Mission typeOptical imaging
Disaster monitoring
Operator21AT, China
Mission duration7 Years[1]
Spacecraft properties
ManufacturerDMC International Imaging, SSTL
Launch mass440 kilograms (970 lb), 3 Nos. each
Start of mission
Launch date10 July 2015, 16:28 (2015-07-10UTC16:28Z) UTC
Launch siteSatish Dhawan Space Centre
ContractorIndian Space Research Organisation
Orbital parameters

UK-DMC 3 is a constellation of three British Earth imaging satellites which are operated by DMC International Imaging. They were constructed by Surrey Satellite Technology and launched by ISRO on 10 July 2015.[2][3]


Beijing based Twenty-First Century Aerospace Technology Company Limited (21AT) agreed for 110 million British pounds ($170.2 million) to cover the entire cost of the three satellites' delivery in orbit.[4]

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