XI Commonwealth Games
Host cityEdmonton, Canada
Events128 events in 11 sports
Opening3 August 1978
Closing12 August 1978
Opened byElizabeth II
Athlete's OathBeverly Boys
Queen's Baton Final RunnerDiane Jones Konihowski
Main venueCommonwealth Stadium
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The 1978 Commonwealth Games was held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, from 3 to 12 August 1978, two years after the 1976 Summer Olympics was held in Montreal, Quebec. They were boycotted by Nigeria, in protest at New Zealand's sporting contacts with apartheid-era South Africa, as well as by Uganda, in protest at alleged Canadian hostility towards the government of Idi Amin.[1] The Bid Election was held at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.

This was the first Commonwealth Games where a computerised system was used to handle ticket sales. This was the first Commonwealth Games to be named Commonwealth Games, having dropped British. The Games were opened by Queen Elizabeth II for the first time since becoming Queen in 1952.

Host selection

1978 Commonwealth Games bidding results
City Round 1
Canada Edmonton 36
England Leeds 10

Participating teams

Participating countries

46 teams were represented at the 1978 Games.
(Teams competing for the first time are shown in bold).

Participating Commonwealth countries and territories

Medals by country

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, and their two younger sons, Andrew and Edward, at the opening of the 1978 Commonwealth Games, in Edmonton, Alberta

  *   Host nation (Canada)

1 Canada (CAN)*453133109
2 England (ENG)27273387
3 Australia (AUS)24332784
4 Kenya (KEN)76518
5 New Zealand (NZL)56920
6 India (IND)54615
7 Scotland (SCO)36514
8 Jamaica (JAM)2237
9 Wales (WAL)2158
10 Northern Ireland (NIR)2125
11 Hong Kong (HKG)2002
12 Malaysia (MAS)1214
13 Ghana (GHA)1113
 Guyana (GUY)1113
15 Tanzania (TAN)1102
16 Trinidad and Tobago (TTO)0224
 Zambia (ZAM)0224
18 Bahamas (BAH)0101
 Papua New Guinea (PNG)0101
20 Western Samoa (WSM)0033
21 Isle of Man (IOM)0011
Totals (21 entries)128128139395

Medals by event


Main article: Athletics at the 1978 Commonwealth Games


Main article: Badminton at the 1978 Commonwealth Games

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Mixed Team  England (ENG)
Anne Statt
Barbara Sutton
David Eddy
Derek Talbot
Jane Webster
Karen Bridge
Kevin Jolly
Mike Tredgett
Nora Perry
Raymond Stevens
 Canada (CAN)
Claire Backhouse
Gregory Carter
Jamie McKee
Jane Youngberg
Johanne Falardeau
John Czich
Kenneth Priestman
Lucio Fabris
Sharon Crawford
Wendy Clarkson
 Malaysia (MAS)
Abu Bakar Sufian
Chee Geok Whee
Moo Foot Lian
James Selvaraj
Katherine Swee Phek Teh
Saw Swee Leong
Sylvia Ng
Ong Teong Boon
Men's Singles  Prakash Padukone (IND)  Derek Talbot (ENG)  Ray Stevens (ENG)
Men's Doubles  Ray Stevens
Mike Tredgett (ENG)
 Moo Foot Lian
Ong Beng Teong (MAS)
 Bryan Purser
Richard Purser (NZL)
Women's Singles  Sylvia Ng (MAS)  Katherine Swee Phek Teh (MAS)  Wendy Clarkson (CAN)
Women's Doubles  Nora Perry
Anne Statt (ENG)
 Claire Backhouse
Jane Youngberg (CAN)
 Ami Ghia
Kanwal Thakar Singh (IND)
Mixed Doubles  Mike Tredgett
Nora Perry (ENG)
 Billy Gilliland
Joanna Flockhart (SCO)
 Derek Talbot
Barbara Sutton (ENG)


