Young Dracula
Young Dracula Series 1–2 Title Card
GenreTeen drama
Supernatural drama
Sitcom (series 1–2)
Created byDanny Robins
Dan Tetsell
StarringKeith-Lee Castle
Gerran Howell
Clare Thomas
Simon Ludders
Andy Bradshaw
ComposersJohn Rea (series 1)
Nick Lloyd (series 2–3)
Simon Rogers (Series 4)
Michael J McEvoy (series 5)
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
No. of series5
No. of episodes66 (list of episodes)
Executive producerJosephine Ward
ProducersMia Jupp (series 1–2)
Lis Steele (series 3–4)
Melanie Halsall (Series 3)
Candida Julian–Jones (series 5)
Production locationsGlamorgan (series 1–2)
Liverpool (series 3–5)
EditorsChristian Blood
Emyr Jenkins
Robert Douglas-Reeves
Nick Holes
Jane Murrell
Pedr James
Angharad Owen
Bleddyn Rhys
Camera setupVideotape (filmized) (series 1–2)
RED (series 3–5)
Running time30 minutes
Production companyBBC Cymru Wales
Original networkCBBC Channel
Original releaseOriginal Series:
21 September 2006 (2006-09-21) –
31 March 2014 (2014-03-31)

Young Dracula is a British children's horror drama comedy television series which aired on CBBC, loosely based on Young Dracula, a 2002 children's book by Michael Lawrence.[1] It is also based on the epistolary novel Dracula, written by Bram Stoker and published in 1897. The final episode aired on 31 March 2014.

The first two series follow the Dracula family, a family of vampires: Vladimir (Vlad), his father Count Dracula, and sister Ingrid. Having lived in Transylvania, they move to Stokely, a small town in Wales after various incidents involving angry peasant mobs. It was filmed in various locations around Wales, including Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf, Caerphilly Castle, Tretower Court and parts of Llantrisant. Directed by Joss Agnew, the first series was broadcast in 2006 and the second series, which started in late 2007, concluded in early 2008.

The third series, commissioned three years after the second, sees Vlad and the Count flee both vampires and slayers, while the Count is determined that Vlad should fulfil his destiny to become "the Chosen One". This series was filmed in Liverpool during 2011, in various locations including the disused Margaret Bevan School, Croxteth Hall and Stanley Docks.[2][3][4] It began airing on 31 October 2011. The fourth series follows on from season three's predicament and had a new director, airing on 29 October 2012. Young Dracula was renewed for a fifth and final series in 2013, with filming beginning in April.[5] The hour long finale, "The Darkest Hour", aired 31 March 2014.

Young Dracula was nominated for Best Children's Drama in the 2008 BAFTA Awards and has been nominated for several other awards. An additional series, the Young Dracula Files, began broadcasting on 24 October 2012, in which the main characters tell their stories of the past. It was primarily hosted by the character Bertrand Du Fortunesa, played by Cesare Taurasi.


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Character Portrayed by Series
1 2 3 4 5
Vladimir Dracula Gerran Howell Main
Count Dracula Keith-Lee Castle Main
Ingrid Dracula Clare Thomas Main
Renfield Simon Ludders Main
Zoltan Andy Bradshaw Main
Robin Branagh Craig Roberts Main
Chloe Branagh Lucy Borja-Edwards Main
Eric Van Helsing Terence Maynard Main
Jonathan Van Helsing Terry Haywood Main
Mina Van Helsing Jo-Anne Knowles Main
Wolfie Westernra Lorenzo Rodriguez Main
Alex McCauley Letty Butler Main
Bertrand du Fortunesa Cesare Taurasi Main
Erin Noble Sydney Rae White Main
Malik Vaccaria Richard Southgate Main
Sally Giles Laura Howard Main
George Giles Bella Band Main
Asan Ramanga Quinton Nyirenda Main
Talitha Eleanor Gecks Main
Piers Mark Rowley Main


Series 1

After their father bit too many residents in their own Transylvania, Vladimir and Ingrid Dracula were compelled to move to Britain. For Vlad, it's a realisation of a dream and a step closer to the normal world he so desperately wants. Keeping his family's secret will be a full-time job though, what with a bloodsucking father, a talking wolf, a servant who smells like mouse droppings, and a vampire sister. Fortunately for Vlad, Robin Branaugh proves to be a reliable friend and ally. Robin wishes he did, but he doesn't reside in a castle. He is not required to wear a cloak, yet he does. 

Series 2

Count Dracula is aware that slayers exist in Stokely as a result of the events at the Hunt Ball. Vlad must take all necessary measures to thwart his father's search for them. The appearance of Ivan, the Count's American brother, and Boris and Olga, Vlad and Ingrid's relatives, complicates matters further. Boris, your cousin, is set to complete his change. Will he have enough time to find a remedy, or will Vlad and he both be condemned to live out the remainder of their lives as vampires?

Series 3 The second season of the show picks up four years after the conclusion of series 2, when Ingrid gained control of the Dracula castle and vowed retribution on Stokely for killing her boyfriend Will. Since then, the Count and Vlad have escaped, and while Ingrid also makes a comeback, they decide to buy a school to hide from the slayers and vampires that are pursuing them.

As opposed to the first two series, the plot in this one is not entirely focused on Vlad. The Count, Renfield, and Wolfie (the son of Magda and Patrick from an earlier series) are involved in further subplots. The balance of power has also altered; despite the fact that the Count is Vlad's regent and so has authority over him, Vlad is now more inclined to challenge his father.

