Indian emigrant, since birth. I have spent most of my life in Netherlands, and not-insignificant time in Iran and Turkmenistan.[1] I edit on topics concerning S. Asian History (sp. Northwestern India, Bengal, and Northeastern India) and Turkmenistan. Rarely, Dutch politics. A newfound interest is Polish Jewish relations.

I do not own any other account over any other internet-platform and anybody who claims otherwise is impersonating me.[2]


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  • Add photographs.
Long term plans to improve coverage of Railways in Pakistan:

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  1. ^ Since somebody enquired on an email, I am willing to scan material exclusively available at Türkmenistanyň döwlet kitaphanasy. Expect a turnaround time of about 6 months, if not more. Cheers!
  2. ^ This disclaimer is motivated from the discovery of an eponymous Twitter account who claims to engage in paid advocacy. Relevant evidence, if any, shall be mailed to