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The Missouri Review is a literary magazine founded in 1978[1][2] by the University of Missouri. It publishes fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction quarterly. With its open submission policy, The Missouri Review receives 12,000 manuscripts each year and is known for printing previously unpublished and emerging authors.

Each year The Missouri Review hosts the Jeffrey E. Smith Editors' Prize contest with $15,000 in prize money for entries in fiction, essays, and poetry. The winners receive prize money, publication, and an invitation to a public awards reception.

The Missouri Review is available in print, digital, and audio formats.

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Special projects

Found text

The Missouri Review also publishes "found text" projects, usually previously unpublished work by past literary figures. These include works by Mark Twain, Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner, Charlotte Brontë, Jack Kerouac and Marianne Moore.

History as literature

This series highlights diaries and journals of everyday citizens, giving perspective and insight into our past as a nation and people.


The Missouri Review features an interview in every issue. Notable interviewees have included the following authors.

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