Project Verona
ParadigmSafe infrastructure programming
Designed byMicrosoft Research,
Imperial College London
First appeared2019; 5 years ago (2019)
OSLinux, Windows, Darwin
LicenseMIT License
Filename extensions.verona[1] (GitHub)
Influenced by
Rust, Cyclone, Pony[2]

Project Verona is an experimental research programming language developed by Microsoft.[3][2]

The project is being supported by C# project manager Mads Torgensen[4] and Microsoft Research Cambridge research software engineer Juliana Franco.[5] Project Verona is also being aided by academics at Imperial College London.[2] Unlike in Rust where the ownership model is based on a single object, it is based on groups of objects in Verona.[5]

According to Microsoft, the goal of the project is to create a safer platform for memory management.[3]

Project Verona is open source released under MIT License and is under active development on GitHub.[6]


while_sum(x: List[U32]) : U32
  var sum: U32 = 0;
  let iter = x.values();

  while { iter.has_value() }
    // This has to be `a`, same as in the for loop above
    let a = iter();

    // Increments the iterator
    next iter;

    // This is the body of the for loop
    sum = sum + a


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