Writers Guild of America Award for Television: Animation
Awarded forOutstanding Writing in Animation
CountryUnited States
Presented byWriters Guild of America
First awarded2003
Currently held byElijah Aron & Patrick Metcalf for Undone (2022)

The Writers Guild of America Award for Television: Animation is an award presented by the Writers Guild of America to the best writing in an animated television program.


It has been presented annually since the 55th Writers Guild of America Awards in 2003 where Futurama won the first award.[1] Before the award's inception, animated programs were submitted under their appropriate category (either episodic comedy or episodic drama). However, no animated programs received nominations. The Simpsons is the only program to win more than three awards, winning thirteen. It also holds the record for nominations with 60.

Winners and nominees



Year Show Episode Writer(s) Network Ref.
Futurama "Godfellas" Ken Keeler Fox [3]
King of the Hill "My Own Private Rodeo" Alex Gregory & Peter Huyck Fox
Santa Baby! Peter Bakalian & Suzanne Collins
The Simpsons "The Bart Wants What It Wants" John Frink & Don Payne
"Jaws Wired Shut" Matt Selman
"Blame It on Lisa" Bob Bendetson
The Simpsons "The Dad Who Knew Too Little" Matt Selman Fox [4]
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion" Steven Banks Nickelodeon
Futurama "The Sting" Patric Verrone Fox
King of the Hill "Reborn to be Wild" Tony Gama-Lobo & Rebecca May
The Simpsons "Moe Baby Blues" J. Stewart Burns
"My Mother the Carjacker" Michael Price
The Simpsons "Catch 'Em If You Can" Ian Maxtone-Graham Fox [6]
Justice League "Starcrossed" Part I: Rich Fogel
Part II: Story by : Rich Fogel
Teleplay by : John Ridley
Part III: Rich Fogel and Dwayne McDuffie
Cartoon Network
The Simpsons "Fraudcast News" Don Payne Fox
"Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore" Julie Chambers & David Chambers
"Today I Am a Clown" Joel H. Cohen
The Simpsons "Mommie Beerest" Michael Price Fox [8]
The Simpsons "The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star" Matt Warburton Fox
"The Girl Who Slept Too Little" John Frink
"See Homer Run" Stephanie Gillis
"Thank God, It's Doomsday" Don Payne
"There's Something About Marrying" J. Stewart Burns
The Simpsons "The Italian Bob" John Frink Fox [10]
King of the Hill "Church Hopping" Jim Dauterive Fox
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee "Who's Your Daddy?" Marsha Griffin Cartoon Network
The Simpsons "Girls Just Want to Have Sums" Matt Selman Fox
"Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore" Dan Castellaneta & Deb Lacusta
"Simpsons Christmas Stories" Don Payne
The Simpsons "Kill Gil: Vols. 1 & 2" Jeff Westbrook Fox [12]
King of the Hill "Lucky's Wedding Suit" Jim Dauterive Fox
"The Passion of the Dauterive" Tony Gama-Lobo & Rebecca May
The Simpsons "The Haw-Hawed Couple" Matt Selman
"The Homer of Seville" Carolyn Omine
"Stop or My Dog Will Shoot" John Frink
The Simpsons "Apocalypse Cow" Jeff Westbrook Fox [14]
King of the Hill "Life: A Loser's Manual" Dan McGrath Fox
"Strangeness on a Train" Jim Dauterive
The Simpsons "The Debarted" Joel H. Cohen
"E Pluribus Wiggum" Michael Price
"Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words" Tim Long
The Simpsons "Wedding for Disaster" Joel H. Cohen Fox [16]
The Simpsons "The Burns and the Bees" Stephanie Gillis Fox
"Eeny Teeny Maya Moe" John Frink
"Gone Maggie Gone" Billy Kimball & Ian Maxtone-Graham
"Take My Life, Please" Don Payne