Main article: Lawn Bowls at the 1978 Commonwealth Games


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Light Flyweight  Stephen Muchoki (KEN)  Francis Kabala (ZAM)  Birender Thapa (IND)
 Kid Jumalia (GHA)
Flyweight  Michael Irungu (KEN)  Ian Clyde (CAN)  Peter Wighton (AUS)
 Hugh Russell (NIR)
Bantamweight  Barry McGuigan (NIR)  Tumat Sugolik (PNG)  Douglas Maina (KEN)
 William Rannelli (CAN)
Featherweight  Azumah Nelson (GHA)  John Sichula (ZAM)  Guy Boutin (CAN)
 Moss O'Brien (ENG)
Lightweight  Gerry Hamill (NIR)  Patrick Waweru (KEN)  Teddy Makofi (ZAM)
 John McAllister (SCO)
Light Welterweight  Winfield Braithwaite (GUY)  James Douglas (SCO)  John Raftery (CAN)
 Michael Mawangi (KEN)
Welterweight  Mike McCallum (JAM)  Ken Beattie (NIR)  Derrick Hoyt (CAN)
 Anthony Feal (WAL)
Light Middleweight  Kelly Perlette (CAN)  Abdurahman Athuman (KEN)  Ropati Vipo Samu (SAM)
 Enock Chama (ZAM)
Middleweight  Philip McElwaine (AUS)  Delroy Parkes (ENG)  Roddy MacDonald (CAN)
 Richard Betham (SAM)
Light Heavyweight  Roger Fortin (CAN)  Vince Smith (ENG)  Fautala Su'a (SAM)
 Edward Thande (KEN)
Heavyweight  Julius Awome (ENG)  Adamah Mensah (GHA)  George Stankovich (NZL)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Time Trial  Jocelyn Lovell (CAN) 1:06.00  Kenrick Tucker (AUS) 00:01:07  Gordon Singleton (CAN) 00:01:08
Men's Sprint  Kenrick Tucker (AUS)  Trevor Gadd (ENG)  David Weller (JAM)
Men's Individual Pursuit  Mike Richards (NZL) 00:04:50  Gary Campbell (AUS) 00:04:56  Tony Doyle (ENG) 00:04:56
Men's Team Pursuit  Australia
Colin Fitzgerald
Kevin Nichols
Gary Sutton
Shane Sutton
00:04:29  New Zealand
Kevin Blackwell
Anthony Cuff
Neil Lyster
Jack Swart
00:04:38  England
Tony Doyle
Paul Fennell
Tony James
Glen Mitchell
Men's 10 Miles Scratch  Jocelyn Lovell (CAN) 00:20:06  Shane Sutton (AUS) 00:20:06  Gary Sutton (AUS) 00:20:06
Men's Tandem  Jocelyn Lovell
Gordon Singleton (CAN)
15.52  Trevor Gadd
David Le Grys (ENG)
 Ron Boyle
Stephen Goodall (AUS)
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Road Race  Phil Anderson (AUS) 04:22:34  Pierre Harvey (CAN) 04:22:35  Garry Bell (NZL) 04:22:35


Main article: Diving at the 1978 Commonwealth Games


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's All-Around  Philip Delesalle (CAN) 56.4  Lindsay Nylund (AUS) 54.95  Jean Choquette (CAN) 54.25
Men's Team  Canada (CAN)
Jean Choquette
Nigel Rothwell
Owen Walstrom
Philip Delesalle
165.55  England (ENG)
Edward Arnold
Ian Neale
Jeff Davis
Thomas Wilson
161.95  Australia (AUS)
Lambert Ariens
Lindsay Nylund
Rudolf Starosta
Warwick Forbes
Women's All-Around  Elfi Schlegel (CAN) 38.25  Monica Goermann (CAN) 37.25
 Sherry Hawco (CAN)
Women's Team  Canada (CAN)
Elfi Schlegel
Karen Kelsall
Monica Goermann
Sherry Hawco
113.25  England (ENG)
Joanna Sime
Karen Robb
Lisa Jackman
Susan Cheesebrough
107.4  New Zealand (NZL)
Deborah Hurst
Kirsty Durward
Lynette Brake
Rowena Davis


