar Partha Pratim Bryan Valenza November 29, 2023
Spider-Woman (vol. 8) 1 Steve Foxe Carola Borelli Arfif Prianto

Limited Series

Title Issue Writer Artist Colorist Release date
Luke Cage: Gang War #1 1 Rodney Barnes Ramon Bachs Andrew Dalhouse November 29, 2023

Main series

Title Issues Writer Artist Colorist Debut date Conclusion date
The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 6) 39-44 Zeb Wells John Romita Jr.
Scott Hanna
Marcio Menyz December 6, 2023 February 28, 2024

Tie-in issues

Limited series

Title Issues Writer(s) Artist(s) Colorist Debut date Conclusion date
Daredevil: Gang War 1-3 Erica Schultz Sergio Dávila
Sean Parsons
Ceici De La Cruz December 13, 2023 February 7, 2024
Luke Cage: Gang War 2-4 Rodney Barnes Ramon Bachs Andrew Dalhouse February 24, 2024
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu: Gang War 1-3 Greg Pak Caio Majado Jim Campbell December 27, 2023 February 14, 2024

Series tie-ins

Title Issues Writer(s) Artist(s) Colorist Debut date Conclusion date
Miles Morales: Spider-Man (vol. 2) 13-16 Cody Ziglar Federica Mancin
Federico Vicentini
Bryan Valenza December 13, 2024 February 14, 2024
Spider-Woman (vol. 8) 2-4 Steve Foxe Carola Borelli Arfif Prianto December 27, 2024 February 21, 2024

Infinity Comics

Title Issues Writer(s) Artist(s) Colorist Debut date Conclusion date
Spider-Man Unlimited Infinity Comic 19-24 Preeti Chhibber E.J. Su Federico Blee January 9, 2024 February 21, 2024


Title Writer Artist Colorist Release date
Jackpot Celeste Bronfman Eric Gapstur
Joey Vazquez
Edgar Delgado
Erick Arciniega
January 17, 2024

Gang War: Aftermath

Series tie-ins

Title Issue Writer Artist Colorist Release date
Miles Morales: Spider-Man (vol. 2) 17 Cody Ziglar Partha Pratim
Federico Vicentini
Bryan Valenza February 28, 2024

Limited Series

Title Issue Writer Artist Colorist Release date
Daredevil: Gang War 4 Erica Schultz Sergio Dávila
Sean Parsons
Ceici De La Cruz March 6, 2024


According to ComicbookRoundup, the entire event received an average rating of 6.8 out of 10 based on 104 reviews.[39] Tim Rooney from Comicsbeat wrote "If this were Marvel Universe: Gang War, I could imagine giving this a recommendation. But for a story in Amazing Spider-Man, it is disappointing, and another example of how this title is held back by editorial and publishing demands to keep Peter Parker frozen in amber."[40]


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