Ultimate Fallout
Publication information
PublisherUltimate Marvel (Marvel Comics)
FormatLimited series
Publication dateJuly – August 2011
No. of issues3 of 6
Creative team
Written byBrian Michael Bendis
Jonathan Hickman
Nick Spencer
Penciller(s)Mark Bagley
Gabriel Hardman
Bryan Hitch
Lee Garbett
Steve Kurth
Eric Nguyen
Carlo Pagulayan

Ultimate Comics: Fallout is a comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics that debuted in July 2011 as part of the second re-launch of the Ultimate Universe. The story itself deals mainly with the aftermath of Death of Spider-Man, and is written by Brian Michael Bendis, Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer.


The series takes place in the Ultimate Universe following both Ultimate Comics: Avengers, Ultimate Comics: X, and specifically the Death of Spider-Man in Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man. At the same time, the series represents the beginning of the second re-launch (or Rebirth) of Ultimate Marvel, which will eventually bring about new ongoing titles such as Ultimate Comics: Ultimates, Ultimate Comics: X-Men, and a re-launched Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man featuring a new Spider-Man. Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer, and Brian Michael Bendis represent the three writers of these upcoming respective books, as well as the co-writers to Fallout itself.

Plot outline

Chapter One

In the aftermath with his death match against Green Goblin, Spider-Man has died in the arms of Aunt May and Mary Jane Watson. The death of Spider-Man has affected everyone. Gwen Stacy considers herself to be a curse. J. Jonah Jameson knew that Peter Parker was Spider-Man and can't think of a way to print this out for the Daily Bugle. Both the Human Torch and Kitty Pryde are shown to be saddened at the loss of their friend. Tony Stark foots the bill for the largest funeral in New York. When at the funeral, Aunt May is visited by a young girl who Spider-Man once saved from a fire. Aunt May is then approached by a remorseful Captain America who states that what happened to Peter was his fault. Mary Jane Watson even blames Nick Fury for Peter's death.[1]

Chapter Two

When Captain America tells Aunt May that Spider-Man "wasn't ready to be one of the Ultimates" and that the gun shot was meant for him, Aunt May scolds Captain America for making the decision that cost her the life of Peter Parker. Aunt May manages to find condolence from J. Jonah Jameson. The grievances are reached in different ways ranging from Thor and Rogue. Meanwhile, Mary Jane plans her retribution stating that Nick Fury and his team of superheroes are responsible for Spider-Man's death.[2]

Chapter Three

While at Spider-Man's funeral, Tony Stark has a flashback revolving around his brother Gregory Stark's funeral. During that time, he had an encounter with Jonathan Blackhaven of Blackhaven Pharmaceuticals who wants Tony to finish his brother's work. Meanwhile, Kitty Pryde decides to go into hiding with Human Torch and Iceman whilst Karen Grant (the alias of Jean Grey) helps Bruce Banner remember the first time he lost control and transformed into the Hulk when he first fought Spider-Man.[3]

Chapter Four

Following his release from prison, Kangaroo assaults a man who owes him money. Just then, someone in a Spider-Man costume ends up fighting Kangaroo. After defeating Kangaroo, some people of New York express disapproval of his actions, stating that wearing Peter's costume is disrespectful. Upon heading to the rooftop, this Spider-Man unmasks himself to be an African-American/Latino boy named Miles Morales who states that this costume is out of taste. Meanwhile, Mister Fantastic is revealed to be alive in the N-Zone with a horrible scar covering his right face claiming that the heroes have ruined his chances of making the world a better place. He starts to rebuild his lab out of the remains from his last battle and then activates a machine that transports him to an unknown jungle. Upon making his lab high-tech, Mister Fantasic dons a high-tech helmet and a high-tech suit.[4]


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