II British Empire Games
Host cityLondon, England
Opening4 August 1934
Closing11 August 1934
Opened byGeorge V
Athlete's OathRobert Howland
Main venueWhite City Stadium
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The 1934 British Empire Games was the second edition of what is now known as the Commonwealth Games, held in England, from 4–11 August 1934. The host city was London, with the main venue at Wembley Park, although the track cycling events were in Manchester. Seventeen national teams took part, including the Irish Free State (the only Games in which they participated, although an all-Ireland team competed at the 1930 Games).

The 1934 Games had been originally awarded to Johannesburg, South Africa, but the change of venue to London was made due to concerns regarding the treatment of black and Asian athletes by South African officials and fans.[1]

Six sports were featured in the Games: athletics in White City Stadium; boxing, wrestling, and aquatics (swimming and diving) in the Empire Pool and Arena, Wembley; cycling in Fallowfield Stadium, Manchester; and lawn bowls at Paddington and Temple.[2] Events for women athletes included a debut in athletics; the previous games had women's events only in swimming and diving.

Participating teams

Countries that participated

(Teams participating for the first time in bold).

*The affiliation of Irish athletes at these games is unclear, see Ireland at the British Empire Games § 1934 games

Medals by country

1 England*29202473
2 Canada1725951
3 Australia84214
4 South Africa710522
5 Scotland541726
6 New Zealand1023
7 British Guiana1001
8 Wales0336
9 Northern Ireland0123
10 Jamaica0112
11 Southern Rhodesia0022
12 India0011
Totals (12 entries)686868204

Medals by event


Main article: Athletics at the 1934 British Empire Games


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Flyweight  Pat Palmer (ENG)  Maxie Berger (CAN)  Jackie Pottinger (WAL)
Bantamweight  Eddie Ryan (ENG)  Albert Barnes (WAL)  Thomas Wells (SCO)
Featherweight South Africa Charles Catterall (SAF)  J. D. Jones (WAL) Southern Rhodesia William Fulton (RHO)
Lightweight  Leonard Cook (AUS)  Frank Taylor (WAL)  Harry Moy (ENG)
Welterweight  Dave McCleave (ENG) South Africa Dick Barton (SAF)  William Duncan (NIR)
Middleweight  Alf Shawyer (ENG)  Leonard Wadsworth (CAN)  Jimmy Magill (NIR)
Light heavyweight  George Brennan (ENG)  George Holton (SCO) South Africa Robey Leibbrandt (SAF)
Heavyweight  Pat Floyd (ENG) South Africa Jan van Rensburg (SAF)  David Douglas-Hamilton (SCO)



Event Gold Silver Bronze
Time Trial  Dunc Gray (AUS) 1:16.4  Bob McLeod (CAN) 1:18.0 South Africa Ted Clayton (SAF) 1:18.4
Sprint 1000 yd  Ernest Higgins (ENG)  Horace Pethybridge (AUS) South Africa Ted Clayton (SAF)
10 mile Scratch  Bob McLeod (CAN) 24:26.2 South Africa Ted Clayton (SAF)  William Harvell (ENG)


Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 m springboard  John Brisco Ray (ENG) 117.12  Doug Tomalin (ENG) 110.50  Harry Class (CAN) 106.57
10 m platform  Tommy Mather (ENG) 83.83  Doug Tomalin (ENG) 83.63  Louis Marchant (ENG) 70.64

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 m springboard  Judith Moss (CAN) 62.27  Lesley Thompson (AUS) 60.49  Doris Ogilvie (CAN) 57.00
10 m platform  Dot Macready (ENG) 30.74  Lesley Thompson (AUS) 27.64  Cecily Cousens (ENG) 27.36

Lawn bowls

Main article: Lawn bowls at the 1934 British Empire Games

All events were for men only.

