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Ultimate Marvel Team-Up
Cover of Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #1 TPB.
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
Publication dateApril 2001-July 2002
No. of issues16
Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special
Main character(s)Ultimate Spider-Man
Creative team
Created byBrian Michael Bendis

Ultimate Marvel Team-Up is a comic book series, published by Marvel Comics[1] which ran for 16 issues, including a concluding Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special. It is set in one of Marvel's shared universes, the Ultimate Universe and is based on the original universe Marvel Team-Up. The whole series starred Spider-Man teaming up with another superhero each issue. The series was written by Brian Michael Bendis, with each arc drawn by a different artist.

Issues, artists and characters

Issue 1

Issues #2-3

Issues #4-5

Issues #6-8

Issue #9

Issue #10

Issue #11

Issues #12-13

Issue #14

Issues #15-16

Ultimate Spider-Man Special

Blade and Elektra's first appearance in Ultimate Marvel

Collected editions

Title Material collected Published date ISBN
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #1-5 November 2001 ISBN 0-7851-0807-6
The Best of Spider-Man Vol. 1 Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #6-8, Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 2) #30-36, Peter Parker: Spider-Man #36, Spider-Man's Tangled Web #4-6 April 2002 ISBN 0-7851-0900-5
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Vol. 2 Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #9-13 July 2003 ISBN 0-7851-1299-5
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Vol. 3 Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #14-16, Ultimate Spider-Man Special #1 August 2003 ISBN 0-7851-1300-2
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up: Ultimate Collection Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #1-16, Ultimate Spider-Man Special #1 September 2006 ISBN 0-7851-2361-X