The cover to Hulk: The End, the first comic book of The End series

The End are comic books published by Marvel Comics, which take place outside of normal continuity, which feature possible final endings for Marvel characters. The outcomes vary from grim to optimistic.


Collected editions

Title Material collected Published date ISBN
X-Men: The End Book 1 - Dreamers And Demons X-Men: The End - Dreamers and Demons #1-6 March 2005 978-0785116905
X-Men: The End Book 2 - Heroes And Martyrs X-Men: The End - Heroes and Martyrs #1-6 November 2005 978-0785116912
X-Men: The End Book 3 - Men and X-Men X-Men: The End - Men and X-Men #1-6 September 2006 978-0785116929
Punisher Max: From First To Last Punisher: The End and Punisher: The Tyger, Punisher: The Cell December 2007 978-0785122760
Spectacular Spider-Girl: The Last Stand Spider-Girl: The End and Spectacular Spider-Girl (vol. 2) #1-4, material from Web of Spider-Man (vol. 2) #5-7 November 2010 978-0785148999
Marvel Universe: The End Marvel Universe: The End #1-6 April 2019 978-1302915674
Wolverine: The End Wolverine: The End #1-5 February 2020 978-1302924607
Fantastic Four: The End Fantastic Four: The End #1-6 February 2020 978-1302924621
Hulk: The End Incredible Hulk: The End #1 and Hulk: Future Imperfect #1-2 February 2020 978-1302924638
Iron Man: The End Iron Man: The End #1 and Tales of Suspense #39, Iron Man #144, 116 February 2020 978-1302924614
The End Captain America: The End, Captain Marvel: The End, Deadpool: The End, Doctor Strange: The End, Miles Morales: The End, Venom: The End September 2020 978-1302924997