Year Show Episode Writer(s) Network Ref.
Futurama "The Prisoner of Benda" Ken Keeler Comedy Central [18]
Back at the Barnyard "Treasure Hunt" Tom Sheppard Nickelodeon
Futurama "Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences" Patric Verrone Comedy Central
The Simpsons "Moe Letter Blues" Stephanie Gillis Fox
"O Brother, Where Bart Thou?" Matt Selman
The Simpsons "Homer the Father" Joel H. Cohen Fox [20]
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien "Moonstruck" Len Uhley Cartoon Network
Futurama "The Silence of the Clamps" Eric Rogers Comedy Central
The Simpsons "Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts" Tim Long Fox
"The Blue and the Grey" Rob LaZebnik
"Donnie Fatso" Chris Cluess
The Simpsons "Ned 'n Edna's Blend Agenda" Jeff Westbrook Fox [21]
Family Guy "Forget-Me-Not" David A. Goodman Fox
Futurama "A Farewell to Arms" Josh Weinstein Comedy Central
The Simpsons "Holidays of Future Passed" J. Stewart Burns Fox
"Treehouse of Horror XXIII" David Mandel & Brian Kelley
The Simpsons "A Test Before Trying" Joel H. Cohen Fox [22]
Futurama "Game of Tones" Michael Rowe Comedy Central
"Murder on the Planet Express" Lewis Morton
"Saturday Morning Fun Pit" Patric Verrone
The Simpsons "Hardly Kirk-ing" Tom Gammill & Max Pross Fox
"YOLO" Michael Nobori
The Simpsons "Brick Like Me" Brian Kelley Fox [24]
Bob's Burgers "Bob and Deliver" Greg Thompson Fox
"Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl" Nora Smith
The Simpsons "Covercraft" Matt Selman
"Pay Pal" David H. Steinberg
"Steal This Episode" J. Stewart Burns
Bob's Burgers "Housetrap" Dan Fybel Fox [25]
Bob's Burgers "Gayle Makin' Bob Sled" Lizzie Molyneux & Wendy Molyneux Fox
BoJack Horseman "Hank After Dark" Kelly Galuska Netflix
The Simpsons "Halloween of Horror" Carolyn Omine Fox
"Sky Police" Matt Selman
"Walking Big & Tall" Michael Price
BoJack Horseman "Stop the Presses" Joe Lawson Netflix [26]
BoJack Horseman "Fish Out of Water" Elijah Aron & Jordan Young Netflix
Elena of Avalor "First Day of Rule" Craig Gerber Disney Channel
The Simpsons "Barthood" Dan Greaney Fox
Star Wars Rebels "A Princess on Lothal" Steven Melching Disney XD
BoJack Horseman "Time's Arrow" Kate Purdy Netflix [27]
Bob's Burgers "Brunchsquatch" Lizzie Molyneux & Wendy Molyneux Fox
BoJack Horseman "Ruthie" Joanna Calo Netflix
The Simpsons "A Father's Watch" Simon Rich Fox
"The Serfsons" Brian Kelley
The Simpsons "Bart's Not Dead" Stephanie Gillis Fox [28]
Bob's Burgers "Boywatch" Rich Rinaldi Fox
"Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now" Lizzie Molyneux & Wendy Molyneux
"Mo Mommy, Mo Problems" Steven Davis
Family Guy "Send in Stewie, Please" Gary Janetti
The Simpsons "Krusty the Clown" Ryan Koh
The Simpsons "Thanksgiving of Horror" Dan Vebber Fox [29]
Bob's Burgers "Bed, Bob & Beyond" Kelvin Yu Fox
"The Gene Mile" Steven Davis
BoJack Horseman "A Horse Walks Into A Rehab" Elijah Aron Netflix
The Simpsons "Go Big or Go Homer" John Frink Fox
"Livin La Pura Vida" Brian Kelley


Year Show Episode Writer(s) Network Ref.
BoJack Horseman "Xerox of a Xerox" Nick Adams Netflix [30]
Bob's Burgers "Prank You for Being a Friend" Katie Crown Fox
The Simpsons "Bart the Bad Guy" Dan Vebber
"I, Carumbus" Cesar Mazariegos
"A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas" Jessica Conrad
"Three Dreams Denied" Danielle Weisberg
Tuca & Bertie "Planteau" Lisa Hanawalt Adult Swim [31]
Bob's Burgers "An Incon-Wheelie-ent Truth" Dan Fybel Fox
"Loft in Bedslation" Jameel Saleem
Family Guy "Must Love Dogs" Daniel Peck
The Simpsons "Portrait of a Lackey on Fire" Rob LaZebnik & Johnny LaZebnik
"The Star of the Backstage" Elisabeth Kiernen Averick
Undone "Rectify" Elijah Aron & Patrick Metcalf Amazon Prime Video [32]
Bob's Burgers "To Bob, or Not to Bob" Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin & Wendy Molyneux Fox
The Simpsons "Girls Just Shauna Have Fun" Jeff Westbrook
"Pixelated and Afraid" John Frink
"The Sound of Bleeding Gums" Loni Steele Sosthand
Tuca & Bertie "The Pain Garden" Lisa Hanawalt Adult Swim
Futurama "I Know What You Did Next Xmas" Ariel Ladensohn Hulu [33]
The Simpsons "A Mid-Childhood Night’s Dream" Carolyn Omine Fox
"Carl Carlson Rides Again" Loni Steele Sosthand
"Homer's Adventures Through the Windshield Glass" Tim Long
"Thirst Trap: A Corporate Love Story" Rob LaZebnik

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