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's/Open 50m Free Pistol  Yvon Trempe (CAN) 543  Edward Jans (CAN) 540  Bertram Manhin (TRI) 536
Men's/Open 25m Rapid-Fire Pistol  Jules Sobrian (CAN) 587  John Cooke (ENG) 581  Jeff Farrell (AUS) 581
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's/Open 50m Rifle Prone  Alister Allan (SCO) 1194  Bill Watkins (WAL) 1191  Stewart Watterson (IOM) 1187
Men's/Open Fullbore Rifle  Desmond Vamplew (CAN) 391  James Spaight (ENG) 388  Patrick Vamplew (CAN) 387
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's/Open Trap  John Primrose (CAN) 186  George Leary (CAN) 185  Terry Rumbel (AUS) 183
Men's/Open Skeet  John Woolley (NZL) 193  Paul Bentley (ENG) 191  Joe Neville (ENG) 190


Men's events
Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 m freestyle Mark Morgan
52.70 Bill Sawchuk
52.81 Gary MacDonald
200 m freestyle Ron McKeon
1:52.06 Graeme Brewer
1:52.86 Mark Morgan
400 m freestyle Ron McKeon
3:54.43 Simon Gray
3:56.87 Max Metzker
1500 m freestyle Max Metzker
15:31.92 Simon Gray
15:39.39 Andrew Astbury
100 m backstroke Glenn Patching
57.90 Gary Abraham
58.48 Jay Tapp
200 m backstroke Gary Hurring
 New Zealand
2:04.37 Glenn Patching
2:05.76 Paul Moorfoot
100 m breaststroke Graham Smith
1:03.81 Duncan Goodhew
1:04.24 Paul Naisby
200 m breaststroke Graham Smith
2:20.86 Duncan Goodhew
2:21.92 Lindsay Spencer
100 m butterfly Dan Thompson
55.04 John Mills
56.22 Bill Sawchuk
200 m butterfly George Nagy
2:01.99 Claus Bredschneider
2:02.49 Phil Hubble
200 m individual medley Graham Smith
2:05.25 Bill Sawchuk
2:05.61 Peter Dawson
400 m individual medley Graham Smith
4:27.34 Simon Gray
4:27.70 Bill Sawchuk
4 × 100 m freestyle relay  Canada
Bill Sawchuk
Gary MacDonald
Graham Smith
Peter Szmidt
3:27.94  Australia
Glenn Patching
Graeme Brewer
Mark Morgan
Ron McKeon
3:28.62  England
David Dunne
Kevin Burns
Martin Smith
Richard Burrell
4 × 200 m freestyle relay  Australia
Graeme Brewer
Mark Morgan
Max Metzker
Ron McKeon
7:34.83  Canada
Bill Sawchuk
Dennis Corcoran
Peter Szmidt
Robert Baylis
7:36.58  England
David Dunne
Martin Smith
Philip Hubble
Simon Gray
4 × 100 m medley relay  Canada
Bill Sawchuk
Dan Thompson
Graham Smith
Jay Tapp
3:49.76  England
Gary Abraham
Duncan Goodhew
John Mills
Martin Smith
3:50.22  Australia
Glenn Patching
Graeme Brewer
Lindsay Spencer
Mark Morgan
Women's events
Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 m freestyle Carol Klimpel
57.78 Rosemary Brown
58.30 Wendy Quirk
200 m freestyle Rebecca Perrott
 New Zealand
2:00.63 Tracey Wickham
2:01.50 Michelle Ford
400 m freestyle Tracey Wickham
4:08.45 Michelle Ford
4:10.25 Rebecca Perrott
 New Zealand
800 m freestyle Tracey Wickham
8:24.62 Michelle Ford
8:25.78 Rebecca Perrott
 New Zealand
100 m backstroke Debra Forster
1:03.97 Hélène Boivin
1:04.54 Cheryl Gibson
200 m backstroke Cheryl Gibson
2:16.57 Lisa Forrest
2:17.66 Glenda Robertson
100 m breaststroke Robin Corsiglia
1:13.56 Maggie Kelly
1:13.69 Marian Stuart
200 m breaststroke Lisa Borsholt
2:37.70 Debbie Rudd
2:38.07 Maggie Kelly
100 m butterfly Wendy Quirk
1:01.92 Penny McCarthy
 New Zealand
1:02.27 Linda Hanel
200 m butterfly Michelle Ford
2:11.29 Wendy Quirk
2:13.65 Linda Hanel
200 m individual medley Sharron Davies
2:18.37 Rebecca Perrott
 New Zealand
2:18.70 Becky Smith
400 m individual medley Sharron Davies
4:52.44 Becky Smith
4:57.83 Cheryl Gibson
4 × 100 m freestyle relay  Canada
Carol Klimpel
Gail Amundrud
Sue Sloan
Wendy Quirk
3:50.28  England
Cheryl Brazendale
Heidi Turk
Kaye Lovatt
Sharron Davies
3:53.27  Australia
Lisa Burnes
Michelle Ford
Rosemary Brown
Tracey Wickham
4 × 100 m medley relay  Canada
Carol Klimpel
Hélène Boivin
Marian Stuart
Wendy Quirk
4:15.26  Australia
Debra Forster
Lisa Curry-Kenny
Rosemary Brown
Tracey Wickham
4:16.75  England
Helen Gilyard
Margaret Kelly
Sharron Davies
Sue Jenner


