1952 Irish presidential election

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Nominee Seán T. O'Kelly
Party Independent

President before election

Seán T. O'Kelly
Fianna Fáil

Elected President

Seán T. O'Kelly

In the 1952 Irish presidential election the outgoing president Seán T. O'Kelly was re-elected without a contest.


Under Article 12 of the Constitution of Ireland, candidates could be nominated by:

All Irish citizens on the Dáil electoral register were eligible to vote.

Nomination process

On 25 April 1938, Minister for Local Government made an order under section 6 of the Presidential Elections Act 1937 opening nominations, with noon on 16 May as the deadline for nominations, and 10 June set as the date for a poll (if any).[1]

President Seán T. O'Kelly nominated himself as a candidate, and when no other candidate was nominated, he was declared elected on 16 May. This was the first occasion on which a president nominated themselves for a second term.


1952 Irish presidential election[2]
Candidate Nominated by
Seán T. O'Kelly Self-nomination

O'Kelly was inaugurated for his second term as President of Ireland on 25 June 1952.


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