1987 Indian presidential election

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R Venkataraman.jpg
V.R.Krishna Iyer.jpg
Nominee R. Venkataraman V. R. Krishna Iyer
Party INC Independent
Home state Tamil Nadu Kerala
Electoral vote 740,148 281,550
Percentage 72.3% 27.5%
Swing 0.4% Decrease New

President before election

Zail Singh

Elected President

R. Venkataraman

The Election Commission of India held indirect 9th presidential elections of India on 16 July 1987. R. Venkataraman with 740,148 votes won over his nearest rival V. R. Krishna Iyer who got 281,550 votes.


The election schedule was announced by the Election Commission of India on 10 June 1987.[1]

S.No. Poll Event Date
1. Last Date for filing nomination 24 June 1987
2. Date for Scrutiny of nomination 25 June 1987
3. Last Date for Withdrawal of nomination 27 June 1987
4. Date of Poll 13 July 1987
5. Date of Counting 16 July 1987


Source: Web archive of Election Commission of India website[2]

Candidate Electoral Values
R. Venkataraman 740,148
V. R. Krishna Iyer 281,550
Mithilesh Kumar 2,223
Total 1,023,921


R. Venkatraman was sworn-in as president, on 25 July 1987.[3] Since he was the sitting vice president at the time, the 1987 Indian vice presidential election was also needed, which was won by Shankar Dayal Sharma.[4]

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