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Although there is comparatively little rugby league played in Wales, the country’s national team has a long history in the sport. Over the years many hundreds of players have "headed north" to play for the leading English clubs. Consequentially the national side, nicknamed the Dragons, have often been a very strong force in the game.

Wales is represented at rugby league in the European Nations Cup; since 1995 they have also competed in the World Cup. They are not however a full test nation, and do not compete in the Tri-Nations.

The team is run under the auspices of the Rugby Football League, as are all the other home nations and the Great Britain team. For the early years of the sport Wales versus England was the only international available to players of the Northern Union, though this changed with the arrival of the New Zealand All Golds in 1907. Wales hold the honour of facing them in the first ever true international, winning 9-8 in Aberdare.

Unlike Scotland or Ireland Wales does not have its own championship. Instead there is a Welsh conference in the TotalRLConference as well as North Wales Coasters who play in the North West Conference. There is also talk of resurecting the old Celtic Warriors rugby union side as a rugby league team in National League two.

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