Original author(s)Ximian
Developer(s).NET Foundation and Xamarin (a Microsoft subsidiary)
Stable release
4.7.1 / January 21, 2020; 4 years ago (2020-01-21)
Written inC#
Operating systemLinux
Platform.NET Framework, Mono
TypeWeb server that hosts ASP.NET's system
LicenseMicrosoft Public License

XSP is a simple, standalone web server written in C# that hosts ASP.NET's System for Linux[1] and other Unix operating systems. It runs on the Mono runtime for Linux and the .NET Framework runtime, making it usable as a lightweight web server on any platform supporting .NET.[2]

XSP was the original name of the internal project at Microsoft that became ASP.NET. The name pays homage to the original name of what became ASP.NET.

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