England at the
1934 British Empire Games
CGACommonwealth Games England
in London, England
Ranked 1st
British Empire Games appearances

England competed at the 1934 British Empire Games in London, England, from 4 August to 11 August 1934.[1]

The athletes that competed are listed below.[2][3]




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Name Medal
Cyril Allen 1 x silver
George Bailey 1 x bronze
Wally Beavers 1 x gold
Douglas Bell 1 x silver
Geoffrey Blake 1 x gold
Charles Bowen none
Edward Bradbrooke none
Ralph Kilner Brown 1 x bronze
Alec Burns 1 x bronze
Leslie Butler none
Thomas Campbell none
Jack A. Cooper none
Jerry Cornes 1 x bronze
Horace Craske none
Robert Crombie none
Everard Davis 1 x gold
Norman Drake none
Sandy Duncan none
John Duus none
Tom Evenson 1 x silver
Don Finlay 1 x gold
Arthur Furze 1 x bronze
John Gabriel none
Arthur Gray none
Michael Gutteridge none
Roland Harper none
Joseph Heath none
John Higginson none
Maurice Hintze none
Jack Holden none
Robert Howland 1 x silver
Alfred Kinally none
William Land none
Reg Nicholls none
Malcolm Nokes 1 x gold
Bert Norris none
George Pallett none
Arthur Penny 1 x gold
Frank Phillipson none
Ashleigh Pilbrow 1 x bronze
John Potts none
Jack Powell none
Kenneth Pridie 1 x bronze
Godfrey Rampling 2 x gold
Walter Rangeley 1 gold, 1 x bronze
Denis Rathbone 1 x gold
Aubrey Reeve none
Herbert Reeves none
Bill Roberts 1 x silver
George Saunders 1 x gold
Stanley Scarsbrook 1 x gold
John Stone none
Crew Stoneley 1 gold, 1 x bronze
Arthur Sweeney 3 x gold
F. Turner none
Jack Walker none
Anthony Watson none
Lawrence Weatherill none
Dick Webster none
Stanley West none
Clifford Whitehead none
Stanley Wilson none
Harry Wood none
Sydney Wooderson 1 x silver


Name Medal
Phyllis Bartholomew 1 x gold
Dorothy Butterfield 1 x bronze
Lillian Chalmers 1 x bronze
Margaret Cox 1 x bronze
Louise Fawcett none
Constance Furneaux none
Phyllis Goad none
Elsie Green 1 x bronze
Edith Halstead+ 1 x silver
Nellie Halstead 1 gold, 1 x silver, 1 x bronze
Elsie Harris none
Eileen Hiscock 3 x gold, 1 x silver
Ethel Johnson 1 x silver
Ida Jones 1 x silver
Gladys Lunn 2 x gold
Elsie Maguire 1 x gold
Mary Milne none
Marjorie Okell none
Dorothy Razell none
Hilda Thorogood none
Kathleen Tiffen none
Ivy Walker 1 x silver
Violet Webb 1 x bronze

+ Edith Halstead was later sexually reassigned and took the name Edwin "Eddie" Halstead, brother of Nellie Halstead.[4][5]


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Name Medal
George Brennan 1 x gold
Pat Floyd 1 x gold
Dave McCleave 1 x gold
Harry Moy 1 x bronze
Pat Palmer 1 x gold
Eddie Ryan 1 x gold
Alf Shawyer 1 x gold


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Name Medal
William Harvell 1 x bronze
Ernest W Higgins 1 x gold



Main article: Diving at the 1934 British Empire Games

Name Medal
Peter Beveridge none
Louis Marchant 1 x bronze
Tommy Mather 1 x gold
John Brisco Ray 1 x gold
Doug Tomalin 2 x silver


Name Medal
Cecily Cousens 1 x bronze
Katinka Larsen none
Dot Macready 1 x gold

Lawn bowls

Main article: Lawn bowls at the 1934 British Empire Games

Name Medal
Fred Biggin 1 x gold
Ernie Gudgeon 1 x gold
Tommy Hills 1 x gold
James McKinlay none
Robert Slater 1 x gold
Percy Tomlinson 1 x gold
George Wright 1 x gold



Main article: Swimming at the 1934 British Empire Games

Name Medal
John Besford 1 x silver, 1 x bronze
Goldup Davies none
Frederick Dove none
Mostyn Ffrench-Williams 1 x silver, 1 x bronze
Bob Leivers 1 x silver
K.T.Scott none
Arthur Summers 1 x bronze
Reginald Sutton 1 x silver
Norman Wainwright 2 x silver, 1 x bronze


Name Medal
Olive Bartle 1 x bronze
Margaret Gomm none
Audrey Hancock none
Phyllis Harding 1 x gold, 1 x silver
Margery Hinton 2 x bronze
Edna Hughes 1 x silver, 1 x bronze
Vera Kingston 1 x silver
Gladys Morcom none
Beatrice Wolstenholme 1 x bronze


Main article: Wrestling at the 1934 British Empire Games

Name Medal
Stanley Bissell 1 x silver
William Fox 1 x silver
Joe Nelson 1 x silver
G.E. North 1 x silver
Joseph Reid 1 x bronze
Bernard Rowe 1 x silver


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