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I'm a 35-year-old advertising designer, working for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette in the downtown area of Little Rock, Arkansas. I live across town in Pleasant Valley. Most of my work is for the classified advertising section of the newspaper, and I have worked here for over six years.

I'm also a lifelong Arkansan, originally from Romance, a small community in White County. The local post office back home is particularly popular for its Valentine's Day postmarks, though the postmarks are also greatly appreciated by propsective brides on wedding invitations. KARK-TV, the local NBC television affiliate in Little Rock, broadcast a portion of its Valentine's morning news program from Romance in 2007.

Along with designing, I try to write when I can, including making contributions here at Wikipedia. Though I've been a registered contributor since September 2004, the largest part of my activity in this edition is in minor edits for grammar, spelling correction, and general style. When possible, I try to add original content related to the topics I know best. The topics I find greatest interest in are culture in the Southern United States, specifically that of Arkansas; business histories, with particular focus on retail; food and cooking in general; television; and newspapers.

In late December 2006, I founded WikiProjects for Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Current Pages of Interest

Fall may be here, but the autumn leaves aren't drifting by my window just yet. Not for lack of hope...


Places around Arkansas with major events this fall...


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The new television season is finally here!


Three musicians who share my birthday, September 23

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This list is sure to grow...

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Pages I'm expanding that I've written, or pages of interest I'm currently working to improve...



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