The ((PMID)) template is used to create a link from a PMID codes for life sciences and biomedical articles to PubMed.


Correct: ((PMID|4957203))PMID 4957203
Incorrect: PMID 4957203 → PMID 4957203
Incorrect: PMID:4957203 → PMID:4957203
Incorrect: PubMed 4957203 → PubMed 4957203

Multiple PMIDs[edit]

If multiple PMIDs need to be listed in a row (for example in a table), this can be accomplished using the multiple template arguments.


Example (with "," as default leadout):


results in:

PMID 4957203, 4957203, 4957203, 4957203

Example (with "and" as leadout):


results in:

PMID 4957203, 4957203, 4957203 and 4957203

In citation templates[edit]

A single PMID can also be included in templates such as the Citation Style 1 series by means of the |pmid= parameter. Integer values starting at 1 are allowed.

The linking is done internally to the template using a module or a subtemplate. The "PMID" string links to the article "PubMed", and the PMID number links to the PubMed article with that number.

Koprowski, H.; Wiktor, T. J.; Kaplan, M. M. (1960-04-28). "Enhancement of rabies virus infection by lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus". Virology. 28 (4): 754–756. PMID 4957203.

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