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Vegetable urap
Alternative namesUrab, Urap-urap, krawu
CourseSide dish
Place of originIndonesia
Region or stateCentral Java and Yogyakarta
Serving temperatureMostly served with main course
Main ingredientsSteamed vegetable salad, shredded coconut dressing
Urap (bottom right) as part of a nasi kuning dish.

Urap (sometimes spelled urab or in its plural form urap-urap) is a salad dish of steamed vegetables mixed with seasoned and spiced grated coconut for dressing.[1] It is commonly found in Indonesian cuisine, more precisely Javanese cuisine. Urap can be consumed on its own as a salad for vegetarian meals[2] or as a side dish. Urap is usually found as a prerequisite side dish of Javanese tumpeng, a cone-shaped rice mound surrounded with assorted dishes, as well as part of a nasi kuning dish. In Balinese cuisine, it is known as Urab sayur.


The vegetables which are usually used in urap are spinach, water spinach, young cassava leaf, papaya leaf, Chinese long beans, bean sprouts, and cabbage. To acquire a rich taste, most recipes insist on using freshly shredded old coconut flesh or serundeng, instead of leftovers. The shredded coconut is seasoned with ground shallot, garlic, red chili pepper, tamarind juice, galangal, salt, and coconut sugar.

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