Ingrid, on the other hand, is depicted as being more inclined to cooperate with the Count, and the two appear to have reached a tense ceasefire.

For the majority of the series, Bertram disagrees with Vlad because he thinks Vlad should concentrate solely on his duty as the chosen one and is critical of his connection with Erin.


The television show has left Wales and will now shoot in and around Liverpool. The week of May 9, 2011, saw the start of the series' rehearsals, and the following week saw the start of its three-month filming schedule. The shooting was completed in August. On October 31, the recently edited series was made available.

Series 4

The popular CBBC series Young Dracula is currently in its fourth season. There are 13 episodes total, with each one lasting roughly 30 minutes. Gerran Howell, who announced the news on Twitter, verified the existence of this series. Filming started in mid-April 2012, and the first episode aired on Monday, October 29. Filming took place in Liverpool.

Additional Notes

Sydney Rae White tweeted that Erin's hair has gotten a modest change. She now has hair falling to the side, as opposed to the "Bieber" style hair cut she had in series three.

A street vampire named Malik, played by Richard Southgate, is devoted to bringing the treaty to Vlad's demise.

Series 5

Two months after the conclusion of Series 4, Series 5 begins. Vlad, who is nearly eighteen, has returned from recent trips. He has learned what his father has been keeping a secret from him for the past 18 years. Ingrid has at last been elected to the High Council, but she is having trouble embracing her new position as Minister of Catering. Although her wicked intentions are yet unknown, it seems that she is attempting to depose Morgan. Ingrid has changed how she uses technology to compete with her rivals. With Asan's assistance, Malik is back to protect his family from the Shadow Warriors. But are they reliable? 

Main Characters

Vlad "Vladimir Dracula"

Vladimir "Vlad" Dracula is the son of Count Dracula and Sally Giles, the maternal elder half-brother of Georgina Giles, and the ex-sex partner of Erin. He is Ingrid Dracula's paternal younger half-brother. He is the Dracula throne's Chosen One and the next in line. The protagonist of Young Dracula is Vladimir Dracula.

Ingrid Dracula

The oldest child of Count Dracula and Magda Westernra is Ingrid Dracula. She consistently exhibits a desire for her father's and brother's abilities throughout the entire series. She joined the Vampire High Council in season four, earning the enormous power she had always desired.

"You're a heartless, spiteful, self-centred bully...and so am I but you just can't see it!" ―Ingrid to the Count

Count Dracula

A former lover of Magda Westenra, Sally Giles, and Elizabeta Vaccaria, Count Dracula is the father of Vladimir Dracula and Ingrid Dracula, the guardian of Wolfie, the son of Dracos Dracula and Mrs. Dracula, the brother of Ivan Dracula and Arta Dracula, the uncle of Boris Dracula and Olga Dracula, and the son of Dracos He currently holds the throne of Dracula.

Percival Renfield

Renfield, a repulsive individual who enjoys nothing more than eating maggots and nothing less than "breathers," is the Draculas' servant and dogsbody.

"Yes Master" ―Renfield to Count Dracula


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Series Episodes Originally aired
Series premiere Series finale
1 14 21 September 2006 (21 September 2006) 21 December 2006 (21 December 2006)
2 13 2 November 2007 (2 November 2007) 8 February 2008 (8 February 2008)
3 13 31 October 2011 (31 October 2011) 12 December 2011 (12 December 2011)
4 13 29 October 2012 (29 October 2012) 18 December 2012 (18 December 2012)
5 13 13 January 2014 31 March 2014


Series Episode No. Airdate Total Viewers CBBC Weekly Ranking
1 21 September 2006
2 28 September 2006
3 5 October 2006
4 12 October 2006
5 19 October 2006
6 26 October 2006
7 2 November 2006
8 9 November 2006
9 16 November 2006
10 23 November 2006
11 30 November 2006
12 7 December 2006
13 14 December 2006 195,000 2
14 21 December 2006 194,000 6
1 2 November 2007 313,000 2
2 9 November 2007 210,000
3 16 November 2007 269,000 6
4 23 November 2007 312,000 5
5 30 November 2007 270,000 6
6 7 December 2007 274,000 3
7 14 December 2007 335,000 2
8 21 December 2007 242,000 9
9 11 January 2008 307,000 4
10 18 January 2008 270,000 4
11 25 January 2008 201,000
12 1 February 2008 137,000
13 8 February 2008 291,000 8
1 31 October 2011 454,000 2
2 1 November 2011 539,000 1
3 7 November 2011 524,000 1
4 8 November 2011 437,000 3
5 14 November 2011 562,000 1
6 15 November 2011 508,000 2
7 21 November 2011 557,000 2
8 22 November 2011 573,000 1
9 28 November 2011 587,000 1
10 29 November 2011 520,000 4
11 5 December 2011 497,000 1
12 6 December 2011 389,000 5
13 12 December 2011 457,000 4
1 29 October 2012 407,000 8
2 5 November 2012 306,000 10
3 12 November 2012 332,000 9
4 19 November 2012 334,000
5 26 November 2012 272,000
6 27 November 2012 253,000
7 3 December 2012 326,000
8 4 December 2012 341,000
9 10 December 2012 269,000
10 11 December 2012 312,000
11 17 December 2012 326,000 6
12 18 December 2012 314,000 8
13 18 December 2012 328,000 5



A DVD of the first series of Young Dracula was released on 15 October 2012.

A DVD of the second and third series of Young Dracula was released in 2013.

A DVD of the Series Four was released on 9 October 2014.

A DVD of the Series Five was released on 5 November 2014.

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