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Singles (details)  Robert Sprot (SCO)  William McDonald (CAN) South Africa Charles Abbott (SAF)
Pairs (details)  Tommy Hills
and George Wright (ENG)
 William Hutchinson
and Alfred Langford (CAN)
 Thomas Davies
and Stan Weaver (WAL)
Rinks (details)  England
Fred Biggin
Ernie Gudgeon
Percy Tomlinson
Robert Slater
 Northern Ireland
Percy Watson
Charlie Clawson
George Watson
Cecil Curran
William Lowe
Charles Tait
James Morrison
James Brown



Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 yd freestyle  George Burleigh (CAN) 55.0  George Larson (CAN) 55.6  Noel Crump (NZL) 56.2
440 yd freestyle  Noel Ryan (AUS) 5:03.0  Norman Wainwright (ENG) 5:07.8  Bob Pirie (CAN) 5:14.8
1500 yd freestyle  Noel Ryan (AUS) 18:25.4  Bob Pirie (CAN) 18:28.4  Norman Wainwright (ENG) 18:33.2
100 yd backstroke  Willie Francis (SCO) 01:05.2  John Besford (ENG) 1:05.6  Ben Gazell (CAN) 1:06.6
200 yd breaststroke  Norman Hamilton (SCO) 2:41.4  William McCarty (JAM) 2:42.4  Bill Puddy (CAN) 2:42.8
4×200 yd freestyle relay  Canada
George Larson
George Burleigh
Robert Hooper
Bob Pirie
8:40.6  England
Mostyn Ffrench-Williams
Norman Wainwright
Reginald Sutton
Bob Leivers
8:52.8  Scotland
George Anderson
Henry Cunningham
Merilees Chassels
William Burns
3×110 yd medley relay  Canada
Ben Gazell
George Burleigh
Albert Puddy
3:11.2  Scotland
Merilees Chassels
Norman Hamilton
Willie Francis
3:15.2  England
Arthur Summers
John Besford
Mostyn Ffrench-Williams


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 yd freestyle  Phyllis Dewar (CAN) 1:03.0  Irene Pirie (CAN) 1:03.6  Jean McDowell (SCO) 1:05.8
440 yd freestyle  Phyllis Dewar (CAN) 5:45.6 South Africa Jenny Maakal (SAF) 5:53.0  Irene Pirie (CAN) 5:54.4
100 yd backstroke  Phyllis Harding (ENG) 1:13.8  Margot Hamilton (SCO) 1:15.0  Valerie Davies (WAL) 1:18.2
200 yd breaststroke  Clare Dennis (AUS) 2:50.2  Phyllis Haslam (CAN) 2:55.4  Margery Hinton (ENG) 2:58.6
4×110 yd freestyle relay  Canada
Phyllis Dewar
Florence Humble
Margaret Hutton
Irene Pirie
4:21.8  South Africa
Jenny Maakal
Enid Hayward
Kathleen Russell
Molly Ryde
4:34.0  England
Edna Hughes
Beatrice Wolstenholme
Olive Bartle
Margery Hinton
3×110 yd medley relay  Canada
Margaret Hutton
Phyllis Haslam
Phyllis Dewar
3:42.0  England
Phyllis Harding
Vera Kingston
Edna Hughes
3:43.0  Scotland
Jean McDowell
Margot Hamilton
Margaret McCullum


All events were for men only.

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Bantamweight  Edward Melrose (SCO)  Ted McKinley (CAN)  Joseph Reid (ENG)
Featherweight  Robert McNab (CAN)  Joe Nelson (ENG)  Murdoch White (SCO)
Lightweight  Dick Garrard (AUS)  G. E. North (ENG)  Howard Thomas (CAN)[3]
Welterweight  Joe Schleimer (CAN)  William Fox (ENG)  Rashid Anwar (IND)
Middleweight  Terry Evans (CAN)  Stanley Bissell (ENG)  Robert Harcus (SCO)
Light heavyweight South Africa Mick Cubbin (SAF)  Bernard Rowe (ENG)  Alex Watt (CAN)
Heavyweight  Jack Knight (AUS)  Pat Meehan (CAN)  Archie Dudgeon (SCO)


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