Utah Library Association
FormationJune 8, 1912; 111 years ago (1912-06-08)
Parent organization
American Library Association

The Utah Library Association (ULA) is a professional organization for Utah's librarians and library workers. It was founded on June 8, 1912, in Salt Lake City & County Building in Salt Lake City, Utah.[1][2] The initial founders were Esther Nelson, librarian of the University of Utah; Joanna Sprague and Julie Lynch of the Salt Lake City Public Library; and Howard Driggs, library secretary of the State Board of Public Instruction.[3] Ephraim G. Gowans, Department Chair for Anatomy and Pathology in the University of Utah Medical School, was ULA's first elected president.[3][4] ULA was initially part of the Utah Education Association and split from them in 1915.[3]

At ULA's first conference in 1913 there were 46 members, by 2012 there were approximately 1,000 on the ULA membership list.[4] For the first 13 years, annual ULA conferences were held in Salt Lake City, in conjunction with the LDS fall conference.[4] ULA has been a charter member of the American Library Association since 1913 and was a founding member of the Mountain Plains Library Association.[4]

ULA advocated for the establishment of the Utah State Library in the 1950s; the library was established with state support, the last state library agency created in the United States up until then.[4]

ULA published Utah Libraries (formerly the ULA Newsletter, est. 1938) from 1957 through 1990.


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