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Flyweight – Overall  Ekambaram Karunakaran (IND) 205  Charlie Revolta (SCO) 197.5  Roger Crabtree (AUS) 190
Bantamweight – Overall  Precious McKenzie (NZL) 220  M Tamil Selvan (IND) 220  Jeffrey Brice (WAL) 215
Featherweight – Overall  Michael Mercier (CAN) 237.5  Ivan Katz (AUS) 235  Darrell Schultz (CAN) 230
Lightweight – Overall  Bill Stellios (AUS) 272.5  Adrian Kebbe (AUS) 267.5  Phillip Sue (NZL) 262.5
Middleweight – Overall  Sam Castiglione (AUS) 300  Newton Burrowes (ENG) 290  Steve Pinsent (ENG) 290
Light Heavyweight – Overall  Robert Kabbas (AUS) 322.5  Charles Quagliata (AUS) 287.5  Gary Shadbolt (ENG) 277.5
Middle Heavyweight – Overall  Gary Langford (ENG) 335  Terry Hadlow (CAN) 330  Brian Marsden (NZL) 312.5
Sub Heavyweight – Overall  John Burns (WAL) 340  Steve Wyatt (AUS) 325  Robert Santavy (CAN) 315
Heavyweight – Overall  Russ Prior (CAN) 347.5  Wayne Smith (CAN) 337.5  Andy Drzewiecki (ENG) 335
Super Heavyweight – Overall  Jean-Marc Cardinal (CAN) 365  Bob Edmond (AUS) 322.5  John Hynd (SCO) 305


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Light Flyweight  Ashok Kumar (IND)  George Gunouski (CAN)  Mark Dunbar (ENG)
Flyweight  Ray Takahashi (CAN)  Sudesh Kumar (IND)  Ken Hoyt (AUS)
Bantamweight  Satbir Singh (IND)  Michael Barry (CAN)  Amrik Singh Gill (ENG)
Featherweight  Egon Beiler (CAN)  Jagminder Singh (IND)  Brian Aspen (ENG)
Lightweight  Zsigmund Kelevitz (AUS)  Joe Gilligan (ENG)  Jagdish Kumar (IND)
Welterweight  Rajinder Singh (IND)  Victor Zilberman (CAN)  Keith Haward (ENG)
Middleweight  Richard Deschatelets (CAN)  Wally Koenig (AUS)  Ivan Weir (NIR)
Light Heavyweight  Stephen Danier (CAN)  Mick Pikos (AUS)  Kartar Singh (IND)
Heavyweight  Wyatt Wishart (CAN)  Satpal Singh (IND)  Murray Avery (NZL)
Super Heavyweight  Robert Gibbons (CAN)  Albert Patrick (SCO)  Ishwar Singh (IND)



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