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Howdee. I, the Big Adamsky, am:


Spent many years in: My life has been spent primarily in these three locations:
Spent less than 1 year in: My fascination with the independent traveler lifestyle has taken me to some truly magical locations over the years, the most memorable of which may well be this place , this place , this place , this place , this place , this place , this place, this place , this place , this place , this place or this place .
Future travels: My future journeys are likely to go here , here , here , here , here , here , here , here or here .
Idea and layout plagiarized from Inge via White Cat via Guettarda via Sebastiankessel via Punkmorten.





Note that the e-mail address that I have provided is not one that I rush to check regularly, unless so advised.

…and now for some random dreamy/dubby ear candy name-dropping: Blue States | Boozoo Bajou | Massive Attack | Thievery Corporation | Millenia Nova | Mazzy Star \ Hope Sandoval | Emiliana Torrini | Afterlife | Bliss | Bent | Tosca | Haim Laroz | Gotan Project | Sneaker Pimps | Aqualung | Mono | Sandoz | Röyksopp | Samia Farah | Late Night Alumni | Faithless | Morcheeba | Zero 7 | Goldfrapp